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How To Use A Steam Room To Get Most Out Of It? - Safe Health Reviews Online

How To Use A Steam Room To Get Most Out Of It?

After hectic work schedule, intense workout, and other tiring activities, do you feel exhausted? Do you want to soothe your muscles? We all need something to relax our mind and body. The best way to deal with all these, you definitely need to go to a steam room. People who don’t know much about steam rooms or haven’t used it once, nor do they know how to use a steam room, mistake it with sauna. They think sauna and steam room are the same thing just the name is different. Well, I would like to add here that sauna and steam room seem similar, but there is a difference between both.

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Difference Between Steam Room And Sauna

Let’s compare steam room and sauna first so that you can distinguish between both. Saunas are basically wood-paneled room while steam rooms build with tiles or glass. The heating source is also different as steam room uses water-filled generator whereas electric or wood stove uses in saunas. Steam rooms offer moist heat of 1000 – 1200 Fahrenheit. On the other end, saunas offer dry heat and temperature is around 1600 – 2000 Fahrenheit. The huge difference between both is the humidity. The level of humidity inside the steam room is 100%, while in sauna it is only 5% – 30%.

If you are willing to use a steam room, then it is important to know how to use a steam room. These rooms are also good for skin due to the humidity, but how to use a steam room for skin is must know before using it.

Best Way To Use A Steam Room

What To Wear?

Whatever you wear when using steam room is important. When you enter the steam room, you are ready to sit in a warm atmosphere that makes you sweat. Wear something that makes you sweat freely. You can wear a swimsuit, a towel or something that is allowed in your spa. Glasses and jewelry are not at all recommended.

Take A Shower

Before stepping into the steam room, you need to take a shower to make your skin clean by removing makeup, perfumes, oils, antiperspirants, and dirt. So that it will not go into your bloodstream via sweat.


A dry towel is necessary for you to soak the water from your body before entering a steam room. Water behaves as an insulator so it’s better to wipe it as can slow down the heat absorption. It is an essential tip on how to use a steam room.

Heat, Cool Down, And Rest 

Once your whole body starts to sweat, you can leave the steam room. After coming out, let your body cool down. You can dip into the pools or take a shower to cool down your body. Next step is to rest so that your body temperature becomes stable.


Two to three sessions are suggested. After taking a rest, repeat the whole process.


The process of how to use a steam room effectively has been discussed. Hope you find it helpful!