The Best Fat Burning Pills For Weight Concerns

The world we are living in is observing an increase in number of people with overweight and obesity. They not only make people unconfident about their appearance but also bring various health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes type-2, heart diseases, etc. One of the fastest and safest methods to cut weight is to use the best fat burning pills on the market.

Although exercises and diet can help you lose weight, they usually take a longer time and can be harmful if overdone. Fat burners are supplements backed by science to help you get rid of some extra pounds without any health problem if you follow the prescription.

There are many people asking questions like “Fat burner, do they work?”. This article introduces to you some of the top-rated fat burners. You will able to know more about the safe fat burners after reading our best fat burning pills reviews.

Top 5 best fat burning pills

1. PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

Editor Rating:(4.5 stars)

The manufacturer of PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is Transparent Labs. The company commits to keeping the formula transparent. They promise to use only “clinically effective dosages, all-natural sweeteners, and zero food dyes, unnecessary fillers, or harmful additives.”

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is another thermogenic dietary supplement. It is a comprehensive solution for weight loss, muscle maintain, and body building.

Ingredients and Fat Burning Mechanism

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner’s ingredients are in 3 categories:

  • Thermogenic ingredients (Forslean, Green Tea Extract, and Synephrine) increase metabolism, even while resting.
  • Appetite suppressants (HTP-5) reduces appetite and hunger cravings.
  • Synergistic ingredients (L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and Salicin) decrease mental and physical stress, jitter; and enhance the effect of thermogenesis.

Due to the ingredients’ effects, PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner supports weight loss in 3 ways:

  • Increase Basal Metabolic Rate: improve energy expenditure and fat burning rate.
  • Prevent Hunger Cravings: reduce food and fat intake.
  • Keep you stress-free while losing weight.

Weight Loss Speed and Safety

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner maximizes the amount of fat burned and weight cut throughout the day by increase energy expenditure and appetite suppression. You can burn more fat and store less fat even without working out. When combining with exercises, the effect will be much more impressive.

As all ingredients in this supplement are natural or clinically tested. And according to the profile of the manufacturer, they are using only safe and high-quality ingredients. Therefore, it is safe to say PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner will do no harm to your body.


A bottle of PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is 120 capsules. Every serving is two capsules. And daily dosage includes two servings. So, one bottle can supply you for one month.

The price for a bottle of PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is $49. It is pretty reasonable for a fat burner.

Side Effects and Solutions

There is almost no side effect to PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner. The most significant side effect relates to each person’s caffeine tolerance level. Symptoms may include increasing heart rate and insomnia. They are avoidable with doctor’s consultant and adherence to recommended dosage.

2. PhenQ

Editor Rating:(4.8 stars)

PhenQ is manufactured and distributed by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. The company has been a leading name in the supplement dietary for more than ten years. PhenQ is pretty young in the category of weight-loss supplements, but its achievements are amazing. It has helped over 190.000 customers to get their desired body.

Ingredients and Fat-Burning Mechanism

The key ingredient of PhenQ is the cutting-edge, trademarked formula α-Lacys Reset®. It optimizes the body’s metabolism and thermogenesis to burn fat quickly. The α-Lacys Reset® formula increases the calorie burn rate and breaks down the fat stores.

diet pills that work fast without exercise

Other ingredients include:

  • Apsimax Powder (a capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin vitamin B3 blend): increases body heat, burns more fat and stop the formation of fat cells.
  • Calcium Carbonate: reduces fat store and stimulates the body to burn those fat tissues.
  • Chromium Picolinate: acts as appetite suppressants of sugar and carbs.
  • Caffeine: helps you focus, encouraged, and motivated to work out more.
  • Nopal: is also an appetite suppressant and an energy booster.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate: stimulates the breaking down of fat stores into energy without fatigue.

PhenQ supports your weight-loss journey in 5 ways:

Weight Loss Speed and Safety

In the testimonials of PhenQ users, people lost at least 4 lbs. a month. Many people lost up to 9, 10 and even 11 lbs. per month.


PhenQ contains the highest quality, natural ingredients. They adhere to the pharmaceutical standards in the US and the UK. The labs that produce those elements get FDA, and GMP approved facilities. Therefore, PhenQ seems safe.


