Obesity not only causes negative moods such as being discomfort, felt depression over a time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, this is also a serious disease. To know more about the health risks of obesity, please take a look to below article:

thick-373064_640In medical field, Obesity is a serious disease. Being overweight or obese puts you at risk for many serious health conditions as followings:

  1. For the cardiovascular system: it may cause high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, a cerebral vascular accident (stroke) when blood is flow to a part of your brain stopping either by a blockage or a rupture of a blood vessel.
  2. For the respiratory system: it reduces breathing air and may cause serious temporary cessation of breathing, especially during sleep.
  3. For digestive and endocrine systems: it affects to glucose tolerance process and insulin resistance causing diabetes, dyslipidemia and increasing uric acid that may cause Gout.
  4. For Psychological and physical effects: being obese makes people feel lack of self-confident, sometimes feel depression and uncomfortable to communicate with others. They make themselves a barrier and are not willing to share with others because of their chubby body shape.

Obesity also may cause some cancers as breast cancer, cancer of the esophagus, colorectal cancer.

In addition, overweight people often feel tired or short of breath, lack of energy, get bones paint as well as reduce their abilities for diseases resistance reactions.

Why Obesity causes Breast Cancer?

Being overweight or obese increase the risks of breast cancer. The cancerous tumors contain higher levels of estrogen receptors while the fat cells in your body are able to produce and store estrogen very well.

If you eat too much fat, the estrogen level will store and exceed its normal level limit increasing breast cancer.

Why Obesity may Shorten Life Expectancy?

In American, researchers has finished a survey and concluded that people are overweight or obese under eighteenth years old may increase risks of dying at younger age than normal due to diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Sure obesity reduces longevity.

Why Obesity may Cause Risks of Cadiovascular Disease?

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Overweight and obese people are easy to get risks of diseases and often get risks of cardiovascular higher than normal ones. A changing weather may cause health problems, especially when it is hot.

We breath harder in hot weather since it takes more energy, so the obese people need to pay more attention to taking care themselves.

Why Obesity may Increase High Blood Pressure?

When you are obese, your heart have to work harder to provide enough blood for the large numbers of cells. Besides that obese people are easy to get diabetes mellitus, one of the serious risks causing high blood pressure. That’s why doctors ask you to lose weight is the first step of high blood pressure treatment process.

Why Obesity Causes Atherosclerosis?

Obesity increases cholesterol, causes high blood pressure leading to colonary artery and heart attack diseases.

There are many studies indicated that blood pressure and cholesterol levels and are increasing due to high fat performance. When you are overweight or obese, you are easy to get high blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. You just can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels when you lose your weight.

Why Obesity Causes Back Pain and Degenerative Spine Diseases?

The spine is designed to carry the body’s weight, likes a pillar supporting holding your body.

When excess weight is carried, the spine is forced to stand the burden leading to structural compromise and damage.

When you are overweight or obese, it causes high pressure to your spine and disc which may lead to degenerative spine and disc disease. It even causes risks of fractures occurred at any time if your frame is not strong enough to do its function properly.

Why Obesity Causes Diabetes?

Almost 80% of people living with Type 2 diabetes are being overweight or have obesity.

Obesity causes insulin resistance which is closely related to diabetes because it has added pressure on body’s ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels. The fatter you are the more serious insulin resistance you have.

Insulin resistance is the major cause leading to endocrine system disorder and fertility of women are obese. This condition could be improved when they lose their weight.

Why Obesity and Tobacco Addiction Accelerate the Aging Process?

Tobacco Addiction

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Telomere – a compound structure at the end of a chromosome is a secret key role for aging process while obesity is a major causing telomere –“helmet” of chromosomes shortened. When telomeres get shorter because of being eroded after each cells division, the chromosomes become unstable and they are prone to genetic mutation.

The main reason of this erosion is Oxidative stress causing by obesity and smoking. It actually is a form of cells and ADN damage due to free radicals – charged particles were born in chemical reactions in your body.

Why Does Obesity Impair Sexuality?

Obesity is a major causing erectile dysfunction in men. It does impair sexuality or not depending on when being obese. Being obese when you were a child, your fat cells may cling to the testicles disrupting you either being sexual intensity or hypogonadism.

Why Does Obesity Cause Infertility and Misscarriage?

