Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Infrared Sauna that Could Make You Amazed

Infrared saunas therapy has dozens of benefits, such as cancer curing, fat loss, detoxification, skin embellishment, chronic pain relief, stress reduction, and more.

benefits of infrared sauna

Infrared sauna is a kind of sauna that uses heat and light to increase the body temperature, and from that, bring plenty of benefits to the physical and mental body health. Nowadays, this method is preferred than traditional sauna therapy by doctors and patients all over the world due to significant advantages. Let’s take a look at our post today to know how magical the infrared sauna is!

1.  Infrared Sauna for Cancer

Infrared saunas therapy has been acknowledged as an effective method for curing cancer for the past several years. Firstly, increasing the core temperature of our body by one or two degrees can kill several mutated cancer cells. Secondly, a process, which is called heat shock proteins, can kill fast growing cells. In fact, this process is one of the side effects caused as our body suffers from radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

In addition to those physical changes, some chemical reactions also occur while we’re in the infrared sauna room. One of them is producing nitric oxide. This substance plays the same role as a catalyst which helps to increase the oxygen amount to every muscles cell, blood vessel, and joint. And do you know that oxygen is one of the most healing factors for the human body?

2.  Infrared Sauna for Fat Loss

Sauna therapy in general and infrared sauna in particular help to reduce our extra weight thanks to a very simple trick. That is perspiration, and we all know this is the most common rule to lose fat. I just want to make a comparison to show you how effective infrared sauna for fat loss is. According to research, a half of hour in infrared sauna room could burn up to 600 calories. This number is nearly double the number of calories burned due to running or swimming.

In relation to fat loss, we also have infrared sauna for cellulite. Cellulite is a layer of subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin. The high temperature is used to reduce this ugly dimpling. Finally, working out in the gym in conjunction with infrared sauna for bodybuilding is all a gymer need to have a perfect body with robust muscles and tiny amount of fat.

3.  Infrared Sauna for Detox

We are exposed to dozens of chemicals each day as we eat, drink, and breathe. As a result, our body is programmed to find the way to eliminate as much toxins and wastes as it can through any channel, from internal organs to skin. Infrared sauna is the chance to do that. As we’re sweating, we’re also releasing a significant amount of toxin through the skin channel. According to research, infrared sauna releases about 15% more harmful toxins (cholesterol, ammonia, sulfuric acid, etc.) than traditional saunas.

Moreover, in connection with poor detoxification, Lyme disease is a serious issue. Lyme is an infectious disease caused by toxins released from dead spirochete named Borrelia. Since Lyme patients accumulate a greater amount of toxins than do healthy people, the best way to cure their disease is releasing as much toxin as possible, and infrared sauna does this task prominently. In short, for people who suffer from Lyme disease, infrared sauna for Lyme is strongly recommended.

4.  Infrared Sauna for Skin

The deficiency of oxygen and blood flow through skin cells is a common reason causing the skin wrinkles, roughness, and blueness. Infrared sauna comes with an effective therapy, and in fact, there are various of infrared sauna benefits for skin.

Firstly, it helps to strengthen the skin elasticity and tone as well as diminish the signs of aging. As the circulation is improved, collagen is released more, and you might know how important for skin this substance is. It provides the skin with smoothness, resilience, and immaculate white.

Secondly, as our body suffers from high temperature, our skin pores are expanded. Due to continuous sweat and infrared energy penetration, embedded impurities, toxins, and dead cells are flushed out. The result is our skin is clearer, brighter, and healthier. For face skin, infrared sauna for acne is, therefore, an excellent treatment.

Finally, we’re talking about infrared sauna benefits for eczema (a form of inflammatory skin condition), psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder of skin), and other related skin diseases. Infrared sauna contributes to healing those damages by penetrating the infrared radiation deep into the skin structure to increase the oxygen flow and transport more nutrients.

5.  Infrared Sauna for Chronic Pain

The truth is that the number of patients coming to infrared sauna for pain treatment is continuously increasing. Professors from Saxion University of Applied Science (Netherlands) have proven that the effectiveness of using infrared sauna for rheumatoid arthritis paints is significantly higher than traditional IR treatments. In particular, they carried out their research in 17 patients who suffer from arthritis and spondylitis in one month, and they found that the percentage of patients experienced infrared sauna get the faster and better result than who tried traditional IR treatments.

The same kind of research is also carried out to prove the effect of infrared sauna for back pain, and the result is again very optimistic in long-term improvement. Especially, there is no unwanted side effect found in both researches.

6. Infrared Sauna for Anxiety

The process of infrared sauna dilates peripheral vascular, which helps to mitigate the effect of pressure on the heart and arteries. Besides, as the water and fluid drain out of the body through the skin channel, the renal side effect is avoided, which is, in the long term, helps you to get rid of the use of diuretic medicine to lower the blood pressure.

Due to the interaction between nerves and muscles, the smooth muscle dilatation of the blood vessels helps the sympathetic nervous conditioning and balance the level of cortisol as well as stress hormone. That’s the reason why infrared sauna has the power to relieve tension, reduce stress, and relax muscles. For patients who have mental conditions, infrared sauna for autism is strongly recommended.

7.  Infrared Sauna for Candida

Candida is a form of fungus causing yeast infections that often grow in the mouth, gut, and vagina. Candida commonly occurs due to the improper immune system function and low body temperature. That’s why infrared sauna is an effective treatment for this disease by increasing our body temperature and improving our immune system.


So far, you know all the major benefits of infrared sauna therapy. If you’re planning to go to an infrared sauna room in a reliable spa, I would recommend you to ask for advice from staffs to get the most accurate information about how long you should stay in the room or which range of temperature you should use. Also, note that each type of benefits requires a different use of sauna, so asking for help is not superfluous.

However, if you want an infrared sauna room right in your house so that you can relax yourself and treat your health problems any time you want with only one initial investment, I would recommend you to invest on an infrared sauna dome for weight loss (about $300-$400) or an infrared sauna house ($500-$1500). For a more saving solution, you can assemble your own infrared sauna room.