Pregnancy Body Pillow – Buying Guide and Top Picks

Though pregnancy is considered as one of the most precious experiences for most women, we can deny that it also leads to suffering. When you’re pregnant, your body changes a lot and it becomes hard, uncomfortable to sleep well at night. In this case, it is necessary to invest for your health, and thus, to get a pregnancy body pillow is one of many ways.

The fact is that on the market, there are many other types of body pillows for pregnant women. And you need to get the best pillow that supports your back, hip and the stomach as well. It’s also important to get the suitable one for your specific sleeping position and your body type. Does it sound difficult? Don’t worry; read our pregnancy pillow reviews to make your decision.

Benefits of Pregnancy Body Pillow

The best pregnancy pillow doesn’t only help you to sleep better at night; in fact, it has many more advantages for the health than you think.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

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Provide Body Support

Pregnancy body pillows provide a completed support for your neck, stomach, shoulders, back and legs as well. If you’re pregnant, but you have to suffer neck or back pain, this pillow will help you. The best sleeping position for pregnant women is lying in a half-fetal. A quality pregnancy body pillow will relieve the pressure on your spine, hips and back as well as improve the alignment of the spine, shoulder and hip.

Stimulate Deep Sleep

Pregnant women usually lack of sleep, which will havoc the baby and the mother as well, thus, she needs a sound and long sleep. Using a pillow for pregnancy will bring her a better sleep and help remove the pain, the discomfort of the mother in this period. In addition, it is also able to help the baby get the best birth position, so, it reduces the pain and labor for the mother. You will satisfy with this product because it has an ergonomic design which brings full of relaxation and a better sleep to the pregnant mom.

Help Women Remain Calm

Usually, when you get pregnant, you can’t sleep well; you will toss and turn in bed at night because pregnant women are anxious and worry about laying pressure on their baby inside accidentally. That’s the reason why the pregnancy body pillow is made to reduce the mother’s movements in bed and help them have a deep sleep without any interruptions.

Improves Blood Circulation

It is recommended that pregnant women should lie on their left as the growth of the unborn baby. There are still other positions of sleeping; they support a good blood circulation. The mother can relax her back and hip while sleeping as well as sleeping in other positions which make her feel comfortable by using this pregnancy pillow.

Get Rid of Body Aches

It is full of stress for the body to carry around an extra weight in the tummy during pregnancy. By using a pregnancy pillow, the pain that the mother has to suffer will be removed because it offers a great cushioning as well softness, which gives the best comfort during the sleep.

Reduce Heartburn and Water Retention Level

Heartburn (or they also call it indigestion) which is the burning or irritation sensation caused in the stomach. Those situations are very common if you are pregnant. The advice is keeping your head higher than the foot in the bed; you can place a pillow under the shoulders to avoid raising acids in the stomach into your chest.

Offer Side Sleep

The pillows for pregnancy are designed to support the front and the back of the women when she sleeps on her side. Furthermore, they can support the head and neck as well as be placed between the knees; the mom will feel more comfortable during her sleep. Remember that to pregnant women, lying on the side in bed helps the blood flow better. However, the growth of the stomach makes it uncomfortable. In this case, a pregnancy pillow will help you solve the problems.

Elevate Feet in Sleep

The doctor might advise you to keep the feet raised while sleeping, so, you can use the pillow for this purpose. It gives you an extra benefit of deep sleep and peaceful.

Relax Muscles

Your muscles will have the chance to relax, and your body can remain still thanks to using a body pillow.

Free of Allergy

The changes of the hormones because of pregnancy make the mother prone to getting allergies, skin rashes or respiratory issues. However, you can avoid it by using a quality pregnancy pillow that made of hypoallergenic materials.

Lower the Risk of Snoring

This pillow helps you sleep in the right position because it prevents you from falling on your back. Women who have trouble snoring while sleeping can get rid of this habit with this pillow.

