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How Many Calories In Black Coffee – Must Know Information - Safe Health Reviews Online

How Many Calories In Black Coffee – Must Know Information

Coffee lovers are all over the world, few like to drink it black, while some prefer espresso, or with a lot of milk and cream. Every individual has a different taste and so does their coffee. Cold brew, cappuccino, latte, and mocha are a few examples of coffee that are in demand. In the winter season, the demand for coffee increases.  If you are thinking to lose belly fat, then black coffee is one of the best choices to make. Black coffee is a quite favorable beverage that is drunk without milk, cream, and other additions.  Regarding how many calories in Black Coffee, it contains lesser to no calories.

If you combine belly fat exercises with black coffee, then you will witness quick weight loss and a flatter belly. The name ‘Black Coffee”, a simple beverage, people think how they can achieve the desired result, but trust me, although it seems a simple beverage, it contains chlorogenic acid that aids weight loss. It is also a rich source of caffeine that also helps weight loss by increasing urination. Many people are having a perception that caffeine is dangerous for health, but it is merely a wrong perception as caffeine in diet pills are also purchased that pills are certified and people are getting advantages out of it.

The answer to the questions like is coffee good for losing belly fat? Well, I would like to tell you that it increases the metabolic rate that leads to toned belly. There are only 2 calories in 1 mug that is equal to 8 fl oz is only 2, and the amount of potassium is around 116 mg. So, black coffee is definitely a good beverage that makes you lose weight due to the presence of chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Take a look at the nutrition facts of black coffee.

Nutrition Facts

Calories in Black Coffee

Serving Size: 1 serving

Amount Per Serving

Calories                                           0.0
Total Fat                                          0.0 g
     Saturated Fat                             0.0 g
     Monounsaturated Fat               0.0 g
     Polyunsaturated Fat                  0.0 g
Sodium                                              0.0 mg
Potassium                                        0.0 mg
Cholesterol                                      0.0 mg
Total Carbohydrate                        0.0 g
    Sugar                                             0.0 g
    Dietary Fiber                                0.0 g
Protein                                              0.0 g

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Vitamin A                                0.00%
Vitamin B-12                          0.00%
Vitamin B-6                            0.00%
Vitamin C                                0.00%
Vitamin D                                0.00%
Vitamin E                                 0.00%
Calcium                                    0.00%
Copper                                      0.00%
Folate                                         0.00%
Manganese                               0.00%
Magnesium                               0.00%
Iron                                             0.00%
Niacin                                       0.00%
Phosphorus                               0.00%
Pantothenic Acid                     0.00%
Riboflavin                               0.00%
Selenium                                 0.00%
Thiamin                                   0.00%
Zinc                                            0.00%

Reasons To Drink Black Coffee


People who drink black coffee know about the health benefits better than the non-drinkers. It is free from sugar and calories, no calories mean no weight gain. Black coffee also contains fiber and everyone knows the importance of adding fiber to a daily routine. It also reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular illness.  In short, it maintains the overall health.

Taste The Coffee

The real taste of the coffee can be felt when you take it without cream or milk. With the addition of milk, you will get a slightly bitter taste of coffee. You will recognize the subtle difference when you drink it black as it will let you notice the taste from bean to bean to various roasts. You will be amazed to taste the diverse flavors of black coffee. In this way, you will enjoy and appreciate the real taste of coffee. Once you identify your favorite coffee, you can purchase your own blend from any store.

Easy To Make

The making of a black coffee is very easy and everyone can enjoy making their own coffee at home. You are just going to need a stovetop percolator or a French press to make coffee. The best advantage of brewing your own coffee is that you can make it at any time, especially for breakfast, lunch, afternoon slump, or a before a workout.

Physical and Mental Energy

Black Coffee, espressos, or americanos are good to make you feel energized as there is no soy, cream, and milk. Black coffee before workout enhances your performance by making you feel energetic. It also provides mental strength all because of the caffeine.


Have you ever noticed the cheapest coffee in coffee shops? It’s none other than black coffee. Not only in coffee shops, but it is also affordable at home. Such cheap coffee with lots of health benefits, isn’t the best option for all of you who are trying to lose weight? So why do you need to pick cream based beverages that are nothing but a trunk of calories? Think logically, spend wisely, and eat healthily.


Black coffee contains caffeine and just like an excess of anything can be a threat to your life similarly overdose of caffeine is also dangerous. Always limit your caffeine dose from 200 to 300 mg per day. If you are already having few health issues, then caffeine can worsen it. Other side effects are tremors, irregular heartbeat, upset stomach, heartburn, irritability, restlessness, nervousness, headache, depression, constipation, anxiety, heart contraction, sleep deprivation, and incontinence. Caffeine is also harmful to the people suffering from hypertension as it can raise blood pressure. It also increases the risk of gout attack. If you are allergic to caffeine, then avoid coffee to stay healthy. Drinking the right amount of black coffee doesn’t affect your health at all, but having it in excess amount can be harmful.


In this ‘how many calories in black coffee’ article, we discussed a lot of black coffee. We reached a conclusion that black coffee is a perfect addition to your daily routine as it is a beverage that is free from calories. If you add milk or cream in your coffee, then calories also increase. Black coffee has a lot of benefits that make you healthy as well as reduce your body weight. The combination of black coffee and belly fat exercise will give you a toned belly. We also shed light on the risks of drinking an excess amount of black coffee in a day. The caffeine found in the beverage is dangerous, so it is recommended to avoid overdose.