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Best Moist Heating Pad Reviews: BodyMed White Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad - Safe Health Reviews Online

Best Moist Heating Pad Reviews: BodyMed White Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad

best moist heating pad reviews
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Review Summary:

I used to have a severe backache two months ago due to spondylolysis. It was so annoying because I had to suffer the pain every moment of each single day. I could not feel comfortable in doing anything and had to ask my husband to take care of the chores. Although I applied all of the therapies and doctor's requirement strictly, the pain still came at night, and I felt very uncomfortable. I usually had sleep loss because of that.

I thought that situation would last until the end of my life. Fortunately, two weeks ago, I heard about the product: BodyMed White Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad. With only about 30 minutes of using it every night, I could sleep safe and sound until the morning and sleep loss completely disappeared.

I know that plenty people are suffering from the pain I used to suffer, so I am writing this review to show you the brand new bodymed heating pad I am using. Your pain can be relieved after only a short time using it. Are you feeling excited? Please read on to find out what you can do to enhance your health conditions.

Technological information

  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 1 inches ; 4.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Colors: White or Black

What are the great features of this bodymed digital moist heating pad?

The first thing that makes me really like this product is its easy adjustment. You will find it very comfortable to raise or reduce the temperature. The degree is always displayed on the controller, which is easy for you to change it. And if you don’t know which degree you would prefer, just set it in unattended mode. It will adjust itself to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, I love its design. It has a perfect size to me, which fits perfect to where the pain takes place on my back. And it’s not just the back it can heal but also other parts of your body

Hands, legs, or shoulders can also be released from pain in just a short time after using. My best friend, Lucy, a veteran secretary, had a chronic pain in her neck because she had to lean her head to listen to the phone too much during working time. However, after only a week using this digital heating pad, she did not feel painful anymore, and her health was remarkably improved.

Besides, the time limit can be set appropriate to you. When it comes to the expired hour that you set, this product beeps three times. In that way, it assures that you never forget to shut it off and protect the device. You don’t have to worry about oversleeping while it’s running anymore.

And this is also the most durable heating pad I have ever used. One of my co-workers has been using it for more than 4 years, and it is still working well. I believe mine will have the same quality.

How to use it

You can follow these steps to have a comfortable first time using it:

  • Step 1: Plug it into the socket and place it on your painful body part
  • Step 2: Push the starting button and adjust the temperature as well as set the time limit. 15 to 20 minutes are recommended.
  • Step 3: Wait a few minutes for it to be heated up and when you hear the sound of “beep” three times, shut it off.

The next times you use it will be much easier because this pad can remember the temperature in the previous time. You can watch how different parts of the body can be taken care by this pad in here:

Should not use

  • On open wounds, swelling, bruising, or any red and inflamed part of the skin: the heat can disturb the healing process
  • When you have diabetes: some patients lose feelings in their extremities due to medicines. You may get burned if you cannot feel the heat from the pad.
  • When you are pregnant: it’s not safe for your baby if your body is too hot. Ask for doctor’s advice before using it with other body parts
  • Remember not to lie on it: it may burn you.


This digital heating pad from Body Med uses moisture, and it is definitely much better than dry body medication pads. You won’t get dehydration after using it. Besides, moisture also creates a better penetration of heat into your skin, helping improve circulation and relieve the pain more quickly.

Moreover, this product does not require any extra water because the moisture is created by the humidity of the air around you. So it’s natural for you and good for nature. And after you have done using it, you can just wrap it up and place it somewhere having an appropriate temperature to keep it in good condition. It is so convenient, isn’t it?

A unique feature that makes me ultimately excited about this pad is its time controller. I like the sound “beep beep” it makes whenever the time limit arrives, which protect me from being burned. Therefore, if you ever use it, you will be completely safe.


There is only one thing you might need to concern about this digital moist heating pad. If you are taller than the others, it may not fit your arms and legs. You can choose another one with a larger size on Amazon.com. It’s always available.

How can you buy it?

This product is available on Amazon and has an extremely reasonable cost. I did look for some other heating pads with lower prices, but they all ended up inefficient and not durable. I guess cheap things are no good.

Just click Buy Now on Amazon, and you will be its owner.


If your body parts are suffering from the consistent pain day and night, BodyMed White Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad is a perfect solution. I hope my review about this full body heating pad electric has given you sufficient information. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in the subsequent reviews.

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