Pure Encapsulations – Curcumin 500 with BioPerine Review – Excellent Natural Method to Bolster Your Health

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Pure Encapsulations Curcumin 500 with BioPerine contains a high amount of Curcumin – a component found in turmeric bulbs widely used for thousands of years in cuisine cultures around the world. However‚ how can you do if you only want to enjoy Curcumin’s great health benefits without having to eat turmeric bulbs? The answer is Pure Encapsulations Curcumin 500 with BioPerine 120 capsules.

Pure Encapsulations manufacturer always tries to formulate and make high-quality supplements which are hypoallergenic supplements. Quality control is paramount, during both the formulation and the manufacturing process.

Pure Encapsulations Curcumin 500 With BioPerine Details

  • Manufacturer: Pure Encapsulations
  • Package Sizes: 120 capsules (each one is 500 mg)
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Certification: Non-Allergens, Non-GMO, Artificial Additive Free, Environment Contaminant Free, Added Excipients Free VERIFIED.
  • Ingredients: Curcumin, BioPerine Black Pepper, Cellulose, Ascorbyl Palmitate. No Sugar, No Carbohydrate, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Grain, No Soy, No Nut.
  • Maintenance: Keep the product in a cool and dry place.

Curcumin’s Benefits

Turmeric in Pure Encapsulations Curcumin 500 with BioPerine 120 capsules is extracted from Curcuma longa and contains up to 95% of curcumin. Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric, and the truth is that health benefits of turmeric mostly come from curcumin. Its benefits are progressively being mentioned in many popular health magazines and scientific research. Some of them are:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Curcumin is a powerful healing factor due to its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting capabilities. As applied to open wounds, such as cuts or abrasions, it increases the blood clotting process as well as decrease bacteria. That’s why turmeric is widely used as an alternative to anti-inflammatory chemical drugs. Moreover, curcumin helps to relieve pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It’s also able to slow down the progression of sclerosis.

Digestion Aids

Because of detoxification properties, curcumin aids the liver and reinforces its proper functions. For treatment, turmeric is included in daily diets to relieve stomach disorders, such as diarrhea, abdominal pains or irritable bowel syndrome. Besides, regular using of turmeric also helps to diminish flatulence and bloating which are the result of redundant amount of gas escaped from the mouth.

Cardiovascular Supports

Curcumin reduces the extent of two harmful inflammatory enzymes, which are LOX and COX-2. This gives it the power to avoid the accumulation of plaque – a common cause of cardiovascular diseases. Also, it prevents platelets from building up, which can result in blood clots within our body. For patients who have diabetes, curcumin is used to keep the blood sugar at a safe level.

Cancer Prevention

Many studies have shown that curcumin is one of the best compounds to slower and even prevent the formations of cancer cells, of all kinds, including breast cancer, colon cancer or pancreatic cancer. As used alone, curcumin is strong enough to stop the growth of new blood vessels causing tumors. As associated with cauliflower, curcumin can also prevent prostate cancer.

Other’s Ingredient Benefits

BioPerine Black Pepper

BioPerine is the extract from black pepper being cultivated in rich, damp soil in the southern India. The pepper berries are reaped only before ripening and after they’re dried to guarantee ideal quality and maturity. BioPerine has been officially clinically tested in improving the bioavailability of food supplements due to the high moisture absorption.


Cellulose is found a lot in hypoallergenic plant fiber. It’s very effective in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy since it can “wash away” redundant metabolic waste in our body, like sugar or cholesterol, through solid waste. Besides, Cellulose is integrated into many foods and food supplements due to its natural sweet to increase the appetite as well as improve the creaminess and smoothness of food.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Ascorbyl Palmitate is a product of ascorbic acid which is a fat-soluble form of vitamin C. We all know how important vitamin C is. It’s one the best antioxidant. It’s also easy to be absorbed by skin and mouth. It deeply penetrates to the cell membrane and access the lipoproteins. Other benefits of vitamin C include anti-aging, improving optimum cardiovascular health, preventing atherosclerotic heart disease, etc.

What Makes Pure Encapsulations Curcumin 500 with BioPerine Outstanding?

  • It’s formulated in vegetable capsules which have many advantages over gelatin capsules. Firstly, it’s suitable for vegetarians who cannot take gelatin capsules which are made from animals. Secondly, unlike gelatin capsules which cannot keep the stability when exposed to the air, vegetable capsules do this job very good and remain the full functions of curcumin powder inside.
  • Both gelatin and vegetable capsules provide a safe and tasteless way of medication consumption. Even though Pure Encapsulations – Curcumin 500 with BioPerine 120 Vegicaps is not a medicine, it’s still hard to take due to the turmeric’s bitter taste. Capsules will eliminate this trouble.
  • Vegetable capsules with a cellulose cover also prevent the staining of yellow-orange extract on your clothes, fingers, and tongue, which is a common complaint among turmeric supplement’s users.


  • The suggested dosage is as follow: 1-3 caps per day‚ between meals in divided doses.
  • At the prescribed dosage, each jar ought to last from 40 days to 120 days.


  • Only consume it if safety seal is in intact.
  • This product is tamper resistant.
  • In case of pregnancy‚ counsel your doctor before taking the product.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • Store in cool and dry place without direct sunlight.

Turmeric’s Side Effects

  • Turmeric is likely safe when taken by mouth or applied to the skin in about 8 months.
  • Turmeric is possibly safe when used as an enema or a mouthwash in the short-term.
  • In general, turmeric does not trigger significant side effects. Only a few minor ones can happen, such as diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, or stomach upset.
  • Turmeric is hazardous when consumed more than 1500 mg twice a day, causing abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Turmeric is contraindicated for patients as the following:
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Turmeric can stimulate the uterus. Even though the impact is not much, but it’s best to avoid it if you’re pregnant or during breastfeeding.
  • Gallbladder problems: Avoid turmeric if you’re having gallstones or a bile duct obstruction.
  • Bleeding problems: Avoid turmeric if you’re suffering from bleeding disorders because it might slow down the blood clotting process.
  • Surgery: Due to lowering the blood clotting process, avoid turmeric after surgery. Also, avoid it at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Diabetes: Avoid turmeric if you have diabetes because it might reduce the blood sugar.
  • Infertility: As taken by mouth, turmeric might decrease the testosterone levels and sperm movement, which results in fertility reduction.

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Pure Encapsulations Curcumin 500 with BioPerine 120 Capsules is standardized to obtain 95% of curcuminoids. Without a doubt, it’s a very good choice to bolster your health with a totally natural method. It’s reliable and certificated by health organizations around the world. With it, you have everything, from Vitamin C to support digestive ability for easy absorption of curcumin, black pepper extract to promote better retention of curcumin, BioPerine to bolster the bioavailability of the supplement, etc.