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How to lose weight in thighs? - Safe Health Reviews Online

How to lose weight in thighs?

tape-403592_640Weight gain is always associated with an accumulation of fat in various parts of the body. Some carry more fat in their upper limbs, while others were in the womb. But for most people, especially women, the leg portions are an important source of fat accumulation, giving the body a pear shape (where the top half seems thinner than the bottom half of the legs because larger ).
Women often say “I want to lose thighs”, but men may also want to know how to embellish this part of the leg between the hip and knee. Some people will always struggle with weight gain in this part of the body because that is how the body stores fat. But if you create an exercise program and watch your diet (you must reduce calorie intake), you know how slim the thighs. The idea is to lose fat all over the body before doing physical exercises that help to tone this area.
For people who have their fat refuse to budge from the same area after plans and suitable physical exercises, it remains the last resort for beautiful legs: liposuction.

  • Follow the tips to lose thigh:

1) Lose the fat all over your body
You can not lose fat only in the thigh area. You can not get rid of fat in a particular area of the body with sheer willpower. How to lose weight thighs in this case? You should decrease body fat throughout the body and then do exercises to strengthen them (see step 2 below).
Reduce the amount of carbohydrates (especially avoid sugary soft drinks, aggravating water retention) and lipids (fats) in your diet. Eat starchy foods without putting oil seasoning (whole wheat bread, potatoes, peas, whole grains, brown rice, etc..) As well as vegetables and fruits, and do not eat more than 30 grams of fat per day. If you notice that your legs store fat, excess fat you consume food and drink and go straight and lose thighs will become a very daunting task.
Watch what you eat. Add more protein and fiber to your diet. Fiber helps you maintain a slim and healthy body. Protein helps boost the effects of your workouts.
Drink more water (green tea is possible), eat more fruits and vegetables, drink skim milk, seasonings preferably consume low-fat cream cheese and other products made with cream without fat.
Generally, if you reduce your daily calorie intake through diet, you will reduce bloating and avoid water retention.

2) Work the entire thigh area during physical training
Do exercises that work the center (inside), sides, front, back and buttocks. Exercises such as the movement of the bicycle, leg extension, leg scissors, squeeze a stability ball, etc.. (Some of which are Pilates exercises) help to slim thighs.

Make the jump rope three to four times per week. It is an exercise that particularly help to lose thighs, in addition to being great for heating or cooling your body before / after the workout.
Start by turning the rope forward and blow up your legs alternately taking a jogging pace. Bend your knees slightly to keep the low impact when you jump, and keep your back straight during all jumps. You can increase the difficulty by skipping two legs together instead of at a jogging pace (one leg after the other).

3) Start the habit of walking
Walking can be done at any time of the day. It is a very practical to do and helps to slim thighs physical activity back of supermarket walk with shopping, go to the office on foot (if it is not too far of course) after dinner, family outing, walking the dog, etc..
Walking is an aerobic exercise that helps to lose weight throughout the body, improves blood circulation, strengthens, tones and will not make your legs bulky (muscle while jogging and gives volume to the legs).

4) Do not forget interval training
You do not have to run for hours on end, day after day to lose thighs. In fact, if you keep doing that running constantly, you will not only hurt you and do not see good results, but you’ll be faced with the sad reality that the treadmill is not necessarily the miracle solution.
Instead of running for hours every day, run a few hours a month, and do many other exercises. Try to vary your workout routines to avoid boring your body, not to make it too effective to a particular exercise.
Try doing interval training for slimming thighs easily. Here is a simple way to do: run as fast as you can for 1 minute, then go for a walk for 2 minutes. Then run again as soon as possible for 30 seconds, then take a jog for 45 seconds. And so on.
There are many ways to fix the duration of your intervals. The key is to make sure your travel portion is done at maximum speed and your slow portion is made at a much lower speed. The interval where the rate is lower is perfect to prepare yourself mentally and physically to the period of “very fast race” and take your next breath. For example, you can have as the goal of being able to accomplish such training intervals of 30 minutes.

5) Do lunges and squats
Did you know that if you do 3 sets of slots and 3 sets of squats for only three days each week, you can easily reduce your legs 6 cm of fat in just six weeks? Provided you eat the right foods, lose thighs up to 6 inches should not ask for trouble.
Be sure to alternate the exercises involving the lower body with those putting to work the upper body when you want to lose weight thighs. In other words, if you want to get results without hurting you, you’d better practice a year doing mostly work the upper body after performing your squats before your slots. Or you can do in order: slots, an exercise involving the upper body and squats.

6) Try anti-cellulite creams
Try especially creams can fight cellulite that break down fats in the body and give your legs a slimmer appearance. One study suggests that creams that contain caffeine help to lose thighs and improve the appearance of your legs.

7) Apply the self-tanner
This product gives the illusion of a tan (e) and give your jigs an extra layer. A tanned skin is automatically appear thinner than pale skin, and self-tanner can give the illusion that your legs are thinner. The illusion obtained through self-tanner works well if you need a quick preparation for a wedding or a party.

8) Use a plastic surgeon and talk to him about liposuction
This option is good for people who have already lost a lot of weight, but need help to get rid of cellulite or fat surplus they fail to take otherwise. Liposuction is also suitable for people who are naturally thin, but fail to know how to lose weight thighs, struggling with pockets of fat or flabby inside.

9) Above all, do not be impatient if you do not see immediate results
It should give you time (usually at least 3 to 6 months with an appropriate diet, lean carbohydrate and fat) before losing thighs and be more beautiful. Similarly, do the exercises with fun and not with a sense of obligation, if you do not hold the required steady pace over a long period and can not get those pretty legs as dreamed.

Remember that you should also do exercises for slimming thighs and have thinner.