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When Should You Take Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder? - Safe Health Reviews Online

When Should You Take Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder?

When should you take serious mass protein powder? But, before that, you need to know what is mass gainers and what does it do to your body.

Mass gainer or weight gainer, the term says it all. This supplement is ideal for all the people who want to gain weight. Mass or weight gainers contain lots of calories, essential fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamin. Furthermore, it also contains protein and fiber. Some mass gainers also contain BCAA, creatine, glutamine, and other supplements that help you gain muscle mass.

Mass gainers are the right supplement for everyone who wants to pack on extra muscle and gain weight. Most of the bodybuilders and gym goers can’t achieve the desired goal despite working hard in the gym, similarly, many skinny people can’t gain weight no matter how they eat.

In short, mass gainer assists you and helps you reach your goal by meeting the daily caloric target. Now, you know what mass gainer is and how it works. It is the time to learn about one of the best mass gainers; serious mass and when should you take serious mass.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Serious mass is a good quality mass gainer that is rich in calories and carbs. All the hard gainers should try this supplement. According to serious mass review, it is one of the best products of optimum nutrition.

People prefer to check the brand reputation before buying any supplement for any purpose. Optimum nutrition is a reputable brand that has been selling fantabulous products for a decade or two. If you see the optimum nutrition serious mass review, you will get to know that how satisfied are the consumers.

There are some optimum nutrition serious mass side effects such as bloating and gas. Some people get fat and they blame serious mass for it, which is wrong. If you are experiencing gas or bloating, then you need to take a small dose until you get used to it. As far as the fat gain issue concerns, if you don’t do regular workouts, then you will definitely get fat as it contains 1,250 calories per serving.

Serious mass is not a right supplement for the people who want to build muscle but without the workout. It is beneficial for skinny people as they can easily get enough calories and carbs to gain weight with just a drink.

This mass gainer protein powder offers a good amount of calories and other macronutrients that you can’t have from the regular food. Serious mass also available in many flavors that make it easy for the buyers to select the one according to their taste. The five flavors of serious mass include chocolate peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and banana.

So, when should you take serious mass to get the most out of it and also avoid serious mass side effects?

When Should You Take Serious Mass?

You have the liberty to take serious mass at any time you want, but to intensify the result you can take it in a certain manner. Just take a look at when should you take serious mass for a better result

Before And After Workout

Serious mass gainer protein powder provides stamina and energy, and also offers a quick recovery. If you want to have an energy boost so that you can perform workouts with more energy, then take it before a workout.

Taking serious mass after supplement offers a rapid healing. As you burn calories while working out in the gym, your body absorbs the supplement and takes you towards your goal.

In Between Meals

Have your regular food as it makes you satisfied and full. Take the serious mass in between meals so that you can easily add 1,250 calories per serving. It makes you reach your calorie target.

Before Going To Bed

It is a good idea to take serious mass before going to bed as when you are sleeping, your body is at rest for at least 8 to 10 hours. The serious mass works the best as you are not moving your body. It also repairs the tired muscles.


We shed light on ‘when should you take serious mass’ in this article. if you are using or want to use serious mass, then you should follow the correct time to intensify the result.