Stay Pain-Free With Best Pain Relief Cream Reviews

Pain is one of the most common health issues in modern life. The modern lifestyle is hitting hard on all parts of our body. We sit more, move less, sit in the same chair for 8 hours every day. Pain interrupts your life and work. There are several ways to relieve pain. One of the most popular way is to use topical analgesics including pain relief creams, gels, spray, patches, and powder, etc. This post will give you the basic ideas of best topical pain reliever and the best pain relief cream reviews.

Benefits of pain relief cream

Targeted treatment

When applying pain relief cream or gel to the body, we can target directly and exactly the spot with pain. You can control the size of the are you get the gels or creams on. Many other methods of pain treatment are limited on size. Some are too bid, some are too small. Topical pain relievers are much more flexible.

Quick effect

Once you apply the reliever on your body, you will notice the difference right away. In case of oral medication, you will have to wait for it to enter your bloodstream, processed by organs, and take affects. During the waiting time, your pain is still there. And trust me, the time you count for a decreased signal is longer than the actual.

Fewer side effects

There are not so many side effects to best pain relief gels, compared to the oral medication. It is much safer to use pain relieving cream rather than taking a dose of pills or tablets. Therefore, you can use them in a longer time with less worry.

Easy to use

It is safe to say pain relief gel and cream are the easiest pain relivers to use. You do not need a large space to lie down like massage method. You do not need a sauna. You do not need electricity like the heating pads. You do not even need water like when you take pills. All you need is a tube of the best pain relief gel and your hand.

Tips to choose best pain relief cream

The effect of even the best pain relief cream widely depends on you to choose the most suitable one. There are several factors to consider when buying a topical pain reliever but below are some major ones.

Active Ingredients and Strength Percentage

The active ingredients are where the pain-relieving effect comes from. There are several of them but we will take a closer look at the most common ones.


Menthol is derived from peppermint and other mint oils. It is a waxy, crystalline substance, either white or white and will turn solid at room temperature. Menthol creates the cooling sensation by chemically activating the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin.


Camphor comes from the wood of the camphor laurel tree, and the oil of turpentine. When absorbed into the skin, it acts similarly to menthol but more like a local anesthetic and antimicrobial substance.


Capsaicin is derived from hot chili peppers. It creates a burning sensation and blocks the pain receptors of the skin. Best arthritis pain relief cream usually contains capsaicin.


Counterirritants consists of ingredients like menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil and salicylate. They can create either heating or cooling effects. Counterirritants create different, milder sensation to distract users from the pain. Although the effects of them do not last long, it is instant. They often present in best muscle pain relief cream and joint pain cream.


Salicylates are one nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It is a perfect ingredient for best arthritis cream. You can also find it in aspirin. Salicylates reduce pain by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses. It is recommended for pain in joints that are close to the skin, fingers, elbows, and knees. However, if you are allergic to aspirin or under blood thinner description, it is better to consult your doctor before taking product with salicylates.


Arnica is from the arnica plant which is famous for its pain-relieving effect for centuries. Arnica is effective on sore muscles, aching joints, and inflammation. The result requires a long wait sometimes.

Strength percentage

When you make up your mind on what active ingredients you want to have in your cream or gel, you should pay attention to the percentage of the strength of the ingredient. It decides how strong or concentrated the cream is. 6% – 12% products are for spot treatment, and consumers’ taking home application. Product with the percentage of 3% if for broader area applications, massage, or deep muscle treatment.

For your pain

Each cream and gel have its own preferred pain. Identify your pain and find the product that best treat your uncomforting area. In general, a pain relief cream will work for almost all of the common body pain but the efficacy will vary. The best way is to choose the one that is for your pain specifically.

Reputable band

Look at the brand name and ask if they are reputable. Do they have any previous scandals with their product? Are they experienced in pain treatment industry? Do the consumers recommend them? There is a reason a brand can get to the top. Usually it is their product quality that get them there.

Top 9 best pain relief cream reviews

After we get through all of these information, we would like to present our picks for top 9 best pain relief cream and best pain relief gel.

