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How Much L-Theanine Is In Green Tea? – You Should Know

Tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant are the main source of L-theanine, be it black, white, or green tea. Most of the time people try to pick L-theanine supplement to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day. Green is the natural source of L-theanine and it

What Are The Side Effects Of L-Theanine You Don’t Know

L-theanine is a wonderful supplement to treat anxiety, stress, lack of concentration, and sleep disorders. It is an ideal supplement for all those, who want to have a sharp memory, better focus, and other cognitive skills. It also improves brain function, protects heart and blood vessels, reduces

How Much L-Theanine Do You Take For Better Health?

L-theanine is a substance mostly found in mushrooms and tea leaves; green tea, black tea, and white tea. It is basically an amino acid, which is beneficial for your health. Most of the people just love the tea and can’t even start their day without it while