Meal Plan To Successfully Gain Weight Without Side Effects

Whether people want to gain weight or lose weight, pills are the simplest solution they think first to achieve the desired result. Skinny people prefer weight gain pills but all of them want to gain weight without side effects. Weight gain pills side effects can attack anyone who doesn’t follow the right dosage or have any medical history or condition. Some people also highlights weight gain pills side effects that they have experienced.

If you want to gain weight and afraid of weight gain pills side effects or do not want to use such pills, then the safest and easiest way is to add foods to your diet that make you gain weight. The following meal plan makes you gain weight

Meal Plan To Gain Weight

Day 1 – 3096 Calories

Breakfast: 722 Calories

Food Items Calories
Granola 2.65 oz or 75g 368
Greek Yogurt 3.5oz or 100g 120
Top up with a handful of Raspberries and Blueberries, and chopped Brazil nuts 1oz or 28g 234

Morning Snack: 246 Calories

Food Items Calories
Oatcakes or oat crackers 2 90
Nectarine 1 62
Peanut Butter 1 tablespoon 94

Lunch: 844 Calories

Food Items Calories
Whole Wheat Pita Breads 2 308
Roast Chicken 3.5oz or 100g 190
Medium-sized sliced or mashed  Avocado 1 322
Spinach, Rocket (Arugula), Watercress –  Large handful 24

Afternoon Snack: 250 Calories

Food Items Calories
Trail Mix 1.75oz or 50g 250

Dinner: 929 Calories

Food Items Calories
Salmon Fillet 5oz or 140g 275
Tahini Broccoli – cooked Broccoli 3oz or 85g  tossed in Tahini 1 tbsp, Olive Oil 1 tbsp, and a dash of Lemon Juice 239
Brown Basmati Rice 3.5oz or 100g 360
Green Peas (Petits Pois) 2.8oz or 80g 55

Evening Snack: 105 Calories

Food Items Calories
Medium-sized Banana 1 105

Day 2 – 3007 Calories

Breakfast: 671 Calories

Food Items Calories
Eggs(Scrambled) with Rye Toast (buttered rye Toast 2 Slices and Eggs 3) 577
Prune Juice 1/2 cup or 125ml 94

Morning Snack: 226 Calories

Food Items Calories
Pumpkin seeds 1oz or 28g 166
Pear 1 60

Lunch: 819 Calories

Quinoa & Salad (Mozzarella) Calories
Cooked Quinoa 3.5oz or 100g 374
Toasted Pine Nuts 1oz or 28g 151
Buffalo Mozzarella 2oz or 56g 159
A handful of fresh Basil 1 bunch, Olive oil 1 tbsp, baby Spinach 135

Afternoon Snack: 233 Calories

Food Items Calories
Hummus 3 tbsp 120
Oat Cakes or Oat Crackers 3 113

Dinner: 756 Calories

Prawn (shrimp) & Tomato Pasta Calories
Whole Wheat Spelt Penne 4.5oz or 125g 420
Prawn (shrimp) 3.5oz or 100g, cherry tomatoes 3oz or 85g, chopped Parsley 2 tbsp, Oliveoil 1 tbsp 203
Salad:  Balsamic Vinegar  1 tsp,  mixed salad 1/2 bag, and olive oil 1 tbsp 133

Evening Snack: 302 Calories

Food Items Calories
Blend a large handful of Blueberries, banana 1/2, almond butter 1 tbsp, and whole milk yogurt 5oz or 150g 302

Day 3 – 2996 Calories

Breakfast: 821 Calories

Blueberry, Cinnamon & Nut  Oatmeal Calories
Oatmeal: Whole Milk 1 cup or 250ml,  Oats 2oz or 60g, ground Almonds 2 tbsp, Raisins 1oz or 28g, Cinnamon 1/2 tsp 543
Top up with a handful of  Blueberries and Pecans or Walnuts  1oz or 28g 208
Grape Juice 1/2 cup or 125ml 70

Morning Snack: 185 Calories

Food Items Calories
Large handful of  Raisins and Cashew nuts 185

Lunch: 778 Calories

Food Items Calories
Smoked Mackerel Pâté: Smoked Mackerel Fillets 3.5oz or 100g  mashed with chopped Dill 1 tbsp, natural yogurt 2 tbsp, and squeeze black pepper and  lemon 431
Oat Cakes or Oat Crackers 6 270
Apple 1 77

Afternoon Snack: 119 Calories

Food Items Calories
Bar Of Granola 119

Dinner: 760 Calories

Food Items Calories
Grilled Fillet Steak 4oz or 120g 332
Sautéed green beans and spinach in Olive oil 1 tbsp 159
Baked potato with garlic butter 269

Evening Snack: 333 Calories

Food Items Calories
Greek Yogurt 1 small pot 134
Crushed dark chocolate 0.4oz  or 10g and crushed walnuts 0.4oz  or 10g 127
Small-sized sliced Banana 72


Weight gain pills are easy to take and that’s the reason most of the skinny people prefer it. It is also a fact that some people get weight gain pills side effects. If you want to avoid weight gain pills side effects, then you can follow the above-mentioned diet plan to gain weight safely.