1. DermaChange Shingles Symptom Relief Cream
2. Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Cream (Greaseless)
3. Biofreeze Pain Reliver
4. Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream
5. Topricin Topical Pain Relief Cream
6. Real Time Pain Relief Pain Cream
7. Penetrex Cream
8. Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel
9. You+Relief Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream

Comparison table of top 9 best pain relief cream reviews

To help you easier to choose the most suitable best pain relief cream and best pain relief gel, we have made a simple comparison table. You can see the key ingredients, usage, weight, and price of the topical pain reliever.

Product Active ingredients % Usage Weight Editor Rating
1. DermaChange Shingles Symptoms Relief Cream manuka honey, aloe vera Shingles pain relief 8 oz. 4.5/5
2.Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Cream (Greaseless) Menthol 8% arthritis, sore muscles and joints, cuts, abrasions, bruises, cough due to colds, head colds, throat congestion, sinus problems 3.5 oz.

2 bottles of 3.5 oz.

3. Biofreeze Pain Reliever Gel Menthol 4% arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain 4 oz.

32 oz.

4.Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream Aloe vera Cellulite, back pain, muscle relaxation 8.8 oz. 4/5
5. Topricin Topical Pain Relief Cream Homeopathic ingredients
  • Headaches, joint, muscle, nerve pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (cts)
  • Injury of hand, wrist and fingers
  • Joint pain: (neck, shoulders, back, wrist, hand, knee and fingers)
  • Neck & shoulder pain/bursitis
  • Lower back pain / sciatica
  • Sports / trauma injuries / impact injuries
  • Dislocations and any other trauma injuries of the joints and muscles
  • Ankle sprain & heel spurs
  • Muscle spasm/night leg cramps
  • Tennis/golfers elbow/tendonitis
  • Scar tissue management
8 oz. 5/5
6. Real Time Pain Relief Menthol 1.25%
  • Back pain, muscle strain, bruises
  • Sprains, cramps, most arthritic pain
7 oz. 4.5/5
7. Penetrex Cream Arnica Arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, shin splints, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, chronic pain 4 oz.

2 oz

8. Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel Camphor 3%

Menthol 3%

minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, simple backaches, strains, bruises and sprains 8 oz. 5/5
9. You+Relief Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream 30 natural ingredients
  • Relieves & heals physical pain
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Arthritis & joint recovery
  • Pre- & post-exercise
  • Sore muscles
  • Massage enhancement
3.4 oz. 4.5/5

Conclusion – Best Pain Relief Cream Reviews

Do not let pain stop you from enjoying your life. Every day is supposed to be a good day, not a day of suffering. You can choose one pain relieving cream or gel from our list of the best pain relief cream reviews or pick on for yourself. Before saying good bye, we have some more notice for you on pain and pain relief cream. We hope this articles have been useful for you.

Do exercise regularly

Never underestimate the power of exercising. It gives the body strength and elasticity which are important in the combat with pain. Regular exercise can also reduce the possibility of body pain. But do not over work out. It will only worsen the situation and do no good to your body. All body parts will be under the pressure that causes sore and pain. More seriously, it can lead to severe accidents

Do eat healthy

What you eat also decide your life quality. If you eat more unhealthy food, you will notice negative changes in your body. On the other hand, healthy food aids the pain fight quite well. High energy food provides you more energy every day for work, life or exercise.

Do not lift heavy thing

One common reason for pain is leaving overheavy stuff. It creates the pressure on the body that causes back pain, tiring arms, etc. If this situation happens in a long time, the damage can be irreversible. It may turn into a life time pain that you have to suffer for your life.

Do choose the most suitable pain relief cream for your

It is important you choose YOUR pain relief cream. Which one is the most suitable to your condition? Which one have the therapy method I like? Do I have enough money to buy it? Ask yourself all the questions before deciding.

Do use topical pain reliever responsibly

Consult your doctor before you use any pain relief cream or gel. It is even get more necessary to people taking any prescription medication. Though pain relief cream does not have so many side effects but it should still be taken with caution. When you want to use it on children, check with a physician to see if it if ok to apply the substance on a kid body.

Do not overuse pain relief cream. There are always consequences to the skin under the case of overuse. It can be irritated skin, itching, dry skin or sticky skin, etc. These are the very minor reactions but more serious may come later. Just follow the instructions to get the most of the best pain relief cream and gel you choose.

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