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What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Green Tea? - Safe Health Reviews Online

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Green Tea?

Green tea is one of the most used beverages that offer many health benefits to the people. Dieters have been using green tea for weight loss. It is packed with antioxidants. It promotes weight loss and also reduces your appetite, which is definitely good for weight loss as most of the dieters can’t control their hunger and ends up eating high-calorie foods, which makes them fat. Besides oodles of health benefits, green tea also contains some side effects that you may not know. So, what are the side effects of drinking green tea?

Most of the green tea drinking may not know that the green tea diet pills are also there on the market. People who love to get the benefits of green tea, but don’t like the taste of this beverage can go for the green tea diet pills and start reaping the benefits.

Apart from green tea diet pills, you can also find different types of green tea that are designed for weight loss. There are many other benefits of green tea that you can get by drinking it regularly.

Coming to the question asked by people ‘what are the side effects of drinking green tea’. People, who are, either willing to drink green tea or already drinking it for several purposes want to know what are the side effects of drinking green tea so that they can protect themselves, which is a good thing.

Take a look at the side effects of drinking green tea

Side Effects Of Green Tea

Green tea contains caffeine just like any other tea. Some people just can’t tolerate caffeine and can get side effects. It is also noted that if you consume more green tea throughout a day, then the caffeine intake also increase, which can create trouble. If you drink green tea in moderation, then you will not likely to see any side effects.

Most of the green tea side effects are associated with the overload of caffeine. The safe amount of caffeine is 400 mg per day. Caffeine is also there in many energy drinks, colas, coffee, etc. So, to stay on a safe side, keep a tab on the consumption of caffeine throughout the day.

The quality of your green tea or green tea diet pills also matters. Try to buy the best green tea and drink in moderation. Following are the side effects of green tea for the people who want to know the answer of their question ‘what are the side effects of drinking green tea’.


You are likely to get headaches because of the presence of caffeine in green tea. The headaches can be mild to severe. Green tea can also make you feel dizzy, the excess intake of caffeine is to be blamed for this. Other issues associated with green tea include jitteriness and shakiness, it can be eliminated with a decaffeinated green tea.

Anemia And Deficiency Of Iron

Consuming green tea in an excess amount can lead to anemia and iron deficiency. Some people drink green tea after meals, which is not a good idea as having it after an iron-rich food can make your tea loses its antioxidant properties.

We all know that EGCG is the main component of green tea, which is responsible to block myeloperoxidase, an enzyme, which can cause inflammation. Drinking green tea with an iron-rich food makes EGCG lose its properties and hence, you experience inflammation. It can also lead to anemia and iron deficiency.

Stomach Issues

Caffeine may be the reason behind the stomach issues as it increases the acid amount associated with the digestive process. You can also feel nausea and pain. If you increase the consumption of caffeine that is present in green tea, then you can experience vomiting.

The excess intake of green tea can cause diarrhea. To avoid this, you should reduce the intake of green tea so that you can slowly get used to it.


In this article, we highlighted a common question asked by dieters ‘what are the side effects of drinking green tea’. Excess intake of caffeine is responsible for many side effects, so it would be better to drink green tea in moderation.