Meal Replacement Shakes Side Effects

Meal replacement shake, as its name suggests, you can replace your meal with any of these shakes. The purpose of this shake is to make you slim while providing enough protein and carb that your body needs. It also cuts down the calories, hence, good for people who want to lose weight. There was a time when such shakes are only given to the athletes, but today, everyone can replace their meal with the shake to lose weight fast. It is ready-to-drink shake that you can easily use. Some people prefer to make their own meal replacement shakes at home by mixing essential ingredients that are high in nutrients. Meal replacement shakes side effects are also a topic of discussion.

People also drink meal replacement shakes to gain weight. It completely depends on the ingredients. You can buy the drink according to your need.  You can replace one main meal of the day with this shake to get the result you want. The premade meal replacement shakes contain minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fiber, which make your unhealthy meal to a healthy meal. Fiber reduces your craving and blocks your hunger.

No doubt, these prepacked shakes are quite beneficial, but the meal replacement shakes side effects are also there. Take a look at the meal replacement shakes side effects

Side Effects

Deficiency of Nutrients

To keep us going and remain healthy, our body needs vitamins and minerals. Lack of nutrients is not good for our health. Replacement shakes are packed with nutrients that make it your real food substitute. There are a variety of shakes available on the market and the amount of nutrient varies from brand to brand. Not all brands carry the same nutrient value.

Meal replacement shake lacks essential things like antioxidants, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients. These are the essential things your body need. So, nutritional deficiency is one of the meal replacement shakes side effects.

Some meal replacement shakes contain an excess amount of vitamins, which are fat-soluble such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.  Taking these vitamins in excess amount can cause different issues like diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and irritability.

Weight Gain

Meal replacement shakes can also lead to weight gain. When you start replacing your meals with the shakes, you lose weight, but when you return to eat your regular food, your body doesn’t process the food properly that makes you gain weight. Some replacement shakes are designed to make you gain muscle and are higher in calories. Taking this shake with your diet can add calories that can make you gain weight if you don’t do anything to burn it.

For those who are trying to gain lean mass, your drink doesn’t do anything itself. For muscle growth, extra protein and calories are necessary, but strength training is also equally important or else you will be gaining weight. To avoid this meal replacement shakes side effects, you need to use it in moderation and never replace it with all the meals of the day.

Water Balance

Increase in thirst is also a meal replacement shake side effect. It makes you drink more water than usual, which can cause water weight. Some shakes are also diuretic that causes frequent urination.  There are many people who don’t like this at all as they are only losing water weight that likely to come back when they stop drinking the shakes. The best way to lose weight quickly is to do some exercise. An excess amount of vitamin B and C in meal replacement shakes are the reason behind frequent urination. So, it would be better to check the nutritional values before putting it in the cart.


It’s human nature that we like to enjoy chewing our food. When you choose a meal replacement shake, you will not get the same pleasure that makes you unsatisfied. Many meal replacement shakes contain more sugar and less fiber that give you the feeling of fullness for a few hours. After that, you will get hungry and starve for food. It only adds more and more calories and makes you gain weight. You are basically depriving your body of the essential nutrients that are required to keep you healthy. The amount of phytonutrients and fiber in shakes are less as compared to the fruits and vegetables. This is one of the meal replacement shakes side effects.


Dieters do a lot of things to lose weight or gain muscle, but the shakes are quite expensive. Although it is not a meal replacement shakes side effect, it’s not budget-friendly as you have to order so many meal replacement shakes that are quite costly. People who don’t have enough time to buy the ingredients and then make it at home prefer to buy premade shakes. In a case you are allergic to something, then before buying, you need to check the ingredients label so that you know what you are actually buying to eschew meal replacement shakes side effects.


A range of meal replacements shakes available on the market. You can easily replace your main meals with these shakes. There is a mistake that beginners are committing; they replace all the meals of a day with the shake that leads to meal replacement shakes side effects.  The amount of nutrients you get from real food is more than the replacement shakes. If you want to lose weight, then you need to do some workout and in a case, you don’t have much time, then do some exercise at home to get a quick result.

Dieters gain weight as meal replacement shakes do contain sugar and drinking it with your diet plan can add more calories. Other meal replacement shakes side effects include deficiency of nutrients, frequent urination, hunger, and water weight. These shakes are not designed for long-term use. Many people are sensitive to different ingredients. You are likely to get meal replacement shakes side effects, in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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