Common mistakes when using honey

You need avoid some following mistakes so that honey works efficiently

Most of people knew that honey has many healthy benefits.  It helps to increase nutrient for the body, to lose weight, to relieve stomach pain, to have a rosy skin, to quit smoking. However, we must know how to use honey so that it can bring the best benefits. To use honey properly and effectively; I believe that there are many people don’t know about this. To get healthy benefits from honey, you should avoid some common mistakes as followings:

Drinking honey when you are hungry

mistakes when drinking honeyIt seems to be inappropriate to have a glass of honey and water mixture as soon as you wake up when your stomach is empty. Why? Because the glucose levels in this beverage is really difficult to be absorbed into the body at this time.

Furthermore, starting your breakfast with a glass of honey makes your kidney having to work harder and slowing kidney’s excretory function (it excretes urine or toxics sluggishly and slowly). The metabolism also occurs slowly and ineffectively.

Drinking a glass of warm water is the best way to start your day. If you are planning for weight loss, let take a glass of honey and warm water mixture 10 minutes later, it helps you to have a nice skin while losing weight.

Drinking honey before bedtime

If you often take a glass of warm water and honey mixture before bedtime 30 – 60 minutes, let stop this unhealthy habit and change it right away. Why is that?

Before bedtime, drinking a glass of honey and water will increase sugar levels in the blood so it is not good to prevent cardiovascular diseases and brain blood vessels. Especially elderly people with medical history of high blood cholesterol levels should not drink honey before bedtime, it is necessary to quit this habit.

Particularly in women, drinking honey before bedtime causing a dingy skin or less bright.

Common mistakes in using

Should not mix honey with hot water. Because honey is rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, if we mix honey with hot water, it not only takes away the characteristic flavor and brown iridescent color but also loses quite a lot of honey’s precious nutrients.

Therefore, mixing honey and warm water at 35 Celsius degree is the best., You should know that there are a lot of nutrients in honey including about 30-45% grape glucose,  around 40% fruits sugar,  vitamin B2, B6, C, K and carotene. In addition, natural honey (also called raw honey) contains a large amount of oxidative solvents. These Vitamins and oxidative solvents take part in so many important metabolic processes in the body and relate to maintaining the body’s immune system function and stimulating nerve system. If we use honey with boiling hot water, the oxidative solvents will be damaged creating too much aldehydes sugar OH radicals and losing quite a lot of nutrient ingredients in honey. And mixing honey with boiling hot water may create a sour taste than normal

Moreover, depending on physical condition of each person or body temperature (when you are healthy or sick) you can flexibly use honey. For examples, you can drink a little cool honey water if you have hot body temperature, or you can drink warm honey water if you feel a little bit cold.

In addition, honey has a lot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients offering beauty benefits and digestible benefit. So it is a good idea to have a glass of warm water every morning after waking up to start your day. Then you can use honey with bread to stimulating your appetites. A tasty breakfast offers full energy for full day.

Use overdose

Stop thinking that Raw Honey has precious nutrients, vitamins and minerals and you can use as much as you can. It is totally wrong. Just use 10-30gram of honey per day. And summer is the best season to use honey for maximizing the detoxification effects, preventing stroke and supporting digestion.


Above are common mistakes when using honey, let keep in mind and change your habits. Only used properly, honey offers the best benefits for the health.