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Someone said “It’s easy to stop smoking. I did it a thousand times”. Maybe this statement is quite familiar and represents to many smokers since they did try their best to stop smoking but they failed, but why it is too difficult to stop smoking? The answer is Nicotine.

Having the answers means that you’ve found the best way to quit smoking.

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Nicotine is a chemical compound found in tobacco products. It is the harmful and addictive substance similar to heroin or cocaine (even more addictive than). Cocaine addiction is one of the bad habits  that is the most difficult  to give up, that’s why almost smokers often tend to smoke regularly. When using tobacco products, nicotine is absorbed in the lungs through the lining of airbags. When smelling or chewing tobacco, nicotine is absorbed through mucosal lining of the nose and mouth (caused by inhalation). Nicotine is also absorbed through the skin. Depending on how it is absorbed, nicotine can reach its peak level in the bloodstream and brain rapidly. It takes only 10 seconds for nicotine to infiltrate your brain when you smoke. The acute effects of nicotine will dissipate in just few minutes leading to smoke repeatedly during the day. However cigars and pipes are less likely to cause smokecloud since nicotine is slowly absorbed through the mucosal lining of the mouth (like nicotine from tobacco smokecloud)


When you inhale cigarette smoke, nicotine is deeply carried into your lung. Then it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and combined with carbon monoxide and other toxins, finally left all poisonous components in your body. In reality, when you inhale cigarette smoke, nicotine reaches the brain faster than other drugs that enter the body though a vein (such as intravenous injection).

Nicotine affects to different parts of the body, including your heart and blood vessels, your hormones, your metabolism (the ways your body use food) and your brain. Nicotine may found in breast milk and even in cervical mucus of women who smoke cigarettes. During pregnancy, nicotine could enter to placenta and was found in amniotic fluid and newborn’s umbilical cord blood.

Depending on various factors, nicotine may stay in your body for short or long time. For most people who smoke regularly, nicotine (or others similar such as cotinine) stays in their body about 3-4 days after stopping smoking. Thus, it is said that nicotine is ‘’a persistent lover’’ who is never far away from you even you do not smoke once per two days.

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Nicotine brings the comfort and well-being feelings for smokers in order to overcome the previous discomforts. It makes smokers want to smoke more and more. Nicotine also works as depressants by intervening information flow between nerve cells (neurons). Smokers tend to smoke more than the nerve system adapts to nicotine. It means that it increases nicotine level in the bloodstream of smokers.

Most people know that cigarette smoking is harmful to their health and want to reduce smoking or quit smoking completely. Every year, approximately 35 million smokers who have tried their best strictly to stop smoking, but unluckily, most of them smoke again within few days.

There is 1mg of nicotine in one cigarette. Using high dose of nicotine from 30-60mg may cause risks of death. Over the time, a smoker has to depend on nicotine, both physique and mentality. That’s why when you try to stop smoking, you will feel uncomfortable and it is really hard to go away from smokecloud. The addiction makes you feel difficult to ignore nicotine after you stop smoking. There are many studies indicated that: to stop smoking, smokers have to deal with both physical and mental dependency.

Alarmingly, smokers can increase their tolerance to nicotine over the time. It means that they need more nicotine to have the feelings of comfort and get well-being. And this cause increasing frequency of smoking and make smokers become more addicted. At a certain threshold, smokers will reach to a certain nicotine levels and then they continue smoking to keep it in a comfortable range.

When a smoker finished smoking one cigarette, the nicotine levels in his/her body will decrease, lower and then lose little by little. The feelings of comfort start to go away and a notification will be sent randomly to his/her brain that he/she wants to smoke. If smokers delay smoking, they might start to be irritated and cranky. Normally it does not reach serious symptoms as drug addictions, but smokers feel more comfortable over the time. When someone smokes, the unpleasant feelings will dissipate little by little and this cycle will continue until she/he dies away.


easequit reviews - best way to quit smokingWhen smokers tried to cut or stop smoking, the lack of nicotine will lead to withdrawal symptoms. Stop smoking is deal with both physique and mentality. For physique, the body has to react to the lack of nicotine. For mentality, smokers have to face up with giving up a habit, so addicts need big changes in their behavior. For emotions, smokers may feel like they’ve lost their best friend.

