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When Should We Use Heating Pad? - All You Need To Know - Safe Health Reviews Online

When Should We Use Heating Pad? – All You Need To Know

Over the last few years, heating pad has become one of the most needed items in our lives, especially on colder days, the consumption of heating pad has become “hotter” than ever.

People usually use heating pad to help relieve the pain, which is a safe method. However, does heating pad really work? Why do people love using it? And when should we use heating pad? Keep reading this post for more information.

Via amazon

Via amazon

What Is Heating Pad?

Heating pad is a product that can manage the pain of body’s parts by warming them. There are 2 well-known heating pads which are electric pad and chemical pad.

  • Electric pads are used dry on the skin. These pads need electricity to work so users need to be careful when using them. The temperature of electric pads can up to 180oF, which can make the user’s skin dry.
  • Chemical pads are warming products consisting of a bag full of liquid (water, salt, and chemicals) that can be reused by putting them in boiling water. The time of boiling is about 10-15 minutes, and the pad will cool down after using.

What Can Heating Pad Do?

Heating pad has the effect of congestion, increases circulation in the part which is compressed to help heal the wounds.

Warm compression also helps dilate blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, reduces nerve stimulation so it has analgesic effect

It makes the body warm, keeps the body’s heat in cold weather, helps users quickly recover from illness.

Heating pad can also assist in the healing of some diseases such as:

  • Reduce stomach pain, liver pain, kidney or joint pain.
  • Supportive treatment for patients with laryngitis and bronchitis.
  • Support for keeping babies or elderly warm in the cold days.
  • Reduce chronic back pain, aching the buttocks, thighs due to long sitting time.
  • Promotes blood circulation, treats headaches and prevents the tinnitus due to anemia, relieves muscle contraction, aches, …
  • Relieve dysmenorrhea or abdominal pain due to cold.

When Should We Use Heating Pad?

The heart constantly pumps blood to all parts of our body to provide nutrients and oxygen. If you are injured, the inevitable trend of the body is blood and nutrients will be added to provide the injured part that helps fight the antibodies and promotes the natural healing process.

At this point, heat compression is used to treat long-term injuries or normal injuries. The temperature will help expand blood vessels to improve blood circulation in the injured part and accelerate healing.

You can also use heating pad for chronic illnesses, right before taking any physical activity. Temperature helps relax muscles. It adjusts blood flow and makes injured areas ready for specific activities.

All you need is a heating pad, which is above 104oF, then apply compresses to the affected parts. They could be neck, shoulders, back, thighs, … More conveniently, you can use the full body heating pad to relieve the pain of the whole body. Each use takes about 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day.

According to scientists, each heating time can make us feel no pain for hours at a time and as a result, it is no less effective than some pain-killers. Besides, this method is completely harmless. However, the researchers also noted that the use of heating pad was only temporary (for a limited time).

Take note

You need to take note these things when using heating pad:

  • Do not use heating pad when having: Unspecified abdominal pain, appendicitis, bleeding wounds, severe intoxication, cases of hemorrhage.
  • Avoid direct contact with heat devices.
  • Avoid using full body heating pad for long periods of time.
  • Do not use the pad if it’s too hot, as you may be burned.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Although the use of compress is a solution that has a rapid wound healing effect, but the disease recovery mechanism is completely different. One important thing to keep in mind here is that it’s not recommended for long periods of time because it is not a long-term treatment, it is only a temporary analgesic restriction. For long-term treatment, you should see a doctor.