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Best at home red light therapy : TENDLITE® The World's #1

TENDLITE The World’s #1 Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy – The Secret to Your Pain-Free Living!

best at home red light therapy
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Review Summary:

TENDLITE has spread its reputation throughout the world with their red light therapy product which can be used for pain relief and arthritis for many different pain areas and both for joints and muscles. Researches have proved that LED red light treatment used by TENDLITE is viable for temporary relief of joint pain and minor muscle as well as temporary increase of blood flow. It can also be used for acupressure points and meridians. Additionally, it’s compact in size and easy in usage. You can apply it to any part of the body for the complete pain relief.

Whether you’re suffering from back pain, neck spiral pain, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis or Tendonitis, simply grab this amazing tool and kick out all the pains. Another great benefit is that it’s completely free of drug; it aids natural and existing healing process in human body. The output is of the red-light wavelength which is often used in therapeutic clinic. With it, users can enjoy clinic-quality treatment in the comfort of their house.

What’re Differences between TENDLITE and TENS Unit Using Sticky Pads?

TENDLITE is a calming and pain relieving light treatment gadget that soothes joint torment, promotes quicker healing and increases versatility for your better life quality. It uses an innovative and free-side-effect technology called the Light Therapy Technology, which has been researched and studied by NASA researchers for many years.

This technology has been carefully examined and proved to offer pain relief and accelerate healing progress. Scientific studies show that LED red light treatment is viable for temporary pain relief for minor muscle such as joint, joint stiffness, arthritis, muscle spasm and helps promote muscle relaxation. It also helps promote the blood circulation at heat indicated positions.

Besides, TENDLITE offers a deep lighting penetration to reach injured tissue and quickly ease the current pain. This agony relief, created by TENDLITE, is considered as an effective medical grade revolution, whose mechanism bases on the optimal blood circulation’s immediate restoration to deep muscle tissues, then relieving aggravation and constrained waste around it.

How It Works

TENDLITE is a compact and powerful LED gadget that directs 1-inch beam intense red light to specific treatment area. The device lamp is fitted with a single LED light source, which is set at 660nm red light spectrum. This is clinically turned out to be best wavelength for delicate tissue treatments and pain management. Interestingly, the device has been effectively used by chronotherapies; they directly apply the light to acupuncture points, replacing traditional needle techniques.

LED phototherapy is an exceedingly effective treatment method in conveying increased circulation and remedial light energy into the muscle tissue of treatment body part. These days, it is increasingly turning into the treatment technology choice amongst sports trainers and therapists. The manufacturer initially intends to create a non-toxic pain relief treatment, and they have obviously succeeded.

TENDLITE appears to emerge in the market of light treatments TENS units, which has been rated the world’s #1 red light therapy anti-inflammatory therapy. This light treatment gadget is medical grade. However, it also obtains the FDA endorsement for using at home. As a result, this device is presently being used by numerous doctors, physical specialists and professional athletes. It is chosen by professional sports players who suffer from pain at different area such as shoulder, elbow, knee, feet, hands, or back.

Ease of Use / Device Operation

  1. Hold the gadget over the treatment area at about 1 inch distance from the skin, adjust the distance following your desired treatment depth. Regarding this, the led red light shall penetrate into the muscle tissue, joint, tendons or cartilage by 1 inch.
  2. Hold the device over the treatment spot for 1 up to 3 minutes, treatment time relies upon the seriousness of pain. Hold the light at various edges around the injured area or painful section. It regularly takes about 24 hours for to start healing process. For truly serious chronic pain, users should conduct treatment section up to 2 to 3 times every day for no less than 3 weeks.
  3. Larger joints shall require treatment for the whole area, which will be treated by dividing in smaller areas. It would be best to treat 1 area each time.

You can find more detail information of this product by clicking here.

Program and Modes

TENDLITE The World’s #1 Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy is pre-set with 1 minute timer by default. The treatment session will begin when you turn the gadget on. The gadget will automatically turn off after this. Treatment time can be expanded to 3-minute relying upon seriousness of the pain.

Triple Action:

  • ANALGESIC Action: Reduces consistent pain, promotes muscle relax.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Action: Increases blood circulation and lymphatic Activity, reduces joint stiffness.
  • REPAIR & REGENERATION Action: on cartilages, tendons, ligaments.


TENDLITE The World’s #1 Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy is cordless. It is powered by a large 18650 rechargeable battery with 3.7V in voltage and 300mAh in capacity. The battery is included in the packaged, so no further money charged to the buyers.

