Best Whey Protein For Weight Loss Which You Have Never Known Before

Everybody knows that Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintaining healthy body. One interesting point is that using a proper protein product can also effectively support your weight loss process. Currently on the market, several manufacturers claims that they have the best whey protein for weight loss. However, statistics say that not all of them are trusted to deliver a satisfied result. You need to carefully select the right supplements to support your weight loss period.

When you want to lose some kilograms, you have to combine workout with diets. That means you have to eat less, but maintain a number of required nutrients for muscle building. Therefore, protein powder is a beneficial meal replacement. It makes you full for a longer time and boost your workout performance.

What Is Whey Protein?

The video below may help you get the concept of protein powder for weight loss.

Whey protein is a kind of protein powder. The component whey is a milk protein, extracted from milk form the process of cheese production. In the market, you can see whey protein appear in three primary forms:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate: Besides from 29% to 89% of protein, the products have extra fat and lactose. The proportions of the elements depend on specific branches. The products also have more bioactive compound than the others.
  • Whey Protein Isolates: Those have the higher density of protein: about 90% and more. The other substances of fat, lactose, and cholesterol are only less than 10%.
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysates: The products are more accessible to absorb than the others owing to the predigested and partially broken features. Besides the significant effect in bodybuilding and weight loss, whey protein hydrolysates usage are also common in clinical nutrition applications.

Compared to other types of protein powders, whey products have the highest score of PDCAA – protein digestibility corrected amino acid. Besides, they have more branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) elements than products using other sources of protein.

What makes a good whey protein for weight control?

How Can I Lose Weight Without Taking Pills

Whey is the most common type of protein powder. In my opinion, an adequate whey protein for weight loss should meet those criteria.

Taste good

You are not looking for a milkshake, but the meal replacement should be easy to drink. If you have to gulp it down like a kind of torture each meal, I bet you cannot go on with the diet for long.

Rich in micronutrients

That means it can provide the most protein coming with the fewest calories and the least fat as well as carbs. You can check the feature in the cautions supplied by the manufacturers.

Healthy ingredients

When the product means to keep us fit, it mustn’t bring us other health issues. Some reports have shown that a few protein powders even have food dyes, artificial sweeteners, and other nefarious substances

Weight loss may be significant, but don’t forget to care about your kidneys and liver. They are vulnerable when exposed to those bad elements.


We all don’t want to break the bank for meal replacements, so a good protein powder should not cost so much. We are supposed to use the product for a pretty long time, so mind your wallet while looking the best protein powder.

04 things need to avoid

Sadly, what means to be a fitness product doesn’t always contain healthy ingredients. Bad elements in whey protein powder can hinder inside muscle metabolism, hamper your workout performance, and gradually deteriorate your health.

Check for 04 ingredients below. If your whey protein contains those components, you may rethink about the purchase.

1. Denatured and Hydrolyzed Protein

Our bodies can adsorb proteins if they are in their original three dimension shape. After undergoing denaturation or hydrolysis, the substances lose their natural form. Thus, not only the effectiveness reduces but also the cellular turnover renewing process dwindles.

Also, the bad element raises the toxic levels of two harmful substances which are glutamic acid and free aspartic acid (MSG). Compared to those, wicked party drugs are just like diet supplements.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Perhaps you have heard about the nefarious effects of the substances not just once. Artificial sweeteners drastically raise the risk of cancer and hinder your metabolism.

A study conducted by and published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine showed that the percentage of Americans suffering obesity comes along with the rising proportion of artificial sweeteners. We can name some significant ones such as aspartame and sucralose.

Consuming artificial sweeteners increase the risks of cancers such as non-Hodgkin lymphomas, myeloma, and leukemia. Therefore, when you buy a food item or beverage, whey protein or not, make a note to say no to the substances.

3. Soy Protein

After appearing for the first time in the early 1990s, supplements using soy as the protein source have proved their outstanding features. People rush to buy soy-originated meal replacements shakes, bars, cereals, etc. We all believe in the miracle advantages of soy protein.

However, we soon discovered that those products are not as beneficial as it may seem. The substance contains plant estrogens, which can cause feminizing effects in the male body. Furthermore, man taking in too many soy foods may suffer the sperm counts decrease.

In the cases of women, there are also reasons that you should not choose soy protein products. The substance tends to increase inflammation and dwindle the thyroid function.

