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best weight loss pills for womenOverweight and obesity have become a serious and popular health problem in modern society. It affects people life and work. Many people are having trouble with their social life and health because of overweight and obesity. There are solutions for that. Exercise and diet is recommended for their safety and sustainability. However, they need long time to take effect. Some people do not have such time to wait or to spend on. In that case, diet pills are the answer.

Best diet pills for women can boost weight loss rate. You can see the result in a shorter time. If you are interested in the topic, check out my weight loss pills for women reviews below. It will give you some basic idea of good diet pills and how to choose the best weight loss pills for women.

Top 5 best weight loss pills for women

It is time to gain back your self-confidence, health, and life. Using weight loss pills is the method to get you there faster. This article will provide women’s best weight loss reviews on best diet pills for women. I will review and compare 5 best diet pills 2017.

Introduction of top 5 best diet pills for women

5 best diet pills for women I want to mention today are: Phen24, PhenQ, Fenfast 375, Phen375, and PhenBlue. They are all Phentermine alternative weight loss solutions. Phentermine (or Fentermine) promotes the production of neurotransmitter and suppress appetite. It also boosts metabolism and restrict fat formation. It does two jobs at the same time: increasing energy levels and decreasing cravings.

Phentermine alternatives help you lose weight without a strict diet and heave exercise. They are not dangerous and you can use them in a long time.

Best weight loss pills for women reviews

Always check the previous customers reviews when buying anything online. The next section will be women’s best weight loss reviews of the above 5 diet bills.

1. Phen24

2. PhenQ

3. Fenfast 375

4. Phen375

5. PhenBlue

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And what is the best weight loss pill in my opinion is…

Among these 5 best weight loss pills for women, my heart goes for Phen24. It comes from a well-known manufacturer with lots of experience on weight loss dietary. The 60-day money back guarantee policy is also a bonus point for me. That means I can as for refund after using up to 2 boxes without seeing result. Phen24 is also the only one among the 5 top diet pills that has promote metabolism and fat burn day and night. This will speed up weight loss significantly. The final reason to choose Phen24 is that it is vegan and vegetarian friendly. Awesome!

With slightly over $2 per day, Phen24 is a great choice for best diet pills 2017.

Bad effects of overweight on health

Overweight and obesity are causes of several problems in life. They can make a person feel unconfident, unwelcomed and judged. But more important, they can result in serious health problems. Some of them can be mortal. Most of overweight people faces health issues, either small or severe.

High blood pressure

Fat tissue in the body survives by oxygen and nutrients like other tissues. Overweight people have additional fat tissue, which means larger need of oxygen and nutrients. This increased need requires blood vessels to circulate more blood to the fat tissue. The heart must work harder than before. And the pressure on the artery walls increase. All of these leads to higher blood pressure. Excess weight also raise the heart rate and decrease the blood transport ability.

Diabetes Type 2

Obesity usually comes with diabetes Type 2. Obesity can cause insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone in charge of regulating blood sugar. The result will be increasing sugar in blood. Type 2 of diabetes is known to begin in adulthood; however, as the rate of overweight in children increase, more children are getting this type of diabetes now.

Heart disease

Overweight and obese people body usually see atherosclerosis, 10 times more often than in body of people without obesity. Fatty deposits narrow arteries that supply the heart. It causes reduced blood flow to the heart, which can lead to angina (chest pain) or heart attack. Narrowed arteries is ideally for the formation of blood clots that is the cause of strokes.

Joint problems

Extra weight places more stress on joints of knees and hips. Overweight people also have difficulty in having joint replacement surgery because there is a high risk of the loosening of artificial joints and further health damage.

Sleep apnea and respiratory problems

Excess weight can also be part of the problem with sleep apnea and respiratory issues. Sleep apnea symptoms is short periods of stopped breathing during sleep. It is the reason for sleep interruption and daylight sleepiness, and heavy snoring. Additional weight of the chest wall squeezes the lung, and restricts breathing.


Overweight women have higher risk of having cancers including breast, colon, gallbladder, and uterus cancer. Obese men are more likely to have colon cancer and prostate cancers.

Metabolic syndrome

Around 30% of overweight and obesity people have metabolic syndrome. The syndrome has 6 major factors: abdominal obesity, higher blood cholesterol, increased blood pressure, insulin resistance with or without glucose intolerance, elevation of certain blood components related to inflammation, and the formation of clotting factors in the blood. Metabolic syndrome is addressed as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Psychosocial effects

In this era, we prefer thin people; hence, overweight people often suffer all kind of disadvantages. Many people hold the stereotype that obese people are lazy or weak-willed. In many case, obesity is the reason for lower incomes and fewer romantic relationship. Studies show the majority of excess weight people experienced fat shame, tease, or even discrimination at least once. Some obesity persons end up being unconfident, scared of socializing, self-doubt, or worse – self-harm because of external impacts.