A bottle of 60 PhenQ capsules, equaling a 30-day supply costs $69.95 at discounted price. There are more promotions for purchasing PhenQ in multiple. A monthly use of PhenQ is near $70. It is around $2.33 per day. With the proven effects of PhenQ, this price is a bargain.

Side Effects and Solutions

If you follow the instructions, there are no significant side effects of PhenQ that may happen. Women in pregnant and nursing period shouldn’t take PhenQ. PhenQ is not for people under 18 years old, depressed, diabetes patient, etc.

3. Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Editor Rating:(4.5 stars)

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is another fat burner from WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. This weight loss supplement from natural fruits that boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

This dietary supplement is absolutely vegan.

Ingredients and Fat-Burning Mechanism

The two ingredients that create the weight-loss effect of Garcinia Cambogia Extra are:

Garcinia Extra


  • Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia (also tamarind) is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit). Its extract can increase fat burning, suppress appetite and enhance mood.


  • Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketones contributes to the weight-loss process in 2 major ways: burning fat naturally, and boost metabolism and reduce fat stores.

Therefore, Garcinia Cambogia Extra works with three mechanisms:

  1. Burning stored fat
  2. Suppressing appetite
  3. Preventing body fat storage

Weight Loss Speed and Safety

Garcinia Cambogia Extra has helped many people to lose 20 lbs, 30 lbs or even more. They take their confidence and happy life back after cutting those excess pounds. Jane M. impressively lost more than 60 lbs. in 12 weeks at the age of 35.


With the reputation of WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, they only use high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients in FDA-approved facilities. Besides, the ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia Extra are natural. For those reasons, there is not much to worry about the supplement’s safety.


It costs $49.95 ($10 discounted) for a bottle of 60 capsules. The bottle will last for 60 servings in 30 days. So, it is only $1.665 per day for a weight-loss dietary supplement. Comparing to other products on the market, this is a good price.

Side Effects and Solutions

It is hard to find any side effect of the product if you follow the recommended dosage and use. Even women in pregnancy and nursing, under-18 people, and people with medical conditions can use Garcinia Cambogia Extra if their physician agrees.

4. Capsiplex Sport

Editor Rating:(4.5 stars)

Capsiplex Sport is another product by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. It is a pre-workout supplement.

It not only boosts the energy for exercises but also brings the thermogenic effect of chili to keep you going on your fat burning effort.

best fat burning pills

Ingredients and Fat-Burning Mechanism

Capsiplex Sport’s main ingredient is capsicum extract from red chili. It boosts metabolism better than any hot spice does. Capsaicin also stimulates the breaking down of fat.

Other ingredients like vitamin C, potassium and magnesium are good for concentration, heart, and keep the tiredness away when you exercise. Besides, vitamin B3, L-Arginine, and caffeine all boost your energy.

As you can see, Capsiplex Sport helps you lose weight by increasing metabolism, thermogenesis while decreasing the storage of fat. It keeps you stayed focus and motivated to exercise better.

Weight Loss Speed and Safety

One capsule before working out allows you to cut 278 extra calories from your body. Many people have successfully got rid of some extra pounds from their body: 10, 20 or 30 lbs. Capsiplex Sport has about over 120.000 satisfied customers.

Listen to Mia on how Capsiplex Sport has helped her exercise more effectively:

Capsiplex Sport only contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients, capsicum extract and a little bit of caffeine. With everything said about WOLFSON BERG LIMITED above, we should believe in Capsiplex safety.


A bottle of Capsiplex Sport is enough for one month supply. The daily dose is one capsule before working out 30 minutes. The price for one bottle is $59.99. It is almost $2/day. Considering the amount of calorie that the supplement helps us burn a day, this product deserves a purchase from the gym lovers.

Side Effects and Solutions

There is no severe side effect to Capsiplex Sport. Some people may experience the feeling of hot flushes, but it does no harm to your body. Pregnant and nursing women can use this supplement with doctor approval. It is also safe for diabetes and some medical conditions with a prior consultation with physicians.

5. Thermakor

Editor Rating:(4.5 stars)

Thermakor is a fat burner product of Kor Nutrition, U.S. The product works as a thermogenic which starts the sympathetic nervous system. That leads to an increase in your metabolism, which means more energy expended and more fat burned.