4. Sugar

Sugar, though not as harmful as artificial sweeteners, raises two enormous worries for health. Consuming much sugar will increase the tendency of weight gain and insatiable appetite. Those problem’s existence will deplete your workout will.

Sugar intake that is higher than appropriate leads to diabetes type II. Worse, it may be the potential cause of cancers.

So, you may consider which the beneficial, or at least acceptable sweetener in whey protein powder is. The answer is stevia and sucralose. Best weight loss powder should include the substance.

If you have checked the elements of the product you are considering and see none of the substances above; you should take it. There is a high likelihood that you are choosing the best whey protein for weight loss and muscle gain.

8 Tips For Choosing Best Whey Protein For Weight Loss

While there are harmful elements you should never take in, there are also beneficial substances you have to notice while looking for the best weight loss powder

1. Necessary Fatty Acids

When you use protein shakes as a meal replacement, you should make sure that your body can consume at least 60 grams fat per day. Fats are necessary for many functions inside our bodies. They also protect our eyesight and health.

2. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Some BCAAs we should name are isoleucine, leucine, and valine. The elements are helpful in burning excess fat and protect your muscle mass. Since our bodies cannot compound them, you should make sure your whey protein powder has the elements.

3. Multivitamins (Vitamins and Minerals)

Our bodies cannot create vitamins on its own, so you have to consume it by the meals. Those elements are vital for metabolisms and recovery process, which affects our workout routine significantly.

Besides, without vitamin (B, C, D, E) and mineral (selenium, magnesium, zinc, niacin), our skin, hair, and eyesight will suffer.

4. Glutamine

The element is essential for your body training owing to its functions of infection and inflammation risks reducing. You will not find another substance with the same incredible abilities.

Besides, glutamine also works as a fuel for the immune system. Our bodies will be much stronger with the help of the element.

5. Antioxidants

You can find the substances in many kinds of vegetable and fruit. Your body will witness mass suffering without antioxidants. Therefore, the best protein powder for weight loss should contain them.

Furthermore, a study conducted by the University of Queensland indicated that the elements boost our muscle strength and enhance our performance.

6. Joint Supporting Substances

Because drastic workout may cause damage to your joints, you should pay more attention them. If your whey protein powder contains Glucosamine or Cissus, you may have chosen one of the best.

7. Creatine

The element is essential in fighting against fatigue after training. It will help recover your muscles quickly. If you want to enhance your performance, take in more creatine since it stimulates energy metabolism.

Also, creatine helps lift away the aches and stiffness you may feel after the intense workout. You can consume creatine through beef, but whey protein shakes with the element is a more economical choice.

8. Nitric Oxide

You will hinder your muscles recovery process if there is no nitric oxide in your eating routine. The substance’s function is to regulate the blood pressure, protect the veins and stimulate the circulation.

Why is whey protein helpful for weight loss?

  • Whey protein has the high rate of leucine.

Leucine plays a vital role in the protein synthesis. The process itself can burn calories and boost the oxidation of fatty acid.

  • Whey Satiates Your Appetite.

The most significant enemy of diets is hunger. It destroys your weight loss will. Whey protein meal replacements, however, can subdue hunger.

Due to their outstanding taste compared to those of other protein products, whey powder shakes may satiate your appetite. Furthermore, there is a substance named glycomacropeptide in milk protein that can boost the CCK (cholecystokinin). CCK is a specific hormone that our bodies release signaling appetite satiety.

  • Whey supplements stimulate body fat shedding.

A study conducted by a group from the University of Oklahoma showed that whey protein has the incredible capability of taking excess fat out of our bodies. They make two groups of participants go on a diet. Group One’s menu contains whey (precisely 300 calories, 40 grams protein/day). Group Two has no whey in their eating routine.

After ten weeks under supervision, the both two groups’ participants lose weight. But the amount of excess fat the Group One loses is way more significant. Eating whey protein make those people lose 9.3% fat on average, comparing to the 4.6% of the other group.

How do I use whey protein for weight loss?

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As I have said at the beginning of the post, you cannot add whey protein to your eating routine and expect it to take your excess fat away. It is impossible. Meal replacements can only work with an appropriate amount of workout.

