Can Losing Weight Too Fast Be Dangerous For Health?

Nothing excites the dieters more than losing weight quickly. But, how quick? Can losing weight too fast be dangerous? Most of the dieters, in a hurry to lose weight fast, and to fit in the upcoming event’s gown/dress, try to lose weight too fast, which is not good for health. To drop one dress size by the party in a near future is amazing, and everyone would like to give a try. Doing so in a fortnight is the dream of many dieters. To fulfill their dream, they go on a crash diet, or other intense diets with exercise.

You may have heard about the best over the counter appetite suppressants. There are many dieters, who take the best over the counter appetite suppressants to control their hunger and meanwhile lose weight. But that weight loss is not too rapid to be dangerous for you. So, can losing weight too fast be dangerous for you? What are its effects on the human body? Take a look at the negative effects

Dangerous Effects Of Losing Weight Too Fast

Overweight people keep struggling to lose weight almost all the time. It is always better to lose weight gradually rather than shedding all the weight in fortnight keeping the health on a stake. Unfortunately, there are many people in the world, who try to lose weight too fast, which leads to many health problems. Can losing weight too fast be dangerous? Go through the dangerous effects of losing weight too fast

Gallstone Formation

Can losing weight too fast be dangerous for you? The answer is yes, indeed. It can lead to the formation of gallstone. It is the hardened cholesterol deposits, which causes discomforts such as nausea and stomach cramps that can be mild to severe.  Diet is good for your health, but going over-boarding on it is not safe. Obese people are prone to gallstone formation, so losing weight too fast is not a good idea.

Liver Disease

Liver disease is one of the dangerous effects of losing weight too fast. A quick weight loss makes you prone to liver ailments such as fatty liver.  The fatty acid profile changes with the changes in weight. One needs to lose weight quickly, but not that quick that he or she starts experiencing health problems.

Loose Skin

An obese person, who loses more than 100 pounds, has to deal with the saggy and loose skin, especially under the thighs, arms, or midsection. This happens because of the fast weight loss, your skin doesn’t get much time to adjust to the shrunken frame of your body. The skin basically lost its elasticity, which means it can’t be back to its original shape. The only way to deal with the saggy and loose skin is to get under the knife. It can’t reverse back with exercise. Saggy skin can cause depression, mental distress, and pain. To avoid crying over the spilt milk, it is better to lose weight gradually as a rapid loss can lead to saggy skin.

Muscle Loss

Fast weight loss can also lead to lean muscle reduction, which is not good for your metabolism. Your body burns more calories when you have more lean mass. As soon as you are left with less lean mass, your metabolism starts turning slow, this definitely makes you gain weight.

Slow Metabolism

As we have discussed above, muscle loss is the reason that slows down your metabolic rate. Moreover, a fast weight loss can also lower the energy level, so you feel drained. When people go on a strict diet, their bodies go into a survival mode. In this mode, your body starts working against you as it keeps holding as much fat as it can, and you are trying hard to get rid of that fat. So, it’s become a battle between you and your body that not only slows down the metabolism but also leads to weight gain in the future.


Can losing weight too fast be dangerous? Yes, it is quite dangerous and can lead to many long-term health problems such as liver disease, gallstone formation, slow metabolism, loose skin, and muscle loss. Slow weight loss is always the safest option.

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