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Can you lose belly fat by drinking water? – A Tip To Lose Weight - Safe Health Reviews Online

Can you lose belly fat by drinking water? – A Tip To Lose Weight

What is the role of water in weight loss? Can you lose belly fat by drinking water? When people start losing weight, they try various tactics to cut down fat, be it belly, back, thighs, and arms. Exercising is one of the best ways to get in shape and it also keeps you energized and improves stamina. You will remain active throughout the day that’s why dieters love to perform exercises. Apart from working out either in the gym or at home, you need to eat healthy foods and follow some tips to lose weight effectively.

As we are talking about the tips to lose weight, water is the essential part of our daily life and we just can’t survive without it. Water also helps you out in your weight loss journey. It is free from calories. People are always advised to drink plenty of water as it is good for weight loss.

But one should not only rely on water quitting the food to get in shape. Most of the time dieters start a water diet in which they only drink water for a week or sometimes two weeks. It is one of the dangerous types of diet that can cause several diseases, some are quite severe and can also lead to death.

So, can you lose belly fat by drinking water or not?

Can You Lose Belly Fat By Drinking Water?

There are many dieters who ask ‘can you lose belly fat by drinking water’. The answer is a yes, water is good for weight loss that’s the reason it is recommended to drink lots of water when you are trying to lose weight.

It is also a fact that you can’t expect to shed all the extra pounds just by drinking water. For, this you need to adopt healthy eating habits and a follow a workout plan. Water definitely aids weight loss, it will not do the work alone.

Now that you got the answer of your question ‘can you lose belly fat by drinking water’, you need to know how much water you should drink according to your body. If you are an average person who wants to lose a few pounds, then you should drink 64 ounces in a day.

The water needs of an obese or overweight person is different. Such people need to drink more water as compared to the average person to stay hydrated and promote weight loss. Overweight and obese people should drink half their body weight. For instance, if your weight is 180 pounds, then you should drink 90 ounces of water in a day.

It is not necessary to drink plenty of water only if you want to lose weight. One should keep drinking water whether they want to lose weight or not. If you don’t drink water, then you may feel lethargic and dizzy. Other side effects of not drinking enough water include dry mouth, thirst, and headache. All these happen because of dehydration.

Best Time To Drink Water To Lose Weight

You need to know the best time to drink water to lose weight. One should drink water early in the morning to keep their body functioning. It also improves the metabolic rate.

Drinking water before a meal makes you feel fuller so you will be eating less. It also moisturizes your stomach and improves your taste buds.

Drink water when you are hungry as you may confuse your thirst with hunger. You also need to drink water before as well as after a workout.

You are also advised to drink lots of water when you are ill. It is not necessary to drink water at a particular time. You can have it any time when you feel thirsty or dehydrated.


In this article, we discussed ‘can you lose belly fat by drinking water’. People have been drinking water for losing belly fat as well as overall weight. None can deny the fact that only water can’t make you drop all the pounds, you need to combine it with healthy eating habits and workout plan.

You can lose a few pounds with water. Drink the water according to your body needs as mentioned above.