The best way to use a 1500 calorie diet

I decided to write about a 1500 calorie diet because is around the average daily caloric intake a women has in one day, so simple math, if your calorie daily requirement is around 2000 and you eat more than that your weight and sizes will increase, if you eat less than what you need you will lose weight and sizes (there are some important things you should know about deficit calories for long periods of time, find out here) but also if you eat what you need you will maintain your weight, some studies suggest that as long as you keep your calories numbers around what you need, you can eat whatever food you like and you won’t gain weight, so in a 1500 calorie diet menu you can include pizza, chocolates, ice cream, etc. but keeping your caloric range, I have found this to be as right as difficult since pizza and chocolates have more calories you can eat them but in small portions.

To be honest it was difficult for me at first, I used to eat half or more of the pizza by myself, now I cannot take more than 2 slices but I always complement with salad, I don’t like to avoid any food and I love pizza and ice cream so I just learned to take it in smaller portions, sure I want more, but I have learned self-control and watch over calories, I did use my fitness pal and learned to measure, I think it is good to learn about portions and calories and then stop using calorie counters, they can seriously turn you into an obsess calorie counter.

Another thing that helped me to learn about portions and calories was follow examples like a 1500 calorie diet plan where I could prepare, cook or buy food paying attention to portions and calories, it is surprising to find out that you won’t be starve by decreasing the portions of what you eat, you can control this by eating small portions of food or healthy snacks during the day.

Following diet is harder if you avoid foods you like and even when you can find many diets menus online I would definitely recommend you create your own, this will be hard at first if you don’t know anything about food healthy combinations, portions and calories but with some practice you will master it and you will be able to create your own plan allowing you to include your favorites dishes.

To start practice, I brought you one of the 1500 calorie diet plans I used to follow.

Like you could see, there are some meals that you would never see in a regular diet plan, like flour tortilla but those are my picks and some cases my favorites which I was not willing to avoid.

You will be surprise of how many healthy fast food options you can use in a 1500 calorie diet plan.

One of my tips for weight loss is that in my 1500 calorie diet meal plan, I didn’t include weekends, and this is something I choose because I didn’t want to get too obsess with this and also I knew weekends would be very difficult to follow the plan, if you want a faster result I recommend you make that extra effort and include weekends in your plan, for me it took me 6 months to get to my desired weight and losing 22 pounds, maybe you can do it much faster in a healthy way.

Like I said I decided to post about a 1500 calorie a day diet because is an average and common calorie daily intake for women and some men, but this does not mean that if you eat 1500 calories per day your are going to lose weight, you need to calculate your body caloric requirements and if you want to lose weight you should eat below the number but staying healthy.

Some people ask about 1500 calorie diet for women specifically and I can tell you there is nothing different from a 1500 calorie diet for men, the important thing is the amount of calories, same food won’t have a different effect in women or men if they had the same caloric value.

Hope this helps you or at least points you in the ride direction to lose weight in a healthy way.