iReliev TENS Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief Review – Top-Best TENS Massager Unit for Back Pain Relief

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Recently, iReliev’s products have been becoming popular in the market of TENS devices. Especially, people are paying more serious attention to the iReliev TENS Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief which features a dual channel with 8 pre-set treatment modes, 25 levels of intensity, 4 electrode pads, and more.

Therefore, I think this is the right time to take a closer look at this device. After a period of playing and testing out, I add up my experience within this review. If you are looking for the best TENS unit, take a look at this review or other best rated TENS unit reviews available on my site so that you can make the most precise purchasing decision.

Programs and Modes

This best TENS unit features 8 TENS treatment programs. These programs were pre-set and specifically intended to treat distinctive pain types.

The manufacturer – iReliev – portrays this item as a perfect electrotherapy for joint and muscle pain relief. Various programs are created to promote: pain control, endorphin discharge, muscle spasms/ jerking, muscle fatigue, and joint pain. Amongst this, 6 programs are designed for handling chronic pain, 1 program is for intense pain, and the final one is for both sorts of pain.

iReliev describes every massage style and what users should feel in a Quick Reference Guide included with the package. You can see more details in the picture below:

From my own experience, the best way to find out the most suitable mode/program for your pain is by error and trial.

For instance, the manufacturer may state that P4 is great in helping achieve endorphin as well as gate response. However, when you try various programs, you can find the other one that works better for your pain relief, between P1 and P5.

Look at this video for some useful instructions on how to take most use of this device for the best result.


iReliev TENS Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief is a dual channel device, which allows you to have the alternative to using 2 or 4 electrode pads at once. To work a channel, it requires electrodes – one sends positive charge, and the other one sends negative charge of low voltage current.

It’s very convenient that these channels are named as Channel 1 and Channel 2, with corresponding buttons (marked CH1, CH2) on the device’s front surface. These buttons allow users to change the intensity independently on two channels.

Most TENS devices in the current market feature dual channel as well as separate power controls. However, there are a couple available that aren’t. Thus, users should double check before making the purchasing decision.

Intensity Levels

There are totally 25 intensity levels offering users a great control of treatment sessions. In case you haven’t known about this fact, let me tell you this interesting fact: The quantity of levels of intensity does not show how intense the device is. It actually depends on the increments that the power range of the machine runs through.

All the intensity levels run through power extend in additions of 4% each level. Meanwhile, a machine features just 10 levels of intensity that will allow users to adjust the power by 10% increments each time. A suitable number of levels of intensity is attractive as it’ll give users more possibility of finding the ideal treatment intensity for their specific type of pain.

For example, if you’re using a TENS device with just 10 levels, and the 5th level doesn’t feel sufficiently intense, then the 6th one is excessively tough. With 25 levels of intensity, it’s nearly impossible that you’ll encounter such issue as you have much more control over the output of the intensity.

For most devices, it will be adequate that current intensity ranges from 0 to 80 mA. In case you want to look for more powerful gadget with power range up to 100 mA, you can look for other options such as TENS 7000 or Zewa SpaBuddy. However, for most users, the iReliev TENS Unit is enough with various possible later use.

Ease of Use / Device Operation

iReliev always keeps the controls straightforward and basic in their devices, which is in favor of many users. There are total five buttons on the front, and basically, they’re all users need to control everything.

These buttons are clearly named and very easy to read, they are: CH1, CH2, ON +, OFF – and MODE. Also, they’re easy to press, making click sound so that users will know they’ve pressed them well.

I normally prefer to play with the device first, before reading the manufacturer’s manual. If I can figure out how to work the device this way – it lets me know that the gadget is thoroughly considered and well-engineered. And it’s happening with this top rated TENS unit 2017. It’s truly an intuitive TENS device.

Please be noted that users always have to read the guideline manual thoroughly before working this kind of electrotherapy gadget. Make sure to follow all “Warning” and “Cautions” in the manufacturer’s manual.

After inserting the batteries, connecting lead wires and electrode pads, and placing these pads on the skin, you will have to select their desired treatment mode. The steps are as following:

  • Press “ON” button.
  • Press “MODE”, by this, a number next to letter “P” (Program) will flash.
  • Press “+” or “-” to achieve the treatment program you desire.
  • Press “MODE” again to select your desired treatment program.
  • Press “MODE” one more time, by this, a number above word “MIN” will flash.
  • Press “+” or “-” to select your desired length of treatment – it will run from 5 to 60 minutes with 5-minute
  • Press “CH1” to make a number in the screen’s top-left flash.
  • Press the “+” or “-” to select your desired intensity of treatment for Channel 1.
  • Press “CH2” – in case you want to use both channels for your treatment, making a number in the screen’s top-right flash.
  • Press “+” or “-” to select your desired intensity of treatment for Channel 2.

