How Long Does It Take For Forskolin To Work

Forskolin is quite popular for those who want to lose excess weight. There are many choices of dietary products from Forskolin. Those who have never tried this supplement may have a question: “How long does it take for Forskolin to work?”. If you are wondering the same thing, let’s take a look at this post.

What is Forskolin?

What is Forskolin?

Recently, Forskolin was found to support weight loss. Therefore, it has been used as the main ingredient in some dietary supplements.Forskolin is a natural compound found in the roots of Indian Coleus plant which is also called Plectranthus barbatus plant. It is the native plant in India and some areas of Africa. For centuries, it has been used as an effective treatment of infection (ringworm, syphilis), skin (insect bites, wounds, burns, psoriasis), digestive disorders (nausea, intestinal spasm, stomachache), asthma, hypertension, etc.

How Does Forskolin Work?

Forskolin increases lipase enzyme which burns the excess fat as well as stimulates the body to create more cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate). Thereby, it helps to release more thyroid hormone to burn calories and fuel your metabolism. This means that your body will be able to burn more fat stored in the body and increase your stamina.

In addition, Forskolin boosts the testosterone level which is necessary for those who want to lose weight and build lean muscle mass. That’s because it stimulates protein synthesis in your muscles. The cAMP also helps to block triglycerides – the main cause of obesity-related risks like stroke, heart diseases and heart attack by activating protein kinase. It will lead to acute pancreatitis if there are too much triglycerides contained inside your body (over 1000 mg/dL or 11.29 mmol/L).

Who Can Take Forskolin for Weight Loss?

Forskolin is suitable for both men and women. As we all know, a standard supplement for weight loss is the product that helps you lose significant extra fats without decreasing your lean muscle mass, and Forskolin can meet our expectation. That means it is safe for our health.

Who Shouldn’t Take Forskolin for Weight Loss?

Nevertheless, there are some reports showing that Forskolin may cause some little health problems:

  • Pregnant and nursing moms: Forskolin can harm the fetus and affect the quality of breast milk.
  • Allergies: Some people are allergic to Forskolin. You should observe your body to detect the symptoms in order to stop taking it.
  • Heart problems: Forskolin can increase your heart rate, leading to some symptoms such as heart palpitation, rapid pulse, loss of consciousness, and lightheadedness.
  • Stomach acid level: When your stomach acid level is increased, you may experience heartburn, nausea, and indigestion. If you have stomach issues, like stomach ulcer, you’d better avoid it.
  • Drug interactions: Using Forskolin at the same time with other treatments may cause some drug interactions. The combination of it and prescribed blood-thinners can develop bleeding complications. Besides, concomitant use of Forskolin and antihypertensives can decrease your blood pressure significantly.

How Long Does It Take for Forskolin to Work?

No two bodies are exactly alike, so there is no exact answer to this question. Some of you may see the results soon, while the others will realize it later. Normally, the results of taking Forskolin for weight loss will show up after one week to one month. In general, these factors below can impact on the time it takes for Forskolin to work:

Your Body Condition

Everyone has their own absorption capacity. Therefore, how much Forskolin can be absorbed by one individual to others is different. In addition, the time it takes for those who have obesity and those with a little overweight is also different.


According to US National Library of Medicine, the ideal dosage is 100 – 250 mg of 10% Forskolin a day. The more dosage you take, the faster you see your changes in weight. However, you should start with the smallest dosage within a week to make sure that it is suitable for your body before moving to the bigger dosages.

Your Routine

Just taking Forskolin does not give you the expected results. You have to give all your effort to make your weight loss project on track by using the supplement in conjunction with doing physical exercise. In addition, other changes in your routine can create big result.

Skipping caffeine and alcohol, quitting smoking and avoiding to stay up late are some of many ways to improve your health and support your losing weight progress.

Finally, you should always remember that Forskolin is not a miracle. It just supports you to lose extra weight much quicker and easier. As a result, you need to ask your doctor or medical consultant for advice on your weight loss progress.


Forskolin is a considerable natural supplement for weight loss because of its safety and effectiveness. However, you cannot expect that it would bring you immediate results. There is no safe way to lose weight immediately. Each of us has a unique body condition, so we will get varied results.

You may start losing extra weight after a week of using Forskolin, or it may take you a month to shed weight. Just be patient, follow the instruction strictly, do exercises regularly, eat healthy, and live strong.

If you have any question, please leave it in the box below. Thank you for your reading! We hope that you will achieve your goal soon!

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