TENS Unit For Back Pain That You Need To Know

Back pain is the most popular type of illness that a person can experience. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone and at any age. There are various causes that can lead to back pain, such as osteomalacia, stiff muscles, or arthritis. And they all create extremely severe pain for your body.

Therefore, as a patient who used to suffer from back pain, I will introduce to you a treatment that will end your sorrows in just a short time. It is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or more familiar, TENS. I will show you 7 best TENS Units for back pain and benefits of TENS Unit for back pain. And if you are having any type of the illness I mentioned, I believe this is what you need.

Benefits of TENS Unit for back pain

tens unit for back pain

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1. Reduce pain

Before discovering about this type of treatment, I used to try various other ways to reduce my back pain. Going to for therapy or using heating pads were the most common ones. I have to admit that those methods had some certain benefits and helped me ease my pain. However, they did not meet all of my expectations.

A heating pad is fundamentally an electronic blanket, which takes advantage of heat and moisture to make you feel relax. Although it had positive effect on me, it was only temporarily. My back could only be healed for a short-term when I was in the middle of the pain. For long-term, I still felt the aches each night and could not sleep.

Nevertheless, TENS was so much different. It not only helped the electric signals entered my body within a short time but also affected directly to my nerves and spinal column. In that way, my back could be absorbed by positive pulses really quick and the pain was relieved immediately. You will be just like me after the first time applying this treatment.

Moreover, when you stick the patches in the right way, they can cover all of the area where the pain takes place and make you relax for weeks.

2. Improve blood circulation

This is also what I really love in using TENS due to its overall improvement to health. When the electric signals are sent into your back, they simply stimulate the nerves and muscle tissues. And that makes the whole nerve system work faster as well as increases the blood flow in that area.

And when your blood circulation is promoted, you will have a chance to avoid tons of other diseases and illnesses, such as high blood pressure, angina pectoris, or coronary thrombosis. Besides, more oxygen will be transmitted into your cells, which contribute to their growth and functions of other body parts. With just one simple treatment, you can be protected from so many risks. It’s so wonderful, isn’t it?

3. TENS unit is easy to use

As you already know, this type of treatment uses a unit and several electrodes to reduce the pain. And they are great for your back because they can cover and affect directly to the painful area.

If you use a heating pad, it does not take care of any particular area. And that makes the painful zone unhealed 100 percent after the treating time. But electrodes are different. Whenever you stick them on your back, around the pain, they will connect the signals and lock that area. Concentrating on that is the next thing they would do and your pain will be relieved very quickly. If you use it regularly in a week, I’m sure it will disappear even faster.

4. Handy and compact

This is the reason why I chose TENS over a therapist though he was fantastic to me. I know that nowadays, therapy is still considered the best one of all the methods. But for me, it took too much of my time. I could not afford enough effort and free moments of a day to get to the therapy room.

Nevertheless, a TENS package can help me reduce my back pain anytime and anywhere. Even when I go across the country for business, work at the office, or drive my car, I can still feel a relaxation on my back.  Due to its small size, I can put it wherever I want and use it when I need. It’s so much more convenient than going to a therapy room. I believe you will have the same feeling if you are a busy person.

5. Low price

And I cannot skip this benefit. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a heating pad or therapist, you can have a proper back pain treatment at home with three times less. Money may not be so much important to you. However, I think that the richer you are, the more economic you should be. And paying for the best service with the lowest price is always better than the opposite way, isn’t it?

TENS Unit for back pain

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How to Use a TENS Unit for back pain


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Regardless, thank you for reading my article, and I hope to see you in my following ones. Goodbye.