Remember that you can always change the treatment program anytime during the treatment. Just be noted that intensity level will automatically reset to level 0 when you pause and adjust the program.

Overall, this best TENS unit is truly easy to work with, and there is no complex procedures or setting to deal with. This device couldn’t more simple to use. I believe that beginner users can easily manage this device with no trouble.


The device runs by using 3 AAA batteries, and they’re included in the package.  They are not rechargeable, but you can observe the batteries levels on the LCD screen to prepare accordingly. They have high quality and long endurance, so you can expect around 15 hours using before you need any replacement. That means if you experience a 30-minute treatment daily, you can take up to 30 sessions with each set of 3 batteries. Nevertheless, changing modes with high intensity may drain the batteries life quickly.

Electrode pads and batteries are replaceable. You can look on Amazon to purchase an extra pack of batteries or pads for the very competitive price. A 24-battery box will give you more or less 240 x 30-minute sessions. Otherwise, you can invest in a rechargeable device for long time use purpose.

In fact, there are a lot of arguments whether the manufacturer should equip rechargeable function into the device or not. But in my opinion, personal requirements and preferences are the two leading factors that will make the decision.

Size and Portability

Product dimension: 3.5 in (H) x 2 in (W) x 0.56 in (D)

Weight: 2.5 oz. (with batteries included) – Approximately half the weight of the iPhone 6 (4.55 oz.). That is extremely lightweight and compact.

The footprint of a debit/credit card. When being compared, iReliev TENS Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief standouts as one of the products with the most streamline and lightest design.

Included Accessories

iReliev includes the unit with the following accessories:

  • 1 tote bag for storage
  • 1 belt clip & holster
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • A set of 2’’ x 2’’ premium electrode pads (4 in total)
  • Lead Wires

Currently, there are two available versions of this massager device. The difference is that the other comes with extra pads and longer time of warranty.

Even though iReliev includes a drawstring bag for device storage, I would recommend on purchasing a plastic case, especially if you want to bring the device on the go. For only a couple bucks, you may consider finding something like that on Amazon or similar website.


iReliev TENS Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief is offered with one-year or two-year warranty from the purchasing date, depending on which version you purchase. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for the standard ones and a two-year warranty for the bundled ones. It covers labor work and parts of the device.

While almost other products come up with one-year using guarantees, this policy of iReliev seems to be a good advantage. There are fewer companies offer two-year cover like Zewa Spa Buddy Sport and even less with lifetime cover like HealthmateForever’s but their prices are also higher.

Furthermore, you will feel extremely pleased with iReliev’s 14-day satisfaction guarantee policy. It said to give back the customers their money if they are not totally satisfied with the product. iReliev has absolute trust in the value and benefits of their products. Thus, a 14-day satisfaction guarantee policy is promised for all of its products. Up till now, from what I have read on Amazon, there has been no one asking for returning your money. A good company will always take care of its customers seriously.

Consumer Reviews

I have read many online comments for this product, and they appeared to be extremely positive. Even though the product is relatively new in the market, but it’s still rated as the top-best TENS massager unit for back pain relief since being published.

I was looking for detailed information on both standard and bundled version of the product. You may read comments and feedbacks on Amazon to check which version is more suitable for your using purpose.

Pros and Cons


  • Portable pocket-size appearance – easy to bring along
  • Intuitive design – simple to operate
  • Various pre-set TENS modes and intensity levels for both acute and chronic pains
  • Dual independent channels
  • Auto-locking function is included – safer and more reliable
  • Adjustable treatment timer with selectable session length from 5 up to 60 minutes
  • Automatic shut-off when a session finishes
  • Long batteries life with a battery-level indicator
  • Competitive price
  • Responsive and excellent client services
  • Guarantee of 14-day satisfaction policy: cash back for the customer


  • LCD has no backlit display
  • Batteries are nonchargeable
  • Fewer diagrams for instruction in the manual


iReliev has fairly sold this product with a good middle-range price. When you put the TENS unit massager of Zewa’s Spa Buddy Sport and iReliev on scales, you will realize they have many commons. Both of them have fundamentally the same features such as a dual channel, 8 intensity programs and use batteries for power.

Summary – Best TENS unit

iReliev TENS Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief is the best TENS unit for home use. It’s an exceptionally handy item that would set a right decision for any people who love simple and easy-to-use products. The manufacturer has figured out how to combine best features together into this little device. The most amazing thing is that they can keep it at a cannot-be-better price.

Likewise, the 14-day warranty policy of iReliev is something noticeable. This indicates that iReliev has absolute trust in their device. What it gives the customer is true serenity. I really look forward to seeing more similar product guarantee policies with comparative warranties from other companies. Now, you know what is the top rated TENS unit!

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