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I experienced quite many aches on my shoulders two years ago, when I discovered I had a neck disk herniation. At first, the pain was normal and I thought it was just some effects of playing sports without warming up. But then it got more and more painful, which made me believe that there was something wrong with my neck.

After visiting the doctor, I was given a detailed diet and exercises with a brand new heating pad. It was the Nature Creation shoulder wrap: Herbal Heating Pad. I have to admit it was such a good heating pad that within only two weeks of using, my aches were undone magically.

Therefore, I am writing this review to show you how much it would help you reduce your pain and bring you a new life.

Technological information

  • Product Dimensions: 18*11*1.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Color: Blue Marble

What are the great features of this nature creation neck wrap?

The first thing I really like about this product is that it is completely natural. With Chamomile, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Flax Seed, Cotton Fabric, and so on, which are all from nature, you won’t have to worry about the toxic smell anymore. In case you don’t know, many products in the market are having chlorine odor. It is very toxic and harmful if you smell it for a long time. However, with this natural heating pad, you will smell an herbal scent and it’s very comfortable. Whenever I use it, I feel just like sitting in a spa and enjoying the massage.

Moreover, it is also very light and compact. It has only 2.9 pounds with 18 inches in length and 11 inches in width, so you can put take it everywhere. You can put it at home in some dry places or bring it on your vacation. Just put it somewhere in your trunk. This product won’t hold many rooms.

Besides being compact, it is very convenient as well. Depending on your pain, you can use it hot or cold. I guess you already know when to use hot and when to use cold, don’t you? Hot therapy is recommended to reduce chronic pains, such as sciatica, costalgia, or muscles aches. And cold therapy is usually used to relieve the short-term pains, such as a sprain or stiff muscles. Find more information about heat and cold therapy in this video:

And this product can reduce the pain naturally and deeply as well. Most of other heating pads use pressures, which can reduce the pain instantly. Nevertheless, it lacks deep penetration into muscles, so the aches would come back and torture patients consistently. This pad from Nature Creation is so much different because it uses heat to reduce the pain and help to bring the effects further into your muscles. Therefore, you will feel relax no matter you have achy joints, sore muscles, or any kinds of tension.

How does it work?

This heating pad for neck and shoulders is very simple to use. If you want to use it cold, put it in a freezer. And if you want to use it hot, heat it in the microwave. Other heating pads would require you to have a socket and sit at only one place while it is massaging. With this product, you can do some small chores and still feel relax at the same time.

Are there any disadvantages?

I have nothing to complain about this heating pad. I just want to make a notice that when you put it in the microwave, watch the time. If you leave it too long, it’ll become super hot and may burn you.

Prices and how to buy it?

You can find this product easily on Amazon with a very reasonable price. This is probably the product having the lowest cost I have ever seen. Just click Buy Now and it will become yours within few days.

Why should you buy it?

Within the first two weeks of using, I felt much less painful. Combining with exercising regularly, the pain did not come to find me every day anymore. I felt so much more relaxed and could handle more tasks than I used to. It was so amazing, isn’t it?

Furthermore, its scent lasted much longer than I expected. After two years, the smell is still evaporating whenever I use it, which made me completely surprised. I guess that would be a unique feature that you could not find in any other products.

And comparing to some other heating pads that I tried, this product is the first natural one. That is not only good for your neck and shoulders but also your overall health. Try it and you will see it.

So if you are suffering from severe pain just like I used to, make it stop right now with this herbal pad from Nature Creation.


Thank you for reading my review and I hope that all of your pain will disappear in the next week. Goodbye, and see you in my following reviews.

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