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How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

Everyone is curious to know the tips on how to lose weight fast at home without exercise. Obesity has been a common problem since ages. It not only refrains you from wearing the clothes you want but also makes you a butt of a joke. It snatches your self-confidence, no matter how strong you are, but the truth is that somewhere deep down you feel broken or sad. Not everyone has time to work out in the gym, nor do they have enough money to spend on the gym membership. Time and money may also the issue many people are facing. For all such people, we have some well-tested ideas.

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

Have you ever thought about shedding those extra kilos at home without any hardcore or minor exercise? Whenever people see an overweight person, they start advising to join a gym, blah, blah, blah, isn’t right? Well, there are many other ways that are quite helpful. Today I am going to introduce you to one of the effective weight loss tricks that will really help you.

If you are gaining weight day by day, then there must be some issue whether in your routine or diet. Take a look at the tips that will surely prove to be beneficial for you

Tip To Lose Weight Fast At Home

Many people are gaining weight while some remain fat due to many issues. If you are one of them, then this is the right place as here you will learn about how to lose weight fast at home without exercise. You just need to make some adjustments to drop those extra pounds. Have a look at the tips

Make A Journal

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without ExerciseIt’s common among the obese people that they eat almost everything without even thinking about the calorie the food contains. The first and the best tip is to make a food journal. The purpose of making this journal is to add the list of food you eat with a calorie present in it. Every time you eat something, write it down in your journal with the calories it contains. This not only realizes you about your eating habits but also makes you aware of the calories the food contains. In this way you can keep a tab on the calories you are consuming daily.

Checking Weight

It is the reality that fat people scared of standing on a weighing machine. Of course, the reason is that they know how fat they are and runs away from the weighing scale. They actually prefer to wear loose clothes so that they can hide the bulging belly and those flabby arms and thighs. But honestly, this is not the solution to your problem. Don’t get afraid of weighing machine, regularly weigh yourself early in the morning for seven days and then divide the sum of your weekly weight with seven so that you will know your average weight. It is necessary for those who are willing to follow any diet plan.

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Have Heavy Breakfast

Lose Weight Fast At Home

Most of the people are having a perception that heavy breakfast will keep you fat, but the truth is going out or staying hungry/starving makes you fat. Skipping the breakfast is a bad idea if you really want to have a perfect body. People who skip the breakfast feel low and lazy throughout the day while the people who do heavy breakfast remain active and energetic. The basic concept that you should be cognizant about is that heavy breakfast makes you feel full that stops you from munching junks, candies, and snacks. Breakfast improves the metabolism and a good metabolism helps food to turn into energy. So never ever skip the breakfast.

Drink Plenty of Water


Drinking plenty of water not only keeps you hydrated, but ice-cold water also improves the metabolism. Usually, it is suggested by the dieticians to 8 to 10 glasses of water regularly. It is also observed that people who drink one glass of water before the meal feel full and eat less. Hence, it is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

Reduce the Plate Size

how to lose weight fast at home without exerciseIt is a fact that if you want to achieve something, you have to do some struggle. Same goes for the weight loss. To get into a good shape, you need to reduce the size of the plate. Eat fruits, vegetables, and meat instead of potato, rice, and other high-calorie food. Eating your favorite food in moderation will be no big deal such as potato or rice, but try to eat healthy food.

health-benefits-of-green-teaGreen Tea

Green tea is the great antioxidant that has the natural ability to reduce weight. Drink at least 2 to 3 cups of green tea regularly to get into a good shape. If you are thinking to replace your food or meal with green tea, then it is necessary to keep it in your mind that green tea is not a replacement for any meal.

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Avoid Stress and Sleep Well

scream-1819736_1920You might not be aware of the fact that stress or poor sleep disturbs appetite controlling hormones that make you eat more. Stress and sleep deprivation not only makes you unhealthy, but also increase weight. Try to take a proper sleep of eight hours and adopt healthy habits.

Consume Fiber and Protein

Fiber and protein rich foods are a great source of weight loss. Having food rich in fiber makes you feel fuller. Viscous fiber is known for weight loss and reduces appetite. Plant foods are the source of viscous fiber such as flax seeds, oranges, asparagus, Brussels sprout, oat cereals, and beans.

On the other hand, protein also makes you feel fuller and reduce the hunger. Protein plays an important role in controlling your appetite by affecting your body hormones. If you take 30% protein in a day, then you will automatically consume 441 fewer calories as protein keeps your stomach full.   In this way, within 12 weeks, you will easily reduce around 11 pounds without restricting anything. Foods rich in protein are almonds, quinoa, lentils, Greek yogurts, eggs, fish, and chicken breast.