Benefits of weight loss pills for women

The answer for all health problem above is to lose weight. Exercise, diet can help in most cases. But for many people, losing weight by exercising and going diet are not effective. They may suffer from health issues that make it hard to lose weight, burn fat, etc. or their health condition do not allow slow weight loss. In such cases, weight loss pills or diet pills are their solution. Good diet pills may benefit users in many ways. Let’s find out now.

Appetite Suppression

We are full mainly by food containing fiber and protein. Such food has calories which is against the caloric restriction rule for weight loss. Here is where diet pills come in. Top diet pills contain appetite suppression ingredients Phentermine that ease your hunger and restrict calories intake. Caffeine and herbal extract hoodia are stimulants that reduces your appetite, and decrease food consuming.

Diuretic Effect

Some diet pills contain diuretics compounds that reduce the amount of water held in your body. Dandelion extract, for example, increases urination to flush more water out of the body and boost weight loss.

Decreased Lipogenesis

Many best weight loss supplements for women not only promote fat burn but also prevent the formation of new fat. The ingredient that really works in reduce the development of new fat – lipogenesis – is betaine. It restricts the activity of genes that stimulate lipogenesis.

Increased Resting Energy Expenditure

If exercising is not for you, there is a solution for calories burning during rest. Some multivitamin and mineral supplements can promote increased resting energy expenditures.

In general, taking good diet pills help:

  • Promote weight loss more quickly
  • Increase the effects of exercising
  • Support diet plans
  • Alternate exercise or diet for people who can’t use the two methods

How to choose the best diet pills for women

With the availability of countless weight loss pills that claim to be the best weight loss supplements for women, it is not easy to choose the one that is for you. This is for sure a difficult task but you can do this following my advice on how to choose the best diet pills for women below.

Check with your doctor

Pre-check with your doctor if you can use diet pills or not. For example, some people with high blood pressure and heart rate can’t not take diet pills with side effect of increased heart rate. Are there any potential interactions between your prescribed medications and diet pills ingredients? When you make your mind on which weight loss pills you want to take, consult your doctor again. Although many diet pills are non-description, it is possible to have effect on health condition so advice from the professionals is never redundant.

Research ingredients

When you choose any kind of supplements, dietary or even cosmetics, do research on the ingredient. Does this ingredient support weight loss? Does this ingredient help my body situation? Different overweight issues require different weight loss solutions and ingredients. Remember to check if there is any banned ingredients and ingredients that you are allergic to. It is best to use weight loss pill with clinically studied ingredients.

Understand your needs

What do you want a weight loss supplement to do for you? Always ask that question before buying. If you only need to reduce your appetite but not boost energy, choose the diet pills with appetite suppression, not with caffeine. Because if you are energetic already, even when in diet, weight loss pills with caffeine can cause over excited, increased heart rate, etc. If you have heavy exercise, diet pills with energy boost feature will be just right for you. Choose what you need to not waste money and reduce risk.

Buy from reputable companies

There are so many choice of best diet pills for women. However, not all of them are actually effective. Do your homework with the manufacturer. Choose the reputable one with experience in dietary supplement industry, and weight loss support. Is there any scandal of the company on ingredient, safety, result of the pills, etc.? It is easy to check within few clicks so spend a little bit of time to buy you good result.

Advice in using best diet pills for women

It is good to use the top diet pills to regain your beauty and health. But the same as any supplements, there are some things to remember when taking weight loss pills:

Do not take over dosage

Manufacturers have to done hundreds of tests for an effective and safe dosage recommendation. In the case of medication and supplements more is not better. It is the reversed direction. Do follow the suggested usage by the manufacturer to maximize benefits and minimize potential risk and expenses.

Do exercise and go on diet

If there is not any health obstacle, you should exercise and go on diet when taking diet pills. The combination of the three factors will boost your weight loss rate significantly. Exercise and diet plans also help maintain the weight loss result that is hard to get. But don’t over exercise or starve yourself.

Take your doctor advice

Always consult your doctor of your intake. There are possible interactions that you don’t aware of. You doctor know your health situation so for sure he/she can give you some helpful advices for your weight loss journey. It is the best way to ensure a healthy weight loss.

Read reviews but decide for yourself

Do read customer reviews. Many of them are wise and know the diet pills they review. But never let others’ review become the deciding factor. Do your research to see if this diet pills is for you or not. The good diet pills is the diet pills that meet your need.

Disclaimer: We always try our best efforts to give full useful information to the user. However, we might miss some extra information in some cases or we have not updated yet. It is necessary to read carefully all information regarding ingredients, benefits, usages and warnings were given by producer. Please consider this webpage content for your reference only; it is not doctor's consultant and prescription. Remember to ask your doctor before using any product to make sure it is safe.

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