Everything You Need To Know About Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

The common mistake of reducing weights is lacking protein in diets that everyone ought to do this routine action. As they want to cut down the weight loss as soon as possible. And they find a solution – adding protein shakes in their diets.

Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Most of people assume that protein shakes are a helpful method for improving muscle groups only. However, protein shakes are truly a tool for weight loss that you will know the reason why in this article. Let’s get started to observe how protein shakes for weight loss work on the body right away.

Types of protein shakes for weight loss

  1. Whey protein

Whey protein could be unconnected from the casein in milk or created in the cheese-making product. Whey protein for weight loss is treated as a full protein because it contains nine necessary amino acids.  Furthermore, it has a lower lactose component as well.

Some main benefits

  • Impact on weight loss: for those who want to reduce their weights and incline muscles, they should use whey protein in their diets. According to one study of 158 persons which published in Nutrition & Metabolism, who were given whey protein, they have gained a positive result in reducing their weights as well as improve their muscle groups greatly.
  • Decrease cholesterol: according to a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition that 70 overweight men and women were taken whey protein through 12 weeks. There was a notable decrease in LDL cholesterol and full of cholesterol types at 12th
  • Lessen Asthma frequency in children: this protein category can enhance the immune response in Asthma patients as they are children. According to a small survey posted in International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, showed that children with asthma were consumed 10-gram whey protein two times each day had revamped an immune result for one month only.

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Some drawbacks

That being said, the nutrition content in whey protein for weight loss does not balance because most of the ingredients are protein only.

For those who are allergic to milk might be also allergic to whey protein. In modest situations, whey protein does not cause serious problems.

Nonetheless, ingesting high doses of whey ought to have some side effects such as stomach pain, muscle spasm, reduced taste, nausea, anxiety, acne, and headache.

  1. Casein protein

Casein proteins usually found in mammalian milk which has several usages, from being a major element of cheese, to use as an add-on food. As a food source, casein refers amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, and phosphorus.

Some main benefits

  • Stay long hours on your muscle groups: the greatest power of casein protein is timing. This protein has the capacity to give your bloodstream with a slow and stable flow of amino acids which could stay for hours.
  • Improve metabolic rate: by consuming casein protein, you will not only be boosting your chances of fat, but you will do so on a groove stomach. A study conducted in the Netherlands indicated that consuming casein intake by two and a half of times; participants were able to have a higher metabolic rate with a better fat balance when sleeping.
  • Toughen your teeth up: according to a study found in the UK, casein proteins have the potential to enhance and prevent the bad impacts on enamel erosion. If you drink lots of fruit juices or you could not remove the soft drink habit, then you should think of casein proteins to protect your teeth.

Some drawbacks

Like whey protein for weight loss, casein protein is not suitable for those who are allergic to milk. Moreover, caution should be taken to people who are sensitive to dairy products and who suffer from chronic pain in the stomach.

Immoderate intake of casein protein can lead to many side effects such as bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, digestive disorders, and diarrhea.

  1. Soy protein

Soy protein is made from soybean product which is a type of legume with high protein and low fat. To make soy protein, producers sharpen soybeans to a meal without getting hulls or fat. This protein has all necessary amino acids like isoflavone which gives some health benefits.

Some main benefits

  • A rich source of vitamins and minerals: soy protein offers reputable dosages of B-complex vitamins, E vitamin, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and iron.
  • Enhanced muscle groups: it is said that soy protein is a feminizing protein source, but it does a lot of things on our body, especially in muscle growth. Moreover, this protein can increase recovery rates for overall muscles as well.

Some drawbacks

The main reason soy protein is considered as a feminizing protein as it increases estrogen level. Estrogen is the female testosterone which has been found in muscles growth, body size, losses fat, etc.

At the same time, soy protein also reduces testosterone level. Testosterone is the male sexual hormone which is responsible for an entire host of anabolic processes in the body. Hence, soy protein will cause hormonal imbalance which impacts on the body and mind.

  1. Rice protein

Rice protein is a vegetarian protein that is an alternative to the whey protein and soy protein. Rice protein is also a nutritional supplement which could be added in a variety of diet and drinks to develop protein levels. It is being produced by separating from brown rice, white or whole grain rice.

Some main benefits

  • Nutritionally balanced diet: rice protein gives vital content such as amino acids, B-complex vitamins, E vitamin, fiber, and carbohydrates.
  • Hypoallergenic element: unlike whey protein, casein or soy, rice protein cannot irritate the stomach and it is easy to digest. In other words, rice protein is a good alternation for those who have lactose intolerant, food allergies or bowel irritation.
  • Suitable weight-loss diet: for those who want to keep fit and making meal replacement shakes, they should consider rice protein and add it to their meal. Because rice protein might contain nutrition for the body.

Some drawbacks

Although brown rice does not have any side effect, excess protein has been considered to cause diarrhea when eaten over long periods of time. It is said that rich protein also causes a liver damage, but scientists still need to study more cases.

  1. Pea protein

Pea protein is a food with a neutral frequency which is used in dairy alternative options such as yogurt and cheeses. It has a representative legume amino acid profile, as well as taking out the yellow pea and Pisum sativum. Pea protein is called vegetarian protein which has a perfect addition to energy bars, shakes, and packaged snacks.