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Ways To Lose Weight Fast At Home

Apart from tips on how to lose weight fast at home without exercise, there are few effective ways that will surely prove to be beneficial for you.  In this section, you are going to learn about it.

  1. Home Remedies
  2. Weight loss pills

Home Remedies

Home remedies have proven to be a great source for losing weight since ages. Many people are getting fruitful results and also recommending such remedies to their friends and family members. The best part about the home remedies is that you will easily find most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Plus, preparing such remedies doesn’t take much time. Take a look at the simple and user-friendly DIY home remedies

Lemon and Honey

lemon-91537_1920Lemon is a superb solution to deal with obesity as it aids detoxification and also improves the digestion.  We all know that good digestion is a great step towards weight loss as it provides the nutrient to your body that burns the fat faster.

You will need

  • 3 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Half teaspoon of black pepper powder

Mix well all the ingredients. Drink it in the morning daily on an empty stomach and continue this for three months. Alternatively, you can also have a warm cup of water with a teaspoon of honey mixed in it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apples-1008880_1920Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy to shed the pounds. It has the ability to breakdown the fat and also prevents further fat production.

You will need

  • 2 teaspoons of unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar
  • A glass of water

Mix well and drink it regularly in the morning before meals. Another way is to mix one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink daily.

DO NOT HAVE more than two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a day as it will minimize the blood potassium level as well as bone mineral density.

Aloe Vera

leaves-1860283_1920Aloe Vera is known for treating the obesity as it has the potential to improve energy consumption, increase metabolism, and also utilize your unused body fat.  It also eradicates the toxins from the colon and digestive system.

You will need

  • Two fresh Aloe Vera leaves
  • One cup citrus Juice such as grapefruit or orange juice, or simply water

Peel the leaves of aloe vera and take out the pulp. Put it in the blender. Now add one cup of citrus juice and blend it for around 2 to 3 minutes. You drink is ready. Keep drinking it at least for a month.

Weight Loss Pills

If you are in no mood to follow the tips or home remedies, then the best solution for losing weight is the weight loss pills. When it comes to using weight loss pills, people are having a perception that if they consume weight loss drugs, then they will get some serious disease. Well, it’s merely a perception as there is no truth behind this logic. In this section, I am adding some weight loss medicines that are quite popular among the masses.


over the counter phentermineIt is a prescriptive medicine that is only prescribed by the doctors to the obese people. If you are going through obesity, then this will really help you out. It controls your appetite, makes you feel energetic throughout the day, and increases your metabolic rate. It also puts a stop to the fat production in your body. You will find the Phentermine in form of tablets or capsules. If you are thinking to have it, then it’s never too late to visit a doctor.

diet pills that work fast without exerciseIf you want to use over-the-counter diet pills that work like Phentermine, PhenQ is the best choice for you – most of customers appreciate about this.

Fenfast 375

diet pills that work fast without exerciseFenfast 375 is over-the-counter Phentermine’s substitute. If you are not obese, then your doctor will never prescribe Phentermine. So, you can order Fenfast 375 as it has all the advantages you will be looking for. It contains all the ingredients that are harmless and has no side effects. Fenfast 375 suppresses your hunger, makes your body a fat burning machine and you will be losing 25 pounds per month, increase the metabolism, and boosts energy. It is approved by FDA and completely safe to use. Moreover, you will get 100% money back guarantee with Fenfast 375.

It is not for the children under 18, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

diet pills that work fast without exercisePhen 24

Phen 24 is another weight loss pill that will make you shed those extra kilos to flaunt the way you always wanted.  It improves your metabolism and makes you reduce the weight. It doesn’t contain any stimulants so you will sleep the whole night peacefully. It controls your hunger and meanwhile burns fat. Moreover, Phen 24 provides skyrocketing energy. When you place an order, you will get two bottles in one pack; one for daytime and the other for nighttime. It doesn’t have any side effects. Furthermore, it is formulated with plant extracts, which means vegetarian people can also get benefits out of it.

 It is not for the children under 18, breastfeeding and pregnant women.


Losing weight fast at home without exercise is quite simpler than people have ever imagined.  If you are obese and tried a lot of things but all in vain, then follow the tips, remedies, or choose the weight loss pill. The tips described in this article are very simple and everyone can use it to get their body in a good shape. DIY home remedies are easy to make without having the need to do any effort, but the result will definitely amaze you.

Thirdly, we discussed the weight loss pills. I would like to make it clear that weight loss pills don’t make you unhealthy at all.  Most of the pills are available over-the-counter, you just have to place an order and start using it. They not only reduce your weight, but also keep you active and healthier.  Only Phentermine is a prescribed medicine that will be given to the obese people over the advice of the doctor.

Follow the tips and ways to lose weight fast at home without exercise. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.