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Sunbeam Massaging XI Renue Heat Therapy Wrap Reviews

Technological Information Product Dimension: 25*25  inches Shipping weight: 2.6 pounds Colors: Jade and Lavender What are the great features of this massager? This massager is probably the largest of all the ones I have ever seen. With 25 inches in length and 25 inches in width, it

Sunbeam XI Renue Heat Therapy Wrap – Best rated heating pad Reviews

Technological information Product Dimensions: 7.9*3.5*13 inches Shipping weight: 2.1 Pounds Color: Blue and Purple What are the great features of this sunbeam heating pad? It has a terrific ability to ease your pain quickly and strictly. Whenever you use it, it will cover all the areas around

Theratherm Automatic Moist Heat Pack , Shoulder-Neck Reviews

Technological Information Shipping Weight: 3.6 Pounds Color: White What are the great features of Theratherm Moist Heating Pad? This product is particular for your shoulders and chest, but you can also use it on other body parts if you want. It has a “U” shape cutout which