Necessary Note In Weight Loss Battle Of Women


Most of us think of quick ways to lose weight. However, the way you lose weight is more important than the speed of your weight loss. That’s because most promising weight loss methods have a negative effect on our health.

Rather than being fascinated by statements about promising remedies and methods that can lose weight fast without any exercise effort from you, you need to look at positive ways to lose weight healthily.

This post will give you some necessary note so that you can lose weight naturally without damaging your health and physical. Keep reading for more details.

Necessary Note In Weight Loss Battle Of Women

Set specific goals

Setting a specific daily goal helps to increase the motivation for how to lose weight fast. This is a very important thing. It is best to determine which weight is best for you, how long it takes you to reach that target. Based on the purpose set, divide the time into weeks and know how much you need to lose in a week.

It’s best not to set goals that are too big and too difficult to implement. Reducing 0.5kg a week is a reasonable and feasible goal.

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

Be persevered

Even gaining weight can’t be possible in one day or two, so weight loss is more time-consuming. If you go to the gym three times a week but in only 1-2 months, then gradually give up, all your efforts will be useless.

Weight loss for women is never easy. This is really a pressure because everyone wants to lose weight fast. Experts say that it is impossible. Perseverance is the most basic and most difficult element to accomplish this goal successfully.

Adjust your diet properly

This is also the necessary way to lose weight. Be honest about your habits, your diet and the amount of food you eat each day. Are they really reasonable? Then adjust or diminish, especially at dinner. At night, your body needs to rest, so it does not necessarily need to overcharge, while most people’s habit is to eat a lot at dinner. Just by avoiding this habit, you will reduce the amount of excess fat significantly.

how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks

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Do not skip breakfast

After a long sleep, you need to be provided with the energy required to work. Having breakfast on time, with adequate nutrition is a way to lose weight fast.

You should never think that because you are on a diet, you need to cut down on breakfast. Breakfast properly not only good for health but also help the body to control the intake of calories in the next meal.

Since you are on a weight loss diet, you can choose low-calorie dishes for your breakfast such as boiled eggs, fruit salad, vegetable salad … to enjoy. Although they are low in calories, they will provide you with enough energy and nutrients to work all day.

How to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks

Divide into several small meals

It can be said that the majority of overweight people are passionate about food, so getting yourself to tolerate, refrain from appetite is difficult.

Extreme tolerating can make you feel losing weight is so hard and meaningless. And one day, when the stamina exceeds your limits, you will allow you to eat without concern for your scary weight.

The solution is very simple. Divide the amount of food needed during the day into several small meals. It’s best to eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Dividing the meal will make you feel to eat more comfortable and less hungry.

Do your favorite workout

Almost everyone has a favorite sport of their own; the thing is that they find it or not.

Many people register for aerobic exercise because they have a gym near their home. However, they do not feel excited or enthusiastic when practicing, so the results are not as expected. This will be even more daunting. Try many sports until you find what you like. It’s even possible to combine to complement each other.


If your life is too busy and you are always feeling too stressed, that may be the reason for you gaining weight. Cortisol – a hormone secreted when you are under pressure, causing the body to metabolize food more slowly.

Worse, the foods you crave when you are stressed are more likely to have more fat and sugar, according to the researchers. As a result, the level of stress will make your dream of losing weight unachievable.

How to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks

The more comfortable with the weight loss process, the better the results. You should not feel pressure but relax your body. Relax with some solutions like yoga, meeting friends and staying away from technology in the evening, join exercise with excitement. Then, the benefits you see from practicing with your body will be the motivation to continue to exercise more passionately.

Do not take weight loss pills without doctor’s suggestion

You should never take any medicine without consulting your doctor. Many weight loss pills for women which are advertised to be diet pills that work fast, induce a lot of consumers to use. In fact, they can cause many dangerous side effects such as cardiac arrhythmias or hypertension. Only your doctor can know if it will help you have a positive outcome or seriously affect your health. Therefore, it is best to see a doctor to take helpful advice.


Dieting to lose weight will help you have a physique you want, but you need to pay attention to your health. If you pay attention to these important notes before starting to lose weight, you will be able to both lose weight and have a healthy body and lifestyle.

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