The 3 Week Diet Review – Is Losing Up To 20 Pounds in 21 Days Possible?

Feeling so stressed about your weight?

I don’t think that will be a problem after you read my 3 week diet review today. Obesity has always brought tons of troubles to people who have it, which is not only in their daily lives but also their health.

Therefore, I will bring you one of the most excellent methods that have helped thousands of people successfully lose their weight. Check it out!

What is The 3 week diet?

It is a system of diet manual, exercises, and mindset, which are summarized in four books. You will find it useful and also be able to lose the amount of weight that you have ever dreamed of. Let’s dig deeper into this 3 week diet review today to find out how it can help you.

3 week diet review

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About creator

Brian Flatt may not be a strange name anymore. If you had ever tried to reduce some extra kilos, you would probably have heard of him. He is also the creator of The 2 week diet – another system that works and has helped thousands of people achieve their goals.

The 3 week diet can be considered the second version of that, which is a Brian’s more complete piece of research on how to effectively lose weight and still maintain energy.

The 3 Week Diet Review

How efficient is the diet?

The system has guided not only me but also thousands of other obese and overweight people to success. You can take a look at some of their opinions about The 3 Week Diet in the following part which are taken from the official website of this product

the 3 week diet review

the 3 week diet review

the 3 week diet review

Various people have done it, including me. I hope that you are inspired after reading those comments. And also, there are reasons to believe that you will be just like them in the next three weeks from now. Let’s go into the details of the system to find out!

What is included in The 3 week diet?

The introduction manual

Besides the introduction to the 3 week diet, which everybody has already known, this book will show you the principle of the entire system. You will discover how people increase and decrease their weight and what part you need to intervene to earn your desired weight loss.

I will give you further details in the next part of my 3 week diet review. Moreover, Brian will help you understand your body by showing the nutrients that you will need during the process.

The main idea of that is to tell you the benefits of boosting your metabolism, burning more calories, but still keeping your health and high level of energy. You will have a thorough overview about the system.

The diet manual

If the first book contains theories, this second one will come into details and start making you work. It includes what you must or must not eat every day in 21 continuous days. So, you can guarantee the speed of your calories-burning potential just as you want. You may think that this diet is just another common one made for everyone when reading this part.

Nevertheless, lucky for you, this diet manual is more than that. Brian will show you a specific formula that can be used to measure the percentage of your fat and the index of your body mass. Then, he will offer the most appropriate diet plan that can help you lose weight rapidly.

And the most exciting content in this book is that you will able to see the best method to maintain your weight after 3 weeks. The fact that many obese people gain weight again after losing it happens regularly.

A research on The Biggest Loser (a weight loss contest in America) several years ago studied all of the participants at that time. And they found out that 13 out of 14 of them start gaining weight after the contest and were even much heavier than when they first took part in the T.V show.

It is truly astonishing, isn’t it? Therefore, I think those who have had a chance to experience The 3 week diet are very fortunate to no longer suffer from obesity anymore.

The workout manual

Besides eating less, exercising more is still known as one of the most excellent things that everyone should do to lose weight as well as maintain their health. In this manual of the system, you will see the directions for three types of people:

  • Those who like to work out and have time for gym
  • Those who like to work out but don’t have time for gym
  • Those who think working out and exercising are tremendously out of their league

I believe there are various people belonging to the last group. I am, as well, one of them. That is why Brian’s program is completely appropriate for me. Basing on the principle of how human body gains and reduces weight, Brian invented great exercises concentrating on intensity.

While lots of obese people reckoned that the more time they spent on the gym, the more weight they lost, he has proven that they were mistaken. In fact, working out in long hours can even lead to severe muscle and bone damage that you may not anticipate.

Therefore, what you will find in this workout book is short exercises with increasing intensity, from the lowest level to the hardest one. And for those who don’t like to work out, the 20-minute-exercise every 3 to 4 days a week will satisfy you.

I feel incredibly comfortable when doing those workouts. They are very much similar to walking to the supermarket or grocery store every day to buy foods. You will see when you try them. However, I still have to remind you that although Brian’s system has made everything so much easier, losing weight is still a long-term and harsh battle.

It is why the final manual is included, which helps to have the best preparation for the upcoming combat.

The motivational manual and mindset

I have not seen anyone who affirms that the diet system alone can help them lose weight. It takes greater effort and stronger spirit than that to achieve the goal you want. As a Gandhi’s old saying goes, “your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your words, and your words create your actions.”

In this part, Brian will mention all the methods, tips, and tools you need to stay on track. He will show you the successful weight-loss-stories of obese people, who may have much more serious situations than you and experiences that you can learn from them.

This book will give you all the techniques you need to be persistent with your goal and keep moving forward until your read it.

Therefore, according to my opinion, you should read this manual about mindset before any other part. In that way, you will build a powerful mindset and have the most sufficient preparation to step in the hard battle ahead.

Moreover, whenever you feel tired or want to give up, I recommend you to open it and read it again. You will be motivated and immediately recover your spirit. Remember, don’t give up and never give up. That is what I would like to convey in this 3 week diet review today.

How to purchase it?

It’s so excited to come to this part of my 3 week diet plan reviews. There is nothing difficult to buy it. All you have to do is to access to Brian’s sales page, scroll down to the bottom, and click “Add to cart”. Then, fill in your information, choose “Pay Now,” and pay 47 dollars.

That has included discounts. The four sections will be delivered soon, which is about 2 or 3 hours. After reading it, don’t wait and start your working on your weight loss instantly.

Why should you buy it?

I will give you a summary about the product from my situation and the good as well as bad points of the system in the 3 week diet review today. So, you can decide whether it is worth your money.

The results that you will get

  • Losing up to 18 to 20 pounds in three weeks. I lost 19.5 pounds.
  • Achieving a much higher energy level
  • Brighter and cleaner skin, especially on your face
  • Looking much healthier
  • Feeling much healthier
  • Feeling much more confident and less self-conscious
  • Other people start giving you a different look and treating you more respectfully
  • Getting greater attention from member of the opposite gender
  • Being more sociable
  • Putting on small-sized clothes, the ones that you can never fit before
  • Looking a lot younger
  • Being paid with higher salary and even may be promoted due to spreading new spirit, gaining more respect, and achieving more relationships.

Pros and cons

o Pros:

  • Easy to work with: Doing exercises at home or at the gym is acceptable. The system is also very simple to understand, though it may take some effort to follow. However, as I mentioned, no weight loss process is easy.
  • High efficiency: If you follow the 3 week diet strictly, I don’t think there is any reason that you cannot lose weight. A lot of people have done it and you would succeed as well.
  • High consistency: The special thing about the 3 week diet is that it is not a single diet or exercise. It’s an entire system that helps you lose weight and maintain high consistency to do that.
  • It does not take forever: ONLY IN 21 DAYS or even less than that will you receive the result you want.

o Cons:

  • No videos: Although it is not a serious problem, I still wish some parts would have videos. It would be clearer and more motivational.
  • Redundant weight loss supplements: Brian does recommend some supplements for weight loss in the books. Nevertheless, I think they are redundant. I don’t need any supplements to support me and still lose the amount of weight I want.
  • Extra equipment investment: You may need to purchase weights for some exercises if you choose to work at home. Fortunately, they are sold almost everywhere with cheap price.


I hope you have found what you need and made the right decision. If you have any question or would like to share your results after 3 weeks with me, don’t hesitate to send me messages. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading my 3 week diet review and I will see you in my other writings. Goodbye.

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