One method of using whey protein to lose weight is using it as a meal replacement. Replace a solid breakfast with a glass of whey shake, lunch with half a glass, and a dinner with half a glass.

During the diet, you should workout intensively to lose as much weight as possible and gain lean muscles. Seek consultation from a private trainer or diet specialist for more tips and guide.

Besides, you should use a notebook as your food journal. It is where you note down everything you eat each meal. Logging your food intake will raise the likelihood of your weight loss.

Recommendation for best whey protein for weight loss

1. EvoSport 100% Whey Protein Powder

Where to buyEvolution Slimming

My first impression of the product is tasty! The whey protein powder comes in six different flavors, which are StrawberryChocolateVanillaBananaDark Cherry, and Raspberry. Other products often have only three or four tastes.

The product is ideal for use in combination with other performance improvement supplements like Tribulus, Bulbine, and Nitric Oxide Pump. To get the best taste, you should mix a serving of EvoSport 100% Whey Protein Powder with water or semi-skimmed milk for about 30 minutes before drinking.

We also recommend you to take another serving in about 2 hours after training. By doing so, you raise the possibility of maximizing your muscle build.

EvoSport 100% Whey Protein Powder has no artificial sweeteners, excess sugar and only 2.5 grams of carbohydrates per serving. It has proved the position of one of the best   weight loss powder. Choose the product to perfect your form by removing excess fat and gain lean muscles.

2. EvoSport Diet Whey Protein with CLA, Acai Berry & Green Tea

Where to buyEvolution Slimming

It is another product come from EvoSport. The protein shake also has six different, fantastic flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Dark Cherry, and Raspberry. The improvement is in the elements of CLA, Acai Berry & Green Tea extract.

Owing to the enhanced amount of antioxidants in the powder, EvoSport Diet Whey Protein with CLA, Acai Berry & Green Tea is the new choice of trainees around the world.

Each serving of the product includes 21 grams of extraordinary whey protein, less than 5 grams of carbs, and little fat. We recommend EvoSport Diet Whey Protein with CLA, Acai Berry & Green Tea for low-carb diets and intensive training.

Just as the way you do with the EvoSport 100% Whey Protein Powder, you should mix the product with water or semi-skimmed milk. Taking in another serving within 2 hours after training will do you much good.

EvoSport Diet Whey Protein with CLA, Acai Berry & Green Tea is enriched with beneficial elements and has no added sugar. You cannot find any artificial sweeteners in the ingredients of the weight loss product. It is the best whey protein for weight loss and muscle gain when you want to stick to your low-carb diet.

3. Legion Whey+ Strawberry Banana Protein Powder

Where to buyAmazon

Although we only recommend two flavors of the whey, you will never regret selecting it. The strawberry and banana tastes would be the most divine things you have ever tried in your life.

Instead of the bland, hard to take taste of other kinds of weight loss shake, Legion Whey+ Strawberry Banana Protein Powder is creamy and smooth. Just take one sip, and you will fall head over heels for the product. You have my word.

The powder also comes in some more tastes. You can find them in many supermarkets and on the Amazon. The flavor choices are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry banana, and cookies & cream. If you can be sure, take several 2lb boxes for trial before buy 5lb boxes of your favorite.

The Legion Whey+ Strawberry Banana Protein Powder is made from whey protein isolate. It is one of the most lactose-free options we have in the market nowadays. In the ingredient cautions, you will see no harmful chemicals listed above. There is no soy protein, gluten, GMOs, MSG, hormones, or antibiotics.

Indeed, when I say Legion Whey+ Strawberry Banana Protein Powder is one of the best protein powder for weight loss, it has no food dyes, other chemicals or junk fillers. You can be sure about your health. Choosing the product, you are free of risks.

The protein powder is made from the fresh milk taken from Ireland farms. Those are famous for incredible dairy produced by healthy cows eating new grass. That makes Legion Whey+ Strawberry Banana Protein Powder an excellent choice for low-carb, low-fat, and sugar-free diets.


Whey protein has proved its significant abilities in stimulating weight loss and muscle gains. While looking for one of the best whey protein for weight loss, don’t forget the 04 things to avoid and 08 things to notice we have listed.

If you have any question, suggestion, or recommendation about the topic, please leave it right here. We are always ready to listen to you. Find the post helpful? Please share it with your friends the spread the beneficial information. Stay tuned for more tips and guides.

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