Technical Specs

  • Product dimension: 4.8 in (L) x 1 in (W) x 1 in (H)
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Material: Made from high quality and durable stainless steel, very light and easy to handle
  • Light: red LED 660 nm
  • Input: 4.5V at 3W input
  • Optical Output: 1600 mW
  • Power: 1 lithium rechargeable battery 3.7V 3000 mAh
  • Treatment Areas: Back, shoulders, elbow, hands, knee, ankle, feet or any other joints
  • FDA clearance of medical device, safe for home use
  • Free of addictive, drug and side effects

Included Accessories

TENDLITE the world’s #1 red light therapy anti-inflammatory therapy is included with the following features:

  • 1 protective goggles
  • 1 charger
  • 2 large li-ion rechargeable batteries: one for use and one spare battery (cannot use other kinds of batteries)
  • 1 instructional manual
  • 1 case to protect the light therapy
  • 1 carrying bag


Red light therapy anti-inflammatory therapy is provided with a 60-day cash back guarantee, a lifetime warranty for the LED bulb and a one-year warranty for the device. This means you will have 60 days of free trial, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can have your full payment back, which is great.

The manufacturer has an absolute confidence in its product for giving these customer beneficial guarantees. It is said that the advantages of red light therapy anti-inflammatory therapy have been proven by science with various successful stories in reality. Luckily, trying TENDLITE is totally free of risk because the red LED light wavelength has no harms on your body.

Consumer Reviews

TENDLITE The World’s Top Red LED Light Therapy Joint & Muscle Pain Relief has had the best at home red light therapy reviews when I did a research about it. A lot of people recommended this product for home use treatment.

I purchased this device 3 years ago and used it for 10 minutes every day on my 20-year swollen knees. Nothing changed in the first 3 or 4 days, so I intended to give it back. However, I still followed the directions of TENDLITE and continued the treatment for a week, decreased from 1200mg to half of it – 600mg. The device did not disappoint me: both my swollen knees and my pains started to diminish. After 2 months, my knees were back to normal, as if the swollen pain had never existed. Thanks to TENDLITE, I am able to walk one hour longer and ride a bike normally – things I would never imagine I could do again 3 years ago. Thus, I highly recommend for this product. Try it, do not skip any treatments, follow the directions, do not give up and you will see the differences.

That’s my experience, and what’s about you? If you keep the red light on your treatment area for 1 – 3 minutes and use TENDLITE 2 – 3 times every day, I believe that you will feel a huge improvement on your muscle and joint pain relief. It can make a huge impact on your life, as described by many Amazon verified-buyer testimonials. Yet, as with any pain medication or medical treatment, not every person or condition will benefit from red light therapy. Every type of pain treatment has “non-responders”, patients whom do not seem to respond therapeutically. Not all sources of pain are correctly identified and there are many reasons a particular therapy may not work for individual cases.

Pros and Cons


  • Safety: TENDLITE uses light wavelength in normal visible spectrum, no harmful UV beams. The light speeds up the healing process by making use of high intensity wavelength band (800 – 900).
  • Flexibility of Use: TENDLITE can be used for pain relief and arthritis for many different pain areas and both for joints and muscles. It can also be used for acupressure points and meridians.
  • Back-up Scientific Research: Researches have proved that LED red light treatment used by TENDLITE is viable for temporary relief of joint pain and minor muscle, or temporary increase of blood flow.
  • Stand-Out Effectiveness: What differentiate TENDLITE from other devices is that it conveys up to 5 more times optical output than other competitor’s products, helping toward faster healing.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Simply take the charger to make the battery full again. Don’t need to buy new AAA batteries like most of the TENS units on the market when the power is running out.
  • Light and Portable: TENDLITE is very small in size. As you juxtapose it with the googles, it looks equal in length.
  • Excellent Material: TENDLITE is simply extremely durable since it’s made from stainless steel. You have nothing to worry when your device is falling to the ground.


  • A Bit Pricey: TENDLITE is somewhat expensive in term of price, which is a little bit costly when compared to TENS units using pads.
  • Slippery: The stainless steel is durable, but it’s slippery. Just make sure you hold it tight when using it.
  • Not Available in Stores: You will not find TENDLITE The World’s #1 Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy in any retail store. So, the only way to purchase it is via online shops. And Amazon is, of course, the most reliable address.


This TENDLITE is acknowledged as the leader and a top-range product in the field of Light therapy.  It is light and efficient to treat injuries and to manage pains at home, your office or in the park. Although the price is not cheap, it goes with corresponding quality. You will never regret purchasing this product once you have it on your hand.

Summary – best at home red light therapy

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy is one of the best at home red light therapy 2017). It offers powerful joint pain treatment and is able to heal the pain 60% faster. Simply put the light on your pain areas (shoulders, back, elbow, hand, knee, leg, ankle, feet or other joint) for around 60 seconds for a painless and safe treatment.

One thing to mention is that the TENDLITE cannot heal what caused the pain to the root but only diminish it. Red light therapy anti-inflammatory therapy is not a miracle but rather as a tool to manage pain with a fabulous record of achievement in treating different kinds of conditions. The product is favored by many health care and sports experts.