Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: Is It Possible?

There are many women out there who believe that there is no breast enlargement without surgery. This might have been true years ago, but nowadays, thanks to a variety of products and the development of non-surgical alternatives, the idea of breast enlargement without surgery has become available.

Thus, if you want to enlarge your breasts, but do not want or you do not have money for implants, then you can always try one of the alternatives. Want to find out more? Then read about breast enlargement without surgery below.

Breast Enlargement: Alternatives To Surgery

There three basic ways of breast enlargement without surgery. Every one of these methods will help you increase the size of your breasts, but it requires time and perseverance. Also, depending on how much time and money you are willing to spend, the results vary with the method. To make a long story short, the breast enlargement without surgery methods are:

  • Creams and Pills. These are perhaps the less expensive methods of breast enlargement without surgery. There are a variety of creams and pills available on the market. These may be based on natural ingredients or not, and have to be applied (creams)/administrated (pills) daily. The results may vary from woman to woman and they depend on what cream/pills you want to use.
  • The Brava breast enlargement system is a breast enlargement without surgery method that works like a penis pump does when men want to enlarge their penis. It implies wearing a special device that looks like a brassiere for several hours a day, for several weeks. You can increases the size of your breasts with one cup size using this method, according to various studies.
  • Fat Transfer. This breast enlargement method implies the extraction of fat from another part of your body in order to inject it into your breasts. Although it sounds easy, it is quite a complex procedure and you need to be sedated during the process. This breast enlargement without surgery has also been used in reconstructing defects in patients who suffered of breast cancer.

As you can see, breast enlargement without surgery is possible. The three methods shown above are just the common ones. Thus, if you don’t want to get implants, but want to increase the size of your breasts, then you can always use one of the above methods. However, you have to keep in mind that none of these methods or other breast enlargement without surgery methods will deliver immediate results.

Some, like the fat transfer method, even require time to recover from. Thus, when choosing a breast enlargement without surgery method make sure to inform yourself of how long will it take for you to see the expected results. Remember: time and perseverance are key “ingredients” to enlarging your breasts without surgery.