What Diet Pills Contain Phentermine? Information For The Dieters

Phentermine is one of the most popular prescription weight loss pills that have the ability to completely transform an obese into a slim and fit person. So, what is phentermine? How is it going to work? What diet pills contain phentermine? Let’s start with a brief introduction on Phentermine.

What Is Phentermine And How It Works?

Phentermine is a stimulant that has a strong impact on the central nervous system. It is directly linked to the appetite, so it suppresses your appetite to a greater extent. Due to this, your calorie intake reduces that makes you lose weight. Moreover, it stops the fat production in your body and meanwhile boosts your metabolism that also contributes to weight loss. Phentermine decreases the cravings and increases the energy, which means you don’t feel low when taking phentermine. As I mentioned above, it is a prescription pill and cannot be purchased over the counter.

It is mostly recommended by the doctors to obese people or the one, who is having any medical condition due to extra weight. It is prescribed for a short term as it may cause side effects. Phentermine is definitely a wonderful solution for weight loss. Most of the dieters prefer over the counter phentermine alternatives to shed kilos in a few months as your doctor will not prescribe phentermine if you don’t need it.

You may find oodles of phentermine alternatives on the market with different prices, and most of the pills are really effective such as FenFast 375Phen 24Phen 375PhenQPhenBlueApex-TX5, etc. All these weight loss pills are FDA approved including the phentermine, which means it is safe for the dieters.

Phentermine alternatives are effective, but not as strong as Phentermine as it makes you lose weight without going for an intense workout and strict diet. You just need to take the recommended dosage to reach your goal. There are a few weight loss drugs that contain phentermine and you would want to know what diet pills contain Phentermine.

Weight Loss Pills That Contain Phentermine


Adipex pills are formulated by Gate Pharmaceuticals. Just like Phentermine, Adipex is also a prescription weight loss drug. It is available in the form of capsules and tablets. Adipex pills act as a stimulant that also has the characteristics of amphetamine. It is an effective weight loss drug to make you drop pounds, but only prescribed to the obese people or the one, who is not losing weight despite trying diet and exercise. Phentermine is an active ingredient of Adipex.


It is the combination of topiramate and phentermine. Being a combination of two drugs, it has the qualities and benefits of both. Phentermine suppresses appetite, aids weight loss, and enhances energy, while topiramate is an anti-migraine and anti-seizure medicine. Topiramate also boosts metabolism and makes you feel fuller. Qysmia is also a powerful weight loss pill, but it is also a prescription pill that is not for everyone. Qysmia is FDA approved drug.  You need to take the recommended dosage and also stay in touch with your doctor so he/she can tackle any issue that arises when using qysmia.


Talking about what diet pills contain phentermine, lomaira is another prescription weight loss pill that has the ability to suppress your appetite and boost energy. It is FDA approved pill that has phentermine HCL as an active ingredient. It is prescribed to the adults, who have a BMI of or over 30. If you have any medical condition or history such as cardiovascular diseases or taking any medications, then Lomaira is not the right one to pick. If you made up your mind and want to use it, then it would be better to talk to your doctor before trying it.


We have discussed phentermine and what diet pills contain phentermine. One of the strongest prescription weight loss pills to speed up weight loss is phentermine. It controls cravings, enhances energy, improves metabolism, and block the fat production. There are a few effective diet pills that contain phentermine such as lomaira, qysmia, and adipex. All these are prescription pills and can’t be purchased over the counter that’s why people use over the counter phentermine alternatives.