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curcumin 95 natural turmeric extract powder
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For a long time, Eastern pharmacists had utilized turmeric for a variety of medical benefits. Recently, turmeric’s biological actives have just been researched and fully understood. A great deal of data in scientific research proved that curcumin (the turmeric’s major component) has powerful performance in anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and cancer prevention.

Since turmeric contains little convergences of curcumin, you can look for institutionalized 95% curcumin - curcumin 95 natural turmeric extract powder. Many technical and scientific papers affirm that clinical outcomes were obtained when using curcumin. There are also many researches indicating that curcumin 95 natural turmeric extract powder is effective in various approach and numerous applications

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: BulkSupplements
  • Package Sizes: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, and 5000 Grams
  • Packaging: Sealed Foil Zip Pouch
  • Certification: Lab Tested for Verification & Guaranteed Purity
  • Ingredients: Turmeric Root Extract 95% Curcuminoids, Cellulose, Tumerones, Turmeric Oils, Silica. There is no sugar, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no yeast, no wheat, no tree nut or shellfish ingredients in the manufacturing of this product.
  • Maintenance: After opening, keep the product in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Medical Benefits of Turmeric?

For thousands of years, turmeric has been used as a part of both Chinese and Ayurveda medications as a calming agent, for example, in the case of joint inflammation. It has been profoundly esteemed by Yoga practitioners for significant effects on tendons. All through Asia, turmeric is utilized for treating diarrhea, acid reflux, bloating, colic, liver illnesses, stomach issues, allergies, etc.

No longer consigned to folklore’s doubts, modern science has conducted a huge number of scientific research regarding this medicinal herb. Database of the U.S NIH – National Institutes of Health Library shows a large number of articles concerning the active ingredient of turmeric, which mentions:

  • Curcumin calms irritation and edema.
  • Curcumin quickens wound-recuperating.
  • Curcumin helps to lessen coronary illness.
  • Curcumin’s agent against cancer cells.
  • Curcumin may decrease the movement of HIV.
  • Curcumin’s helpful impacts against joint inflammation, Crohn’s and fiery gut infection, bad tempered gut disorder and ulcerative colitis, neurological illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease, sclerosis, diabetes II, heart, lung and kidney drug-induced toxicity, cataract formation, Cystic Fibrosis, skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis or scleroderma.
  • And last but not least, the safety of curcumin.

In short, there are 78 biologic activities – from anti-ulcerogenic to anti-HIV actions being listed that associating with curcumin.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin (curcuminoids) is the most imperative ingredient of turmeric. It has orange-yellow color and makes up around 2-6% of the zest. Curcumin has numerous clinical applications, especially as safe yet powerful calming agent. Extensive researches demonstrate that curcumin can provide your body with many benefits in various body systems.

Provided by: wikipedia.org

While turmeric‘s healing properties have been known for quite a long time, curcuminoids (phenolic compounds in turmeric) has been identified by the modern science, providing logical premise to numerous clinical application of standardized curcumin.

In fact, a thorough investigation of all active ingredients in turmeric has not yet been finished. Analysts keep on discovering new curcuminoids and significant differences are distinguished. It now shows up turmeric may contain over 100 chemical species, and the majority of them are expected to be found in the essential oil of this medicinal herb.

What’re Other Ingredients


Cellulose is a kind of plant fiber, which plays an important role in enhancing physical qualities, including creaminess, smoothness, and appetite. Moreover, cellulose helps to eliminate superfluous metabolic waste, such as sugar and cholesterol in blood, via solid waste. Thus, it’s very good in improving cardiovascular system and contribute in treating diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Turmeric Oils

Like turmeric powder, turmeric oil has dozens of health benefits. It comprises of about 60% of Alpha-Curcumene, which is an anti-inflammatory substance. Other compounds in turmeric oil, including Zingeriberene and 6-Gingerol, stabilize the digestive system as well as prevent gas in gastrointestinal tract from formation. Moreover, turmeric oil supports the liver and stop hair loss. Other benefits include anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, and anti-worm.


Tumerones is an anti-oxidant substance which is 7x more easily to absorb than curcumin. It can diminish inflammation, haemorrhage and necrosis of tissues. It’s also efficient in supporting liver. For Alzheimer patients, tumerones is strongly recommend since it can reduce allergies causing by Alzheimer drugs, reduce nerve inflammation, eliminate amyloid plaque and metal toxicity.


Silica is an essential mineral in horsetail extract. Like turmeric oils, silica also help to stop hair loss. Silica is found in human’s nail and skin; thus, it helps to strengthens the nail and keeps the skin elastic and collagen-rich. Other benefits of silica include improving heart health and supporting calcium absorbability in bone.

Why 95% (not 100%) Curcumin?

Purification process from 95 to 100 percent-pure-curcumin does not enhance the bioavailability of curcumin, but manufacturing expenses do increase significantly.

As a result, curcumin 95 natural turmeric extract powder is a better way and less costly way for you to achieve health benefits within an affordable budget.

How Much Curcumin for Safety?

Safety assessment demonstrates that curcumin is tolerated at a proper dose with no side effects. For hundreds of years, curcumin has long been devoured as a dietary flavor at dosages up to 100 milligrams each day. There are no adverse symptoms or toxicity being found in curcumin through many human clinical trials when controlled at measurements of 8,000 milligrams each day for 3 months continuously.

From the vast number of conducted studies, curcumin has built up an impeccable safety record.  Specialists are inspired with the nonappearance of harmfulness connected with turmeric and its segments and thus, conclude it’s better than many contemporary prescriptions.

Suggestion in Usage

You can use around 1/2 teaspoon of curcumin 95 natural turmeric extract powder twice per day. It will be more effective when using curcumin with sorts of fat, whether you pick coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt or milk. Likewise, black pepper is suggested to be a go companion of curcumin as you can achieve the synergistic impact that enhances the performance.

You can try this formula: 1/2 teaspoon curcumin 95 natural turmeric extract powder, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, few dashes of dark ground pepper and some juice. You can try it with some soy sauce, and it truly doesn’t taste awful by any stretch of the imagination. The drawback is that the stuff will recolor. Besides, be careful when cleaning up.

Side Effects of Turmeric

Turmeric is relatively safe when taken orally or applied directly to the skin for 8 months. Turmeric is also safe when being used as a mouthwash or an enema in short-term.

However, turmeric is, to a great degree, hard to assimilate and can cause harmful effects on human’s circulation system. Moreover, turmeric is contraindicated for pregnant woman and people suffering from disorders.

  • Pregnancy: Turmeric may induce the uterus and disorder menstrual periods. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t take turmeric without doctor’ endorsement.
  • Diabetes: Turmeric may decrease the amount of blood sugar, which leads to hypoglycemia. As a result, avoiding it in cases of diabetes medications suffering is highly recommended.
  • Bleeding Sufferers: Alert is prompted in individuals with bleeding disorders or taking medications that may expand bleeding risk. My suggestion is to avoid combining turmeric with anticoagulant and/or antiplatelet drugs.

Stomach Complications: Turmeric may boost stomach acid if taken with antacid drugs such as Pepto-Bismol, Titralac, Prevacid, or Caltrate.

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