Thermakor joined the market of fat burners in 2015. It is young but has gained significant success. It is on the list of top-rated fat burners of many renowned websites.

best fat burning pills

  • $ 69.00 $59.00/ bottle
  • Money back guarantee: 30 days
  • Where to buy:

Ingredients and Fat Burning Mechanism

Thermakor consists of all natural ingredients. The key components include:

  • Green Tea Extract (300mg/serving) increases metabolism and fatty acid mobilization.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (100mg/serving) reduces appetite and fat in the belly.
  • Razberi-K (200mg/serving) boosts lipolysis process of breaking down fat.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (300mg/serving) increases metabolism, balance blood sugar levels to reduce sugar cravings.
  • Forslean (50mg/serving) supports break down the building blocks of fatty tissue to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass.
  • Hordenine (25mg/serving) motivates the mobilization of more fat cells.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg/serving) raises the amount of energy spent, which means more fats and carbohydrates burned.
  • Salicin (125mg/serving) improves metabolism.
  • Synephrine (50mg/serving) increases basal metabolic rate and fat mobilization.

With the above list of ingredients and their effects, Thermakor burns fat in 4 mechanisms:

  • Burn body fat more efficiently and inhibit the formation of fat
  • Suppress appetite and emotional craving
  • Spike metabolism and motivate stamina and endurance levels
  • Recharge the body with energy to have better physical and mental performance

Weight Loss Speed and Safety

There is no available figure for how much weight Thermakor can help you to lose. However, regarding the combination of 4 weight-loss mechanisms and its ingredients fat-burning effects, the result should be fantastic.

With all the ingredients happen to be natural, no unnecessary additives and harsh chemicals, we can be sure that Thermakor is a safe supplement dietary.


One bottle of Thermakor contains 60 capsules. The recommended intake is twice daily between meals. So, one bottle can supply for you a maximum of one month. The discounted price from the manufacturer is $59/bottle.

It is almost $2/day for a solution of fat burning and workout boosting. The cost per day is quite reasonable for a weight loss supplements.

Side Effects and Solutions

Although Thermakor is pretty safe, there are still some side effects to the body. Since Thermakor contains caffeine, the supplement can cause increased heart rate and jittery feeling. Taking the dietary within six hours of bedtime may lead to insomnia. It also boosts energy and encourages workout so some people may experience intense needs of exercising.

You should consider your physician to see if your body can handle Thermakor. Take the pills at least 6 hours before going to bed. And make sure to have a break after 3-4 months of intake. Pregnant and nursing women shouldn’t use Thermakor.

What is the best fat burning pills on the market?

This question is not easy. Each fat burner has its pros and cons and targeted customers. However, my pick for best fat burning pills on the market 2017 will be PhenQ. “Does PhenQ work that well?”, you may ask.

The answer is “Yes.” It is always on the list of the best fat burner and top-rated fat burners from many experts in the weight-loss industry. The positive reputation of the manufacturer is also a plus. But most impressive is the feedback from its users.

PhenQ may be the most expensive supplement in our list. But it is effective proven, safe, and cutting-edge. With slightly more than $2/day investment, I think it is a reasonable expense to achieve your fat burning goal.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is also a good product. It comes from the same manufacturer as PhenQ and is cheaper than PhenQ. Its efficiency and testimonials are incredible. However, I would like to see more from its sales and reviews before letting it take the crown from PhenQ.

My Recommend

best fat burner on the marketFat-burning and weight loss are not easy and skyrocket science. But it can get easier and faster with the help of the best fat burner on the market. There are something you always need to keep in mind:

  • Only choose the safe fat burner

Many manufacturers use cheap filler to product supplements. There can be useless in bets cases but can be harmful in worst cases. Do research about the ingredients and the reputation of the manufacturer before buying anything.

  • Consult your physician

Let your doctor know which dietary supplement you are going to take to boost fat burning. There might be something in its elements that is not suitable for your health condition, even dangerous.

  • Work out properly and reasonably

The workout is the key factor to achieve and maintain your body weight. But do not overdo it. Too intense exercises can exhaust you mentally and physically. And finally, you will lose the fight over the extra fat cells. Exercise and rest for the best result.

  • Stay positive and love yourself

Due to each’s body conditions, the speed of fat burning and weight loss may vary. If your progress is slower than you expect or than others’, be patient and do not give up. You can consult your physician and experts in the field for a reason and a more efficient plan.

Remember, the more stressed and depressed you are, the less effective the process is. And after all, it is you that matter!

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