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Why am I not losing weight? - Safe Health Reviews Online

Why am I not losing weight?

a-change-in-lifestyle-1430599_640One of the most frustrating feelings that a person can face is not losing weight, there are many reasons for this and every case may be different but let me tell you this, if you are not losing weight today does not mean you have a problem with your metabolism or it is impossible to lose weight for you, there are very few people who actually have a physical, hormonal, genetic problems etc. according to the statistics is most likely that you will not be one of them.

You might be dieting but not losing weight and there are many factors contributing to these.

Many have been trying to lose weight by dieting only, some manage to lose a lot, others little, some nothing, and I think that we are not aware that our bodies are different, weight loss shakes, green tea weight loss, gm diet also known as sacred heart diet, all these weight loss tips may or may not work for you depends on your body depends on your habits and discipline you put into it, I see it as something simple, if your habits involve eating fats daily, is logic I think, your body will be fat, if you eat protein, vegetables and fewer carbohydrates and fewer fats the most logical is that your body will be balanced.

If you are on a diet but you’re not seeing results, one reason may be that your metabolism has shot down or calories you consume even with diet are only those that your body needs to maintain your weight, in this case the ideal or necessary is you do exercise, I’m not saying it’s impossible to lose weight without exercise but it depends on your body, in my experience the less weight you have left to lose is more difficult to do so without exercising, plus if you exercise you will see much faster results, what you should never try to do is losing weight by not eating, this is bad for your health and our goal is to be healthy.

Some people worry that they are losing inches not weight, I think this affects more women than men and this is simply because they have been taught to look at the weight, from my point of view this is totally wrong, we should look into our measures to be well balanced regardless of weight as a tall person cannot weigh the same as a short person without his body look disproportionate, it’s simple, if you are tall your bones are larger, your organs are bigger, your muscles are larger and this makes more weight.

Exercising but not losing weight, Sometimes you begin to exercise and a month later you realize that you have not lose any weight or even went up a bit, in my experience this is because people keep eating the same or even more than they normally ate because now that exercise they are more hungry, it happened to me the first time I did the conditioning program “Insanity”, I had done more than half the program and not lost much weight and my measurements were more or less the same, it was until I change my eating habits in the last 3 weeks of the program that I lost weight and inches, working out but not losing weight is about 90% with your eating habits and I say 90% because as I mentioned some people do have physical problems, hormonal, genetic that prevent them from losing weight.

Working out and not losing weight it can also be caused by the type of exercise you are doing is not right, if you want to lose weight you need a training program that involves cardio and some weight resistance, you need to push yourself and challenge your body, some people say they are running but not losing weight, some go to the gym and do not lose weight this is probably because they are not following proper diet and the combination or the type of exercises that are performed are not adequate.

I hope you understand a little better know why you are not losing weight remember what you have tried, what worked? What didn’t work? Have you really tried all? Did you finish the plan?

I have seen this programs work for me an others and that is why I suggest you try them, these are professional nutrition and workout programs designed to see results in short time, they are not easy or magic, you will have to work and be discipline but if you are committed to change your life you will see the results.