The habits help to prevent gastric disease

Few years ago, if you had stomach-ache, doctors would recommend you a long list of foods that you must avoid. This makes you thought that the enjoyment of food has been ended because of stomach-ache. Nowadays, the medical has demonstrated that food is not related to gastric disease. Doctor Steve G – a gastrointestinal specialist believed that abstinence completely does not help patients to improve their condition.

There are two types of pains caused by stomach-ache: pain inside stomach and pain at the point between the large intestine and stomach. The most commonly pathogens are gastric acid, bacteria, anxious feelings or bad mood.

Stomach-ache is a chronic disease, it causes intense pain, then relief pain and finish but this cycle will happen again and again. At the moment, no one dares to assure that his/her patient have completely got rid of stomach-ache or not yet. However, the below methods may help to decrease the discomforts:

Pay your attention to food selection

Someone may feel uncomfortable in the gut while eating curry; others feel uncomfortable while having a scoop of ice cream… The body of each person reacts differently to each type of food. Only patients know clearly that which foods they are not suitable with, which foods they are allergic to. You should take care and pay attention to each food and know that which one made you feel sick or uncomfortable. Doctors only dimly see that almost people have pain while eating foods that have much spice.

Be careful with milk

The day before, people thought that having a glass of milk may decrease stomach upset. It is right but just for that moment. Milk helps to soothe the pain. But it will stimulate gastric acid glands right after that and make them become stronger. These acids make you feel more painful later.

Adjust your eating habits

To get a skinny body and slim waist, many people just eat one meal per day. In general, it does not cause serious health problems.

But if you suffered from a gnawing pain or felt uncomfortable or empty stomach or stomach flu after cutting several meals and this symptom does not stop in few days, you should go to see doctor or consult your doctor about your eating habits. Some people like to eat some dishes during the meal and repeat again on every day. It is not good for their stomach, it is recommended to eat variety of dishes during the meal and change them every day.

Be confident, think positive and always open your heart!

Doctor’s experience showed that stomach-ache often becomes more severe when patients have to think more about their condition or other things related. A doctor said that almost patients with stomach-ache are quiet people; they don’t often share their feelings or talk to someone else. If you are one of them and you are suffering from a stomach-ache, you should change your character and mood since these help you a lot to improve your stomach pain.

Whenever you have to think deeply about something or you feel sad, let think for your stomach first. Failing in love, feeling stressed or having troubles at the workplace, feeling unpleasant, unhappy in family and facing up with financial issues.etc are the things leading to a chronic stomach-ache.

In addition, you should be noted that:

  • Use analgesic: all types of antacid selling on the market can help to soothe stomach-ache, typically Mylanta proprietary medicines and Maalox.
  • Do not use aspirin: This medication only helps to treat normal and common pains. It often causes stomach-ache becoming more severe.
  • Decrease iron consumption: Iron can corrode the stomach (even very weak). If you are taking iron every day, stop right away. The vegetables rich in iron such as spinach or red spinach are not much harm to the stomach.
  • See doctor right away if you had blood in urine or black stools, blood vomiting or you vomited out brown particles. These are serious symptoms that may cause death.