Obesity makes women poorly responding to infertility treatment techniques and increasing insulin resistance and the rate of miscarriage. Not all of obese women are infertility. However, the fatter you are the more seriously affects to fertility you have, and the risk of infertility is also higher.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common disease in obese women including the symptoms: there are multiple cysts on the ovaries found on ultrasound scanner, your menstrual cycle is irregular or you have no menstruation, very hairy, acnes, and fatty abdomen, even infertility.

Why are Elderly Obese Women Susceptible to Blood Cancer?

According to American scientist’s studies: Being overweight or obese increases double risks of acute myeloid leukemia (ALM) cancer – one of the most popular serious blood cancer in elder women.

Women are over 55 years old and slightly fat getting higher risks of blood cancer, above 90% to compare with younger ones and lower weight. Those are over 55 years old and obese; this ratio is up to 140%.

Why Does Obesity Reduce Learning Ability?

Researchers at University of Dundee have concluded after studying about the relationship between obesity and children’s learning: it indicated that Leptin – a type of hormone helps nerve cells having interaction; it plays an important role in receiving and recording new information.

When children eat too much, their bodies will produce too much hormone making Leptin doesn’t work properly and limiting their receptive ability.

Why Obesity Increase the Risks of Benign Hyperplasia in Men?

Prostatic hypertrophy benign or benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease occurred mainly in older men but it particularly increases high risks at those are obese or have high blood sugar level.

Why Obesity Increases the Risks of Gallstone Disease?


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The scientists found that gallstone disease increase at people are obese due to the increasing of cholesterol tones formation.

Cholesterol stones have created by crystallizing cholesterol in bile. This crystallization would get more advantages if there is a high density cholesterol level in bile, the reducing of concentration of bile salts, and there is stagnant bile or some other causes that unknown clearly till now.

Why Obesity Cause Ventilatory Lung Disorder?

The obese people have high pressure at abdominal than normal ones, so their diaphragm will be pushed up limiting properly respiration. Obesity may have :

The patients often feel sleepy in day time, have head-ache in the morning, have personality disorder and sometimes have breathlessness together with insomnia, snore as well as an abnormally low concentration of oxygen and high CO2 in the blood due to upper respiratory congestion (because tongue, tonsils down to cover trachea bar)

Why Does Obesity Cause Endocrine Disorders?

If there are too much fat in the body, the level of activities in fatty cells is higher than normal (exceed the limit) so the level of estrogens metabolized in the body is higher than normal level up to 3-6 times. This testosterone does not work cyclically such as testosterone secreted by ovary, thus it cannot release a big amount of LH and FSH at pituitary gland. The ovulation will stops or be sparse leading to a menstrual irregularity. Having high dose of estrogen for long time without progestogen antagonism increases mucosal hyperplasia or uterine cancer.

Dissociation of testosterone level is too high at obese women causing inhibition of sexual maturity which may lead to no menstruation or infertility.

How to Prevent and Treat Obesity and Other Related Diseases?

The purpose of overweight or obesity treatment is having weight lost at the first step then keep up the reasonable body’s weight at later steps by following solutions:

  • Reduce calories intake: calories intake will cut from 20 – 25 % compared to age and sex, excludes quickly absorbed sugars and saturated fat or just  is equal to 1600-1800kcal per day. The goal is to lose weight slowly, not rapidly, about 2-3 kg per month.
  • Enhance physical activities: do exercises, take part in some moderate sports helps you to have strong muscles, to help your vascular circulation, make your joints and cartilage more flexible. Healthy muscles will help to reduce the force put pressure on the joints during movement. You should do exercises at least 30 minutes per day. Some suggested sports are swimming, jogging, aerobic, volley ball, soccer,..
  • Take surgery: some serious cases do not respond to above solutions so a surgery to narrow stomach would be set up.
  • Combine with other diseases treatment associated to obesity by using medicine such as osteoarthritis, analgesics, antihypertensive, and lipid-lowering drugs.

In addition to help overweight and obese people get a slim waist and well-shaped body while having a good health, you can choose weight loss pills – the inappreciable assistant to lose weight. Be careful when you use weight lost pills. Let read carefully the usages and ingredients as well as how does it work to make sure it is not harmful to your health, and then follow it strictly to get the best result. Focus on reputation trademarks and official suppliers to have best products, be careful to avoid the low quality or fake ones which may cause problems to your health.