Tips For Safe And Healthy International Travel

safe-and-healthy-international-travelKeep you safe and healthy international travel

Nowadays there are more and more US travelers going abroad, especially to developing countries for tourism purpose. These international travels bring many benefits like having rest and relax, enjoying your life, giving stress away, intercommunicating with different cultures, looking for some chances…However travelers should be aware that they might get sick or injured when traveling, so it’s essential to have a well preparation before joining any international travel. Here are some tips may help you to reduce the risks health problems while traveling.

  1. Do some research about your tourist destination and get vaccines if it is necessary.

It is a good idea to make your travel plan and come to discuss with your doctor or medical consultant few weeks before you do the trip. You should inform him some information regarding to climate, water quality, medical care and diseases if possible in the areas you are coming. He will assist you with vaccines recommendation if necessary as well as let you know how to stay safe and healthy when traveling.

  1. Bring medicines when you travel

We don’t think about getting sick or injuries while traveling but sometimes these happen. You can plan ahead to be able to deal with them. And you will know what to do if you get sick or injuries on your trip. You should bring some common medicines and other medical products while traveling. This is to ensure that you have a good health and prevent diseases possible happening on your trip. The weather changes, time zone is different, your sleep quality is not good…and many others might cause common diseases like coughing, fever, sneeze, ..You always have some common medicines such as antipyretic, anti-allergy pills, insect repellent, medical alcohol, cotton, bandages, normal painkillers and antibiotics, ginger tea,.. If you are following any prescription medication, make sure you have it on your hand luggage.

Different countries have different rules on types of medication that you can bring with; you should check regulations at the country you are planning to visit.

  1. Eat and drink safely to avoid having diarrhea – the most common travel-related illness.

You should eat cooked food or hot steaming served, be careful with raw ones. For fruits, choose fresh fruits and make sure that you clean them before eating. Washing your hand is one necessary step before you eat anything. Only drink well-sealed bottled or packaged cold drinks. Boil drinking water or use water purification tablets if its quality is doubtful. Limit alcohol intake.

Healthy eating and drinking is an important part of your travel. There are so many delicious foods at your coming place that you would like to try. However you should be careful with these new meals, sometimes your stomach does not like some of them, it may cause diarrhea. It is a good idea to look carefully before you taste any new food. If you think it is clean and safe enough, you can try it. Just take a small portion, do not eat too much, especially street foods whether they are so delicious for locals, but they may be not idea meals for you.

To ensure that you have a good health for trip activities, you should maintain your eating habit plus vegetables, fresh fruits and drink more water. Before the trip, you should plan which food you will say yes, which ones say no and try to follow it when traveling. If you are on a diet process, keep doing it even you are at anywhere.

  1. Avoid being travel sickness (motion sickness)

Travel sickness or Motion sickness is a common and can make you feel sick or be sick. The popular symptoms are dizziness, nausea, vomiting and a sense of feeling unwell. We suggest you should not eat too much as well as do not leave your stomach empty since it is easy to get motion sickness. Before starting your trip, use antiemetic followed its usage. Inform your travel agent to choose a comfortable seat on bus, plane or train.

  1. Choose safe transportation

It is really difficult for you to decide whether it is safe for you to drive motorbike or car at a new place far from home. We suggest you to take reliable taxis or local transportation. Avoid overcrowded or top-heavy buses.  If you travel alone, do not go out if it is too late at night. Traffic accidents are the most frequent cause of death among international travelers; they are significant risks in many countries, particularly developing countries. You should aware the dangers by taking the proper precautions. When you make travel plan, select the safe transportation for you and ask for help in the areas when you arrive.

  1. Buy insurance

This is necessary to buy medical insurance when you travel abroad because you might pay too much money for overseas medical services in the areas you are traveling if you have an accident or have serious health problems. Travel experts suggest you to buy comprehensive medical insurance that can cover overseas medical costs and repatriation costs. Buying medical insurance package that its policy covers any activities you are planning to do on your trip because there are some policies does not include activities like scuba diving, climbing and adventures activities. Let check carefully with your insurance provider to know details policy before you choose it.

  1. Pay attention to your health when you come home

After you get home, continue to monitor your health, and if you get sick, let see your doctor. Remember that you should tell the doctor what countries you recently visited and what you did there.

Let pouch these small tips to get ready for a safe and healthy travel. Sure you will have full energy for all activities. Enjoy your travel!