Some main benefits

  • Ease of digestion: all amino acids in the pea protein are easily consumed. Your stomach can absorb these acids completely in a short period.
  • Lactose-free component: for those who are allergic dairy products because of the lactose allergy. Whey, casein, and soy might have a little lactose in its ingredients; however, pea protein does not have lactose content. As a result, you do not have diarrhea syndrome anymore.
  • Gluten-free element: if you need to avoid gluten for any reason, pea protein will be secure to absorb.

Some drawbacks

When you add more pea proteins on your diet, you will gain more weights again. An additional 120 calories absorbed every day for one month may increase one pound. Be sure to count your calories from pea protein as part of your daily calorie intake to evade incidentally eating too many calories.

On the one hand, pea protein overused can cause kidney damage as it imbalances the kidney function.

For those who have chronic pain in joints, you should not consume more pea proteins, especially for gout patients. This protein contains lots of purines which increases the amount of uric acid in the blood.

How do protein shakes for weight loss work on your body

When you feel hungry, you absolutely find foods to fill up your hunger stomach. In other words, you cannot control yourself for eating a healthy diet. Therefore, the best thing to solve this problem is taking meal replacement shakes to conquer your hunger and prevent you from turning to unhealthy snacks to fulfill your hunger.

If you utilize protein shakes in the brunch time or between lunch and dinner, you will reduce excessive weight during these times as you do not find unhealthy options. This method could help you to handle binge eating which is one of the main reasons of fat.

Protein shakes do not only provide proteins for the body but also they offer essential vitamins and minerals. They sometimes have vegetables, fruits, and other nutrients. Most importantly, protein shakes enable to help you lose weight, and it also helps you balance the body during your workout programs.

The energy from the protein shakes may help you improve your muscle groups during your sweat sessions, so you will burn more calories.

Side effects of using protein shakes for weight loss

When you have more workout programs, you may use protein shakes in your daily regimen to enhance muscle groups. Although protein is one of the most important parts of your daily diet, eating too much can have some side effects than good influences. Thus, you should consult your health professional to support you prepare healthy regime with an appropriate exercise plan. By doing this, you will have the perfect balance of nutrients.

  • Potential dehydration

According to the American Council on Exercise were given at the University of Connecticut showed that adding protein to your regime enable to cause a potential dehydration as your body need more water to transfer protein and remove its subsidiary products. Thus, you should absorb more water intakes when consuming your protein.

  • Negative influence on bone health

According to Today’s Dietitian were gotten that using protein shakes to your daily regime ought to make your body excrete more calcium in the urine. This will boost the threat of growing osteoporosis. To prevent the negative result, be sure to get your calcium requirement on a regular basis.

  • Weight obtain

You might be surprised that using protein shakes for weight loss can cause overweight again. You might add additional calories (from 150 to 200) in your diet depending on the brand of protein shake you are using.

If you are getting these calories in your daily intake without creating changes to your activities routine, you will gain about 2 pounds in one month. Therefore, you should know the number of calories you need during a day to help you control the intake as well as balance your nutrition.

  • Kidney infection

When protein is used by the body, it creates ammonia. Then, ammonia changed to urea which is diminished from the body through urine. If you take high quantities of protein, your body will create high quantities of urea. Thus, it gets higher pressure on your kidneys as they have to filter out high quantities of urea and calcium from the blood.

As a result, there is an accelerated risk of growing renal infections such as impairment of kidneys, kidney stones, and renal failure is the common side effects of taking protein shakes in higher doses.

  • Blood sugar interruption

In fact, you feel uncomfortable to drink protein shakes for weight loss if these products do not contain flavor. So, when you see some flavors in the label of protein shakes, you should understand that manufacturers have added artificial sweeteners and additives. These substances may cause an uncontrolled in blood sugar levels.

Whey protein, soy protein, and casein protein also might turn down your blood sugar levels. For those who suffer from diabetes or low blood pressure, they are not recommended to use protein shakes for weight loss on a regular basis. These patients need to ask for an advice from their health professional about using protein supplements.

Some key notes you should not miss out

As protein shakes have full of nine amino acids, you may want to use it under any circumstances for your daily regime. However, please keep in mind that consuming protein shakes for weight loss also has several side effects that you should draw attention to. Therefore, you should read the information and ask a health professional before using protein shakes for weight loss.

When should you use protein shakes? To get the best result, you should use it before and after starting workouts to begin your recovery process and treat your hunger. On the flip side, you need to balance your diet and your daily schedule while using power shakes.

How much protein shakes do you need every day? In spite of what advertisements for protein shakes will show you, you do not need to be eating many grams of protein every day. In general, you should calculate the number of protein in your body fat percentage. For example, you could drink 0.8 grams of protein per pound of the entire body weight or 1.6 grams of protein per kilograms.

How long should I use protein shakes? It depends on your body. Thus, you should ask your nutrition professional and your doctor to ensure the exact answer.


Although protein shakes for weight loss has several benefits as we have mentioned above, you should also recognize its side effects to consider the dosage and the time to drink meal replacement shakes. In addition, you may also receive your health professional to ensure that your body accepts this method for losing weight.

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