Prevent Sleeping in the Wrong Position

Sleeping in wrong positions can cause uncomfortable and dangerous situations for both mother and the baby. Thus, a pregnancy body pillow will keep you in the right and relaxed position during the sleep.

Relieve Men of Back Pain

The fact is that this comfortable pillow can be used by everyone. You don’t have to be pregnant to use a pregnancy pillow, because this type of pillows supports shoulders and back. Thus, it’s for anyone who has to suffer back pain.

Common Types of Pregnancy Body Pillow

Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

Perhaps this pillow is the most common type in the market. It runs along your body’s length. They also call it the body pillow because it’s straight and great to cuddle. Because it’s a single object which stays in place and it can take the place of using other regular pillows. However, this type doesn’t support your back.

On the market, the full-length pregnancy pillow is available in 2 different styles: the straight and the flexible. The flexible version can be bent and it can turn into any shape you like, while the straight version can’t. There are also 2 types of flexible full-length pregnancy pillow: microbeads and standard Styrofoam balls (like a bean bag) contained in the pillow. The microbeads make the pillow much more supportive than the Styrofoam balls, and of course, it cost more money as well.


  • Doesn’t require a head pillow
  • Comfortable to cuddle


  • Doesn’t give a back support
  • Take more place in the bed

Wedge Maternity Pillow


This type of pillow is shaped like a wedge. You put it under your tummy or back while sleeping. This is the cheapest option for sleeping solution and many mothers choose it for the convenience. Furthermore, everyone can use it not only a support pillow but also a base for a hot water bottle or a heat pack.

The wedge shape helps this pillow become comfortable in many different positions such as:

  • Under the tummy: it helps to support the back and hips.
  • Behind the back: For those pregnant women who often toss and turn at night, this pillow will keep you sleeping with the right position.
  • Under another pillow: It will raise your head higher than your feet in order to avoid heartburn or reflux.

Wedge maternity pillows are divided into 2 styles: the rounded wedge and the triangular wedge. The rounded wedge pillow resembles a filled crescent moon, while the triangular wedge one looks like a cheese wedge.

This pillow doesn’t take much space in your bed like the full-length pillow, which means your partner will have more room to sleep next to you comfortably. This is also the smallest type among pregnancy pillow, and it’s perfect to be brought along with you on every trip.

However, the disadvantage of the wedge pregnancy pillow is that it can support only a small body section, you still need other pillows to have a good sleep. Another downfall of it is that there is a variety of steepness, which leads to many different preferences to choose.


  • Cheap price
  • Small and convenience


  • Only able to support one part of the body
  • Require other pillows

Total Body Pregnancy Pillows

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This type can be considered as one of the best pregnancy pillows because it wraps around your pregnant body and thus, it gives you the superior support. Those pillows are about 5 to 6 feet long and big enough to curl up for most people.

Because it wraps around your body, both your front and back are supported. This is a perfect choice if you often wake up with a painful back in the morning. The total body pregnancy pillows will offer an extra spinal support, and that’s what you need.

This special shape pillow is available in 2 styles: the C-shaped pillows and the U-shaped pillows. Their names tell you all. Although they’re total body pillows, there are still different sleeping positions for each one.

U-Shaped Body Pillow


It supports the whole body from the head, neck to the back, tummy, knees and the ankles as well. It is a great choice for you if you have the habit sleeping on your back. And it’s so convenient because you don’t have to adjust the pillow many times. Thus, you won’t have to toss and turn because of the pillow’s positions. The U-shaped body pillow is the most expensive type and the biggest size pillow, which is considered if you have a small bed.

C-Shaped Body Pillow

Compared with the U-shaped pillow, the C-shaped one is smaller and suitable for the small or middle-sized bed. It also gives you full support for the pelvic area, head, back, and neck. This C shaped pregnancy pillow is the perfect choice to relieve pelvic tension as well as reduce water retention in the ankles and legs.

