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Top 7 Fatty Foods Help To Lose Belly Fat Quickly And Effectively

Why Fatty Foods Help To Lose Weight Quickly? There are many people in the world believing that fatty foods cause obesity. However, this thought has been changed since it is scientifically proved that we have to reduce our food cravings to lose weight effectively. Providing enough fat

Why am I not losing weight?

One of the most frustrating feelings that a person can face is not losing weight, there are many reasons for this and every case may be different but let me tell you this, if you are not losing weight today does not mean you have a problem

The best way to use a 1500 calorie diet

I decided to write about a 1500 calorie diet because is around the average daily caloric intake a women has in one day, so simple math, if your calorie daily requirement is around 2000 and you eat more than that your weight and sizes will increase, if

Burn calories: 8 Tips to burn more calories

Burning calories in larger quantities and can increase your metabolic rate to lose weight faster and more easily. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories. A body that consumes 2500 calories a day and managed to spend 2500 calories per day will

What exercises do to slim thighs?

Before starting the exercises, remember that you must stretch and warm up your body. Also, better to start slowly and do not make too many series of movements at first, especially if you do not have the habit of doing physical exercises. If your body feels fatigue,

How to lose weight in thighs?

Weight gain is always associated with an accumulation of fat in various parts of the body. Some carry more fat in their upper limbs, while others were in the womb. But for most people, especially women, the leg portions are an important source of fat accumulation, giving

Causes of cellulite, anti cellulite treatments and solutions

The fat deposits under the skin accumulation gives an unsightly appearance. Here are the causes and the various responses to this problem.At some point in their lives, most women (and some men ) are embêtées to a varying degree by the problem of cellulite. It is lumpy

How to Get Rid of my little Belly?

Say goodbye to your little rebel belly under the guidance of Jean- Michel Cohen. If, despite a slim figure , you keep a ” tummy ” that does not seem to flatten over slimming diets is that fat is probably not solely responsible . A large majority