The Different Between Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

The Different Between Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Many people think that when you lose fat, your muscle will form. Or in other cases, when you build your muscle, you lose weight. In some situation, that happens. However, most of the time, such understanding is wrong. That has cost various people time, money, and effort by going the wrong direction.

Fat loss or weight loss (these two terms are also different, but in this post, I will use them as interchangeable) and muscle gain have an impact on each other. But they are not the same term. There are several differences that separate them.

The purpose

The purpose of losing weight is to remove some extra pounds of weight, in most case, fat from your body. The expected result is to see your weight reduce to the ideal number. Sometimes, when you follow the workout and diet plan, you accidentally build some muscle. But it is not the initial purpose of losing fat.

On the other hand, building muscle means growing the muscle in terms of strength, endurance, and appearance. If you are trying to gain muscles, you would expect you pump to get bigger and sturdier. When you need to gain muscles, you have to lose fat. Nonetheless, losing fat on its own doesn’t build muscle mass.

The exercise

You may achieve your weight loss goal with aerobic or cardio training. These exercises are great for burning fat. But they are not the ideal workouts for bodybuilding. In some situation, they even cause mass loss which is something we want to avoid in bodybuilding.

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Aerobic is not the perfect workout for muscle gain

The perfect exercise for bodybuilding is lifting and any training that increases the strength and endurance of the body muscles. These workouts will promote the muscle growth and make your mass stronger and more solid. In other words, the exercise for muscle gain are the ones that require resistance during training. There are some muscle building supplements that speed up the process.

The nutrition

Nutrition is also a major difference between weight loss and muscle gain. In a fat loss plan, you will probably want to eat as less as possible. A diet plan with over the counter appetite suppressant is often a big part of the strategy. They allow you to take in enough energy for your day while reducing your hunger and craving.

Muscle gain, on the other hand, sometimes requires a lot of energy and calories. Of course, they usually have to follow a diet plan to avoid fat stored. But in general, when you try to gain muscles, you have to supply the body with energy and calories. Starving it like what you do when losing weight is going to cause the opposite result.


Although weight loss and muscle gain sometimes happen simultaneously, they are different. The first thing you need to do is to identify your purpose: you want to lose fat or build muscle. After you have a clear vision of what you wish for, you will be able to make a dream come true.

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