However, the only disadvantage of it is that you have to readjust the pillow if you turn to the other side. Because it has an asymmetrical shape, it is recommended for the women who are plus-size.


  • The most supportive type of pregnancy pillows


  • Maybe too big or bulky
  • The most expensive type

How to Choose the Best Body Pillow for Pregnancy?


There are 3 materials that are used commonly to make the best pillow for pregnancy: hypoallergenic fillings, memory foam and organic fillings.

  • Hypoallergenic Fillings: You can choose the hollow fiber filling or polystyrene foam. These fillings are not only hypoallergenic but also washer-friendly and keep the form. They also resist water and odor. This is the best choice for those people who are prone to allergy.
  • Memory Foam: It’s made from the synthetic material which makes the pillow conform to the body and hold the shape well. Normally, this material is machine washable. However, it’s not quite breathable and can become hot throughout the night.
  • Organic Fillings: Several organic materials which are used for pregnancy body pillows include wheat, wool or kapok. They are eco-friendly, and if you like the distinct smell of them, this is the one for you.


According to your sleeping position and habit, you can choose the suitable type, following those top rated pregnancy pillow types we listed above.


If you are average height, you should get the pillow that is about 160 cm to 170 cm long (5 to 6 feet long). If you are taller than that, find the one that is about 250 cm to 350 cm. It’s up to your own personal preference. However, the size of your bed can affect your decision.

Thread Count (TC)

This is the number of the threads which are woven together in each square inch. Normally, the more threads are woven together, the softer the fabric. In this case, many people tend to prefer the soft pillow. The fine range is between 200 and 400. However,  it’s recommended that you should choose a firm pillow because it supports better and keeps the shape longer than the soft pillows.

Removable Cover

It is better if you choose the pillows that have removable cover because you can take it out and wash it easily. Thus, it will be clean all the time. Find the maternity body pillow covers with zip or slip on. If not, choose the machine washable pillows.

Ease Of Cleaning

You can use it after giving birth, this feature will saves a lot of labor and time for you to clean up, and it becomes easier to retain the functionality and quality.

Sleeping Position

Consider your sleeping positions (you often sleep on your side, stomach or back) to choose the suitable pillows. Finding the right one will help you reduce the pain you might suffer.


It’s also important to read other pregnant body pillow reviews from the experienced people. You will also have a chance to have their extra tips and knowledge. It will be much easier to make the decision thanks to their opinion and recommendation.

Short Review of Best Pregnancy Body Pillows

Product Name Price Our Rating
Comfortable Big U Shaped Body Pillow For Pregnant Moms $$ 4.5
decorUhome Muti-Function U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow $ 4.4
Pregnancy Arm Body To Contoured U Shaped Maternity Pillow $$ 4.3
Pregnancy Belly Contoured Maternity U Shaped Pillow $$ 4.6
U Shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow $$ 4.5
Solid Pregnant Women U Sharped Multi-Function Protect Waist Side Sleepers Pillow $$$ 4.8
2017 New Arrival Ergonomic Pregnancy Body Pillow For For Pregnant Stomach Sleepers $$$ 4.7

Comfortable Big U Shaped Body Pillow For Pregnant Moms

This U shaped body pillow is made of 100% polyester fiber which is one of the most common filling used in pregnancy pillows. It’s very soft and soundly. Even when you often toss and turn at night, it won’t make any noise. It gives you the full support from the head to your toe.

If you choose this pillow, you don’t have to buy other types of pillow because it gives all the support you need. However, it takes too much room in your bed, so, if you have a small bed, you have to consider other smaller types. Another disadvantage of this pillow is that it doesn’t breathe very well.


  • Made of 100% polyester fiber
  • Support the whole body
  • Doesn’t make sound when you toss and turn


  • Take too much room on the bed
  • Doesn’t breathable

decorUhome Muti-Function U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow will give you a comfortable and relax feelings. It’s made of polyester and cotton, the thread count is 100 TC, which is breathable. This special U-shaped pillow can fix your left side sleeping position which is good for the baby. You can also shape it into other types you like. In addition, it has the zipped cover. Thus, it’s easier to wash.

