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Whey Protein Before Or After Workout

The purpose of taking whey protein is different from person to person. Some prefer to take it in order to build muscle. Who doesn’t like a toned body? It’s a dream of people to get a slim look so that they can flaunt in their favorite gowns. Taking whey protein for weight loss is also common whether you do the workout or not, there is a specific amount that can be taken when you want to get a specific result. Vegetarian and vegans also take whey protein as they don’t get enough protein from their food.

Whey is obtained as a byproduct of cheese or curd. It is a liquid part left after the making of cheese, and then it goes through a process to convert it into powder form. People who do workout are likely to get the quick result. In this article, you are going to learn when to take whey protein before or after workout. Correct dosage at the right time plays an important role in shaping up your body.

Whey Protein Before workout

Whey protein before or after workout is a topic of debate as there are many fitness freaks who prefer to take it before a workout.  Most of the people take whey protein to reduce muscle protein breakdown rate or to increase synthesis rate of muscle protein. It increases the delivery of nutrients as the absorption of the amino acid is greatest when taken before a workout. Whey protein before a workout also increases the synthesis rate of the protein. Suppose, you have taken your meal and feel fuller, at that time, if you consume extra protein before workout, then it can enhance the muscle growth. It is also said that protein before a workout increase anabolic effect of the workout. So, it promotes fat metabolism and helps lean muscle growth.

The downsides of taking whey protein before workout are also a reason that fitness trainers suggest to take it after a workout. Fitness freaks do an intense workout to gain muscle and for all such people, it is not recommended to take whey protein before workout as may cause vomiting and within a few minutes all your workout time got waste due to the vomiting. Many people take pre-workout supplements and to drink whey protein at the same time is definitely not a good idea as it reduces your performance at the time of working out in the gym. You may also feel like puking that also affects your workout.

Protein also needs the time to digest, but if you take it before a workout, the protein did not get the time to digest well and it may give you a tough time in the bathroom. People who are sensitive to whey have experienced this issue. If you are one of them, it is a bad idea for you to take protein before workout.

If you are thinking to take whey protein before workout, then take it around 35 to 60 minutes before hitting the gym.

Whey Protein After Workout

A large number of people prefer to drink whey protein after workout due to the benefits it offers. It decreases protein breakdown while increases muscle protein synthesis. When working out in the gym, the sole purpose is to get the desired body. Grabbing your whey protein after workout enhances the effectiveness of your exercise. While doing an intense workout, some muscles got damaged, so it proves to be beneficial as it provides recovery.

Whey protein offers the fast absorption and is bioavailable protein due to this, it is recommended to take it after a workout. Intense training in the gym puts stress on your body that leads to tissue and muscle damage. Post workout protein does the recovery of the tissue and muscles in such a manner that aids muscle growth.

Your body is likely to absorb more nutrients after a workout. Having protein at that time also makes the blood flow to the skeletal muscle. It also opens up your muscles and makes it work like a sponge to absorb the nutrients. There are also proteins that are fast when it comes to absorbing and taking such whey protein supplies the amino acid to your muscles, which makes you grown quickly.

The best time to take whey protein is within 2 hours after a workout as it is the time your body is ready to accept more nutrients, taking to the muscle building state of positive nitrogen balance instead of muscle wasting state of negative nitrogen. You have only two hours that doesn’t mean you keep delaying it, the more you delay, the less it absorbs. So, try to grab your drink earlier to get muscle growth. You should take 20 – 40 grams of protein after workout as it is enough to do the trick.

People who can’t tolerate lactose should avoid whey protein concentrate as it contains lactose. If you are one of them, then it would be perfect for you to pick whey protein isolate as it contains less lactose.


I have seen many people with different perceptions when it comes to whey protein before or after workout. Some are taking it before workout and are completely satisfied with it. While many fitness freaks are taking it post workout. If we look at the above-mentioned detail, there are a few downsides of taking whey protein before workout.

Other than that, more bodybuilders prefer to take it after a workout to make their body like a sponge to absorb more nutrients and also repair the muscles. The growth of muscles is important and that’s the reason you are taking whey protein.

If you are willing to taking whey protein before a workout, then take it one hour before you are planning to hit the gym. For the people who want to take it post workout, it is suggested to drink within 2 hours. Moreover, selecting whey protein is up to you. In a case you are lactose intolerant, pick the whey protein isolate.

After going through the detailed article, we come up to a conclusion that whey protein after workout wins.