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Sunbeam XI Renue Heat Therapy Wrap - Best rated heating pad Reviews - Safe Health Reviews Online

Sunbeam XI Renue Heat Therapy Wrap – Best rated heating pad Reviews

best rated heating pad
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Review Summary:

Two years ago was a disaster to me when I had an accident, as a result of playing sports. I hit another football player while running. It was so hard that I broke one of my shoulders and had to take treatment a whole year after that.

The healing process was relatively harsh. Sometimes, I could not even sleep at night because the pain rumbled all of my shoulders and spread through my neck and my back. Therefore, sitting was also as miserable as lying.

Fortunately, my doctor understood thoroughly the situation I was suffering. So he introduced me Sunbeam XI Renue Heat Therapy Wrap, which was the best rated heating pad I have ever known. I felt completely comfortable after only a few weeks using it.

And I know that many of you are being miserable with the pain on your shoulder and neck as well. Therefore, I am writing this sunbeam neck and shoulder wrap review to show you a great product that would help you ease your pain and make life more comfortable.

Technological information

  • Product Dimensions: 7.9*3.5*13 inches
  • Shipping weight: 2.1 Pounds
  • Color: Blue and Purple

What are the great features of this sunbeam heating pad?

It has a terrific ability to ease your pain quickly and strictly. Whenever you use it, it will cover all the areas around your neck, shoulders, and back. That creates a great condition for heat to penetrate into where the pain takes place and heal it gradually. It has a massage mode as well, so your shoulders will be released from pain only after a few times using. I believe you will always feel relax while using this product.

Furthermore, it is made of a soft fabric, so that you will feel comfortable right at the first touch. Before using this product, I had a chance to experience some other heating pads as well. However, most of them were so stiff and usually stuck to my back after shutting off. So I always felt irritated every time using them. That is also why switching to this sunbeam neck heating pad was a correct decision I have ever made. Its soft surface never sticks on my shoulders and back, which is less likely to burn me.

Besides, this product takes the minimum time to wash and very easy to clean. There is always a washing instruction coming with the product, so I’m sure you won’t find any difficulties in cleaning it. Always keep in mind to follow the manual to always keep the heating pad in good condition.

And finally, it is also completely easy to adjust while using. Thanks to the snap closure,you will feel very relaxed and comfortable. Just tighten it if you want more pressure and heat on your shoulders or back. And if you only need some gentle impact on your shoulders, loosen it a little.

How does it work?

Using this product is very simple. All you have to do is to place it on your shoulder and hit the power button. Remember, it looks like an overcoat so you need to place the shorter sleeve to the front and the longer to the back.

And the controller is very easy to use with two buttons: Heat and Massage. Just keep pushing them until the temperature and the pressure meet your requirement. The LED light will tell you when they are low or high.

You will find it even easier when you already have the product in your hand. Until then, watch this video to find out how to use it and how wonderful it is:

Are there any disadvantages?

I can hardly find anything unpleasant while using this sunbeam revenue heating pad neck and shoulders. Nevertheless, some other users have a negative feeling with the smell it makes. They say it creates a smell of chlorine right when they open the box and gets even stronger while they run it. For me, I did smell its chlorine but only at some couple times using. After several washing times, the smell disappeared. So I hope your product will be just like mine.

Prices and how to buy it?

If you want to purchase this product, the most convenient way is through Amazon.com. I have to admit that it always offers the best price and many excellent products in the market. You can find this product on Amazon. I think that’s the most bargained price for a heating pad.

Why should you buy it?

I have never used another product that is more efficient than this one. As I mentioned, I used to try other heating pads but they were too stiff and made me burn. Besides, they did not work on my shoulders at all. This pad from Sunbeam is so much more different. After only a few weeks of using, my pain did not upset me anymore. I felt more comfortable doing chores and activities almost as normal as before. Although it is still hard to run or play football now, I believe I will be taking the field sooner or later.

Moreover, it is not only shoulders that this product can heal. If you are suffering from disk herniation, tension, osteoarthritis, or spine of a vertebra, this heating pad can play a crucial role in treating your pain. To discover it is appropriate in treating or not, just ask your doctor for an advice before using.


So if you are finding a product that can treat the pain on your neck, shoulders, and back, this product is perfect for you. Remember that it takes the time to heal those body parts, ease the pain, and bring you comfort. So don’t be frustrated if you still feel an ache after the first time using. Try it some more times and you will see a comprehensive and helpful result.

Regardless, thank you for reading my review about Sunbeam XI Renue Heat Therapy Wrap  and I hope that your pain will completely go away after purchasing it. Goodbye, and perhaps see you in the next reviews.

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