How Much L-Theanine Is In Green Tea? – You Should Know

Tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant are the main source of L-theanine, be it black, white, or green tea. Most of the time people try to pick L-theanine supplement to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day. Green is the natural source of L-theanine and it is a fact that people who drink green tea remain active, fresh, relaxed, and calm throughout the day. Green tea also offers many health benefits then you can ever imagine. So, how much L-theanine is in green tea?

But, first you need to know what is L-theanine and how does it work? Most of the people have no idea how they can get the most out of it and how it works. In this article, you are going to know how much L-theanine is in a green tea.

L-Theanine And How Does It Work?

It is an amino acid found in tea leaves. We already discussed that L-theanine is found in all the tea leaves taken from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Apart from tea, it is also found in a type of mushroom. Not everyone likes mushrooms, but there are numbers of tea lovers, especially green tea. It is one of the most used beverages and many people just can’t start their day without it.

When you take L-theanine through green tea, then it also changes your taste perception; reduces the taste of bitterness from food. Before going to know how much L-theanine is in a green tea, let’s see how it works.

Do you know that green tea promotes weight loss? L-theanine present in the green tea has an effect on your appetite, which somehow reduces your calorie intake. L-theanine is mostly known for making you calm, relaxed, and stress-free.

You will be going to experience better concentration, mood, energy, sense of alertness, and sound sleep. It also enhances other cognitive skills and makes you creative. L-theanine makes so many changes as it works on your brain by increasing the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, alpha brain waves, and chemicals that make you calm and happy.

Taking L-theanine through green tea adds more benefits as it one of the healthiest beverages with less to almost no calories. It promotes weight loss, suppresses appetite, protects health, improves memory, protects from free radicals, minimizes the risk of diabetes, improves eye disease, etc. All in all, green tea improves your overall health.

L-theanine is not only present in green tea, but for better effects, people also use the pills. You can easily find L-theanine supplement from any of the drug store and for the correct dosage, it is always a better idea to talk to your doctor and also share the purpose for which you are willing to take it.

What Do You Get While Using L-Theanine?

Do you know what you exactly get while using L-theanine? And why do you need it? It is ideal for the people who find it difficult to sleep at night and also experience wakeful discomfort. You will not be experiencing tossing and turning anymore. Anxiety and stress are a hurdle that doesn’t let your mind stay calm throughout the day as well as nighttime.

L-theanine also makes learning easy with a sharpen memory and improved focus. You will become more attentive and creative that is beneficial to build a superb career in any field of your choice. It also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, it also helps maintain a healthy body weight.

You can simply get all these benefits of L-theanine and green tea just by consuming a few cups on a regular basis. Always follow the correct dosage to avoid L-theanine side effects if you are taking it in the form of pills. Take a look at how much L-theanine is in green tea and black tea

How Much L-theanine Is In Green Tea And Black Tea

Green Tea

The amount of L-theanine is a cup of green tea also depends on the age of the leaves, quality of tea, and how you brew it. One cup of green tea contains 20 mg of theanine.

Black Tea

The amount of L-theanine present in a cup of black coffee also depends on how you brew it and the quality of tea. You can get 22 mg of L-theanine in a cup of black tea.