The standout function of this product is the anti-apnea. Apnea, in fact, is the common problem of many people while sleeping. And this pillow helps you to solve that. You also can use it to keep your baby, prevent him/her from rolling out of bed. However, this pillow might be too firm which makes you tired after sleeping in a long time.


  • Made of polyester and cotton which is breathable
  • Anti-apnea function
  • Detachable wash


  • Too big

Pregnancy Arm Body To Contoured U Shaped Maternity Pillow

If you usually have problems while sleeping, this is exactly what you need. Because it is designed specifically for those mom-to-be who fall to sleep difficulty. It helps reduce apnea, snoring during the sleep.

The material of this pillow is velvet, it also has the standard softness (300 TC), which gives you the soft and comfortable feelings when touching it. It also has the cover with zipper which is convenient to remove and clean. However, the velvet isn’t breathable and tends to make you hot.


  • Standard softness
  • Anti-apnea, anti-snore


  • The velvets material sometimes isn’t breathable and sometimes too hot.

Pregnancy Belly Contoured Maternity U Shaped Pillow

This pillow is the blend of cotton and polyester. Thus, it has the strength of both fabric types. It’s breathable and tear-resistant. It’s also lightweight and soft (300 TC), so you will feel comfortable sleeping on it.

On the website, it receives many positive reviews for its quality. Just like the Pregnancy Arm Body To Contoured U Shaped Maternity Pillow above, it’s designed to anti- apnea and anti-snore. Overall, this pillow has all the advantages you need to have a good sleep, and it is worth trying.

U Shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The cover of this U shaped body pillow has 2 layers, the outer of the cover is made of 100% cotton, the inside is non-woven, and the filling is quality polyester fiber. Therefore, it’s breathable and become cooler to use in hot weather. In fact, cotton canvas is quite durable and hard to tear. In addition, it has an easy on-off zipper and machine washable.

Besides supporting your back and shoulders, it’s also designed to help prevent heartburn, sciatica, nasal congestion as well as carpal tunnel. However, it’s like a bulk and heavier than other types of pillow. To those who are a side sleeper, this is the ideal product for you.


  • Non-woven cotton inside
  • Durable, hard to tear
  • Prevent heartburn,sciatica, nasal congestion and carpal tunnel


  • Heavier than other pillow types

Solid Pregnant Women U Sharped Multi-Function Protect Waist Side Sleepers Pillow

This pillow has a very special design because it can be unzipped into 3 separated pieces. Thus, you can adjust the shape as you want. It raises the convenience, and you don’t have to buy other pillows anymore because this pillow can play the role of head pillow as well as feet pillow.

Because it’s made of 100% polyester, it’s tear-resistance and durable. However, it doesn’t breathe and tends to stick to your skin when you perspire; this is a disadvantage of this fabric type.


  • Can be separated into 3 patches


  • Doesn’t breathable
  • Can stick to the skin during the perspiration

2017 New Arrival Ergonomic Pregnancy Body Pillow For For Pregnant Stomach Sleepers

This is another interesting design pillow which is ideal for side sleeping. You can take it out of 2 separated patches for a regular pillow and a full-length pillow. This will make you feel more comfortable and you can adjust the pillow like you want.

It’s made of 100% cotton, which brings you the cooling feeling when touching it. The thread count is 200 which reach the fine firmness and good for health. This pillow is also lightweight and the most important thing is, it supports your sleep and your sleeping positions.


  • Separated into 2 patches
  • Lightweight


  • It can take more room and be scattered on the bed


All of these are our best pregnancy body pillow review. We hope it can help you make the decision easier. Just remember, whatever pillow you pick, you have to ensure that it supports your weight and doesn’t lose the shape throughout your pregnancy.

Thanks for reading our post! Have a good day!