For people who smoke regularly in few weeks or longer will have withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop smoking or substantially cut down the amount of money for smoking. For those who smoked for many years or longer will stop nicotine effects sooner and stronger than the newer smokers. These symptoms often come within few hours after you smoke the last cigarette and reach peak level after 2 or 3 days after most of nicotine and its toxins have gone out of the body. These below symptoms may last for few days to few weeks:

  • Feel depressed
  • Increase cigarette cravings
  • Feel dizzy (may last for few days)
  • Feel disappointed, become impatient and easy to get angry
  • Feel anxious
  • Be irritated
  • Have sleep disorder (sometimes have nightmare, or terrible dreams)
  • Feel difficult to have concentration (lack of concentration)
  • Have headache
  • Feel tired and boring
  • Increase food cravings
  • Gain weight
  • Have constipation
  • Have cough, dry mouth, sore throat and snivel
  • Have chest pain
  • Slow heart rate

These make smokers start to smoke again to increase nicotine levels in the bloodstream until these symptoms go away. The fact is 70-90% smokers said that withdrawal symptoms are the major cause and the only reason makes them failed in stop smoking. To stop smoking effectively and without having above symptoms, smokers should have a plan to deal with difficulties that may happen.

There are some evidences indicated that other chemical substances found in smoke that may work with nicotine to make it becomes more difficult to give up. The effects of smoke on monoamine oxidase (a brain chemical) are still being researched.


EaseQuit ™

Review Summary: EaseQUIT ™  is a non-chemical method to help you stop smoking easily in just 7 days. The bioactive magnets in EaseQUIT ™ are a totally nicotine free to break your independence and quit smoking.


EaseQUIT ™ is a set of small bioactive magnets. Magnets stimulate nerve endings which cause the release of endorphins in your brain, get well-being feelings and feel comfortable like you are smoking then help you to control cigarette cravings.


  • It takes only 7 days to stop smoking and remove tobacco addiction symptoms (combat your nicotine addiction in just 7 days)
  • Stop smoking without cigarette cravings (it is a essential clue)
  • It is good for your health since it is nicotine free and chemical free
  • You do not need to combine with other products (no refills, replacements) while using EaseQUIT ™
  • Have 30 days money back guarantee. It helps to offer you a completely risk-free while purchasing a high-value product.
  • Wear the magnets on your ear at any time
  • It has a nice smell and easy to use
  • Just order one time but you can use for long term, it helps to save money.


Your body may need time to adapt to stranger things and materials. Thus you may be mild itchy or get feeling like you got a gently pinch. Do not worry, it is going away in a short time.

Side effects: basically there is no side affect.


  • Let read carefully the instruction before using this product.
  • You should wear at least 3 – 4 hours a day and following continuously within 6-7 days before discontinued smoking. On the seventh day, you will totally verify the efficiency of EaseQUIT ™ by stopping smoking completely.
  • Wear on both sides of your ear. Place the smaller magnet to the front of your ear and the larger magnet to the back of your ear.


This product is for both men and women who are smoking.


  • Pregnant are not allowed to use this product,
  • People who are using hearing aids, heart helper or other medical equipments are not recommend to use EaseQUIT ™


EaseQUIT ™ is manufactured by WOLFSON BERG Company Ltd – with over 10 years experience in producing high quality products in the industry of food production.


In order to buy the origin product, it is recommended to purchase at the official manufacturer’s website to have risk-free and 30 days money back guarantee. There is a professional team, always online and support you with all requirements relating to EaseQUIT ™ to ensure that you found a best choice to quit smoking.

easy way to stop smoking → EaseQUIT ™ is an easy way  and the best way to quit smoking!

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