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Everything You Need To Know About Alli Weight Loss Pill - Safe Health Reviews Online

Everything You Need To Know About Alli Weight Loss Pill

First things firsts

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Alli is an over-the-counter weight loss pill for adults of more than 18 years old. The stronger dose of the active ingredient in Alli is available by prescription, which is available on the market under the brand name Xenical. This drug is commonly recommended for the weight loss surgery to help the patients to stabilize their weight.

In other words, Alli is the reduced-strength version of Xenical. It contains 60mg of Orlistat, while the prescription one contains up to 120mg of Orlistat. Because of the lower content of Orlistat, Alli comes in the market as an over-the-counter weight loss pill.

What is Alli used for?

Blocking the action of lipase

Lipase is an enzyme that digests fat in the intestine. By blocking the action of this engine, Alli prevents the organs from absorbing fat into the body. In other words, it helps to reduce the fat intake, making it easier to follow the diet plan.

Unlike some weight loss pills in the industry, Alli does not affect the brain. Instead, it works mainly in the digestive system. Ali pills thus have the direct effect on the weight loss progress. It facilitates the progress by allowing for the reduction in fat consumption.

Specifically, Alli can prevent about 25% of the fat from being absorbed, when it is in 60-mg dose. The Xenical dosage, of courses, performs better due to the higher content of Orlistat. It can stop about 30% of fat from being absorbed.

Taking a higher dose of Orlistat can bring stronger weight loss effect. However, it also means that you will be more vulnerable to the side effects, which can range from mild to severe depending on particular body proposition.

Reducing the blood sugar and blood pressure

Some clinical studies have shown that Alli can help to reduce the blood sugar and blood pressure in adults who take it at least one year. The patients participating in these studies experienced a reduction their blood fat which are the risk factors for heart diseases.

Alli, when in combination with regular workout and healthy diets, is beneficial in preventing type II diabetes. This weight loss pill restricts the fat consumption, which then decreases the amount of blood glucose and triglycerides. In other words, Alli focuses on dealing directly with the fat; it passes the fat out of the body in the bowel movement.

The active ingredient in Alli in Xenical – Orlistat is the determining factor for these effects. And we all know how important it is for a dieter to decrease the amount of fat and sugar in the body.

Also, Alli helps to maintain the blood pressure at the stable level. However, it is not the priority feature of this weight loss pill. Even though it can have a certain impact on regulating the blood pressure, it is not considered as a pill for this health problem.

Promoting overall health

Like other quality weight loss pills, Alli also comes with the energy-boosting effect. To ensure that the reduction in fat intake will not negatively affect users’ physical condition, Alli provides an extra boost to the body. However, it’s fair to say that this feature again is not the primary focus on this weight loss pill.

Alli is an FDA-approved pill, which is under the support of hundreds of scientific studies. Also, as it does not directly affect the cardiovascular and central nervous system, users can take Alli without any worry about heart race or mood swing.

Overall, Alli is a reliable weight loss product on the market. This weight loss pill can be a helpful sidekick for those who are struggling to put off some extra pound. However, it’s important to understand that Alli, or any diet pill, does not work like a charm. Users need to be highly committed to the oil instruction for the optimum weight loss effect.

What are the side effects of Alli?

Alli is a reliable weight loss pill that comes with no notoriety for the side effects. However, please be aware that overdosing the pill will make you more vulnerable to the side effects. Thus, remember to strictly follow the pill instruction to keep yourself from any unwanted consequences.

Impact on digestive system

As they block fat absorption, undigested fat in the bowel may cause such digestive symptoms as diarrhea, flatulence, and abdominal pain. Some users of this pill also experience loose stools and fecal incontinence. These side effects generally settle down over time with the appropriate interference of medication.

The effects on the digestive system are usually in mild condition. To list out, the side effects can be:

  • Oily stools
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Oily discharge from the anus
  • Frequent passing gas
  • Difficulty controlling bowel movement

Impairment in the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients

Excessive use of Alli can impair the absorption of such vitamins as A, E, D, and K. Also, this diet pill can sometimes interrupt the absorption of medications. Thus, if you are receiving medical treatment, using Alli is then not recommendable.

While using Alli, users should take multivitamin supplements along with the diet pills. This is to ensure that the effect of Alli does not interfere with the activity of the essential vitamins in the body.

To keep yourself from the side effects, it’s crucial to prepare yourself with enough energy and nutrients. Again, remember not to overdose if you don’t want to suffer from the side and adverse effects.


  • Don’t use Alli if you are:
  • Under 18 years old
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Taking cyclosporine
  • Having an organ transplant
  • Having a problem in food absorbing

How should you take Alli?

Alli pill plan

According to the pill instruction, users should take one capsule with each meal. In other words, the maximum number of capsules to take in every day is 3.

  • Take a multivitamin once a day before bedtime when using Alli.
  • Combine accommodating Alli with your diet and workout for best result
  • Most users start to see the effect of Alli after five months of using.
  • If you take a no-fat meal, your doctor may advise you to skip a dose.

If you regain weight after you stop using this pill, you will need to start using it again along with diet and workout. In other words, it’s advisable to use Alli over the long-term if you want to stabilize the weight. However, when you achieve your weight goal, it’s recommendable to reduce the dosage to 1 capsule/day.

Taking the best use of Alli

Alli takes its maximum effect when in combination with reduced-calorie diet and regular physical exercises. And because this pill works by blocking the fat absorption, it’s first essential to follow a low-fat diet. In fact, diet and exercise are the starting points for any weight loss attempt.

If you take a high-fat meal, you are then more likely to experience the uncomfortable digestive side effects. Alli weight loss pill does not work alone; it collaborates with the diet and exercise to give you the optimum result.

All the weight loss attempts come down to you yourself. Only with the high commitment to the pill instruction and the “eat less, move more” plans can you achieve your weight goal.

Advice from the experts

Notice the change

While using any weight loss product, you need to notice any change that comes with it. In the case of using Alli weight loss pill, you may need to be aware of the changes in the digestive system. If the side effects go any worse, consulting the doctor is a must.

Be patient

There’s no weight loss product that gives you the overnight change. And if there is, it is even a dangerous product that you should stay away. There are still many quality weight loss pills that work fast. However, please understand that the term “fast” in weight loss does not mean one or two days.

Thus, not only Alli users but also any other weight loss pill user should stay strong and firm to follow the plan until they can actually experience the good effects of the pills.

Don’t abuse the pill

Overestimating and over expecting the effect of the pills can be dangerous. And excessive use of the diet pills is always a must-not. Otherwise, there’s a strong likelihood that you will suffer from the severe side effects.

Stay committed to the instruction of the pill, and accommodate yourself to a low-calorie diet and appropriate exercise on a daily basis.

The bottom line

Alli is the FDA-approved weight loss pill that is available over the counter. Using this pill is beneficial for the weight loss plan in many different ways. It regulates the fat content and blocks the absorption of fat via the digestive system.

Taking Alli on a daily basis and doing regular exercise with eating fewer calories can accelerate your weight loss progress. An important note is that this pill demands high commitment from its users to perform its best effect. Before using Alli weight loss pill, make sure the ingredients are compatible with your body condition. Take your time, and you will see it works.