When Should We Use Collagen & Benefits Of Collagen Supplements

when should we use collagen

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Human, in general, and women, in particular, are scared of getting old. Once they notice the aging signs, they do everything they can to keep hold on their youth. One of the most popular methods now is to take collagen supplements. However, many people just use collagen supplements as a trend without thorough research. They for sure do not know when should we use collagen for the bets result.

I will share with you the result of my research when I was looking for the collagen supplements of my life below.

Collagen overview

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What is collagen?

Collagen is a key protein that forms the basic structure of the human body and connective tissue. It accounts for 30% of total body protein and 75% of all proteins that make up the skin. Collagen presents in skin, hair, nails, cartilage, joints, bones, organs, etc., being responsible for their cohesion, elasticity, and reproduction.

Scientists have found 28 types of collagen in the body. Three most popular types collagen are Type I, Type II, and Type 3. Type I is the most common and makes up 95% of the dermis. Type II is the major components of cartilage. Type III appears along Type I in skin. Collagen shows up at almost all body parts and is the building block of our body.

Before the maturity, the body produces its own collagen to provide for its operation. As we age, the collagen amount decrease. Every year, we lose more than 1% of the collagen in the body. We start to notice unusual sounds and pain from joints, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin color, etc. That happen because we no longer have enough collagen for every part.

There is collagen-containing food that we can eat to support the collagen in the body. However, they make almost no difference because we can’t that huge amount of food to get enough collagen. In that case, collagen supplements are the optimum choice to add the lost amount of collagen to the body.

Benefits of collagen supplements

Structure strengthening

Collagen is the building block of the body. Its presence in hair, nails, and skin provide the firmness and strength to the structure of such parts. When collagen level drops, we often face loosening skin, spit end hair, and break nails. Collagen supplements provide enough collagen for the body to maintain the structure of body parts.

Circulation improvement

Increased collagen thanks to collagen supplements enhance the elasticity of the blood vessels. It helps improve circulation in the body. Sufficient amount of blood and nutrients can reach all body part and let them operate smoothly. Dermis, for example, with enough substances it needs, maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

Injury Heal

Collagen is the ingredients to repair, rebuild and maintain the connective tissues in muscles, skins, joints, and bones. These results in the strengthening of tendons cartilage, and ligaments. Collagen supplements will accelerate the regeneration of the injured tissues and boost habilitation significantly.

Arthritis Pain Prevent and Relief

Collagen is responsible for the mobility in joints, especially in hands, elbows, knees, and hips. When joints do not have enough collagen, we start to hear weird sounds and pain from the joints whenever we move. Additional collagen from collagen supplements reduces the pain and decrease inflammation in the joints.

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When should we use collagen?

Collagen loss

Nothing lasts forever. Collagen level decreases when we age. Collagen loss is a part of hormonal aging when hormone level in the body change as we age. The peak of women hormonal vitality and fertility is between the ages of 25 and 27. After that, estrogen level reduce. It accelerates collagen loss speed. You will notice the presence of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven skin color. They also come with joint and bone problems that can be painful sometimes.

Natural collagen production in the body decline about 1 – 1.7% per year. By the ages of 40, you will lose 10 – 20% of your body collagen. When your reach 50s, half of your collagen might go. There is no reverse. At this period, if you let the collagen lose at its own pace, you may be alien with your own appearance and body.

When should we use collagen supplements?

It needs to be said that we can reverse or stop aging. It is a natural process every living creature has to face. However, we can slow it down by supplement the lost collagen by collagen from external sources. Collagen supplements are concentrated collagen from sources like pig, cow, chicken, and marine animals. It contains enough collagen for the body in a small amount of a serving.

The trend of collagen supplements is shifting from applying cream and gel on the outside surface to taking oral collagen supplements to repair from the inside. They can slow down and prevent the loss of collagen by providing a larger supply. The only question is “When should we use collagen?

The trend has moved from repairing your skin from the outside in to the inside out in order to stimulate our bodies to replace lost collagen. Taking collagen supplements can help slow down and prevent the loss of collagen that occurs when you age by providing your body with a greater supply of collagen. But when should you start taking a collagen supplement?

Many people start to use collagen when they notice the signs of aging, at the age of 30s, 40s, or 50s. the best age to start collagen supplements is, however, as early as mid-20s. Does it sound too early? As you may remember from the previous section, the collagen depletion starts at 25. If we wait until 30s or later, that means there are times our body has to operate with insufficient amount of collagen. The damage of that time is irreversible. If we start as soon as the collagen loss begins, we can cut such time to give the body a longer young life.

It is not to say that 40s or 50s are too late to use collagen supplements. it is never too late. The result may come in a long time and less astonishing but you will soon notice the positive changes of the body and appearance compared to others who do not use collagen supplements.

Collagen supplements advice

Collagen supplements have wonderful effects but they are not magic. They can’t give you everything you want without your cooperation. Here are my advices of what will maximize the effect of collagen supplement and how to use them wisely.

Carefully choose your collagen supplements

If you have searched for collagen supplements, the variety of the market will overwhelm you. My advice is to address your need, budget, sources of collagen, choose from the best-sellers. You should check the manufacturers if they are reputable, have experience in the dietary supplements industry, and have any past scandals. Read the reviews but decide for yourself.

Take collagen supplements with cautions and responsibility

Step 1 is to go to your doctor for advice. Some people can’t take collagen supplement due to their health condition. Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to use it and the recommended dose for you. It is better if you can have a test for allergic reaction and hypersensitivity with the collagen supplements you want to use.

Do not overdose. In this case, more is not better. Enough is the best. You cannot get back you skin beauty in a few days. Be patient, follow the instruction. You will get what you want why don’t risk your life and waste money.

Stay away from collagen harm factors

Aging is not the only factor that involves in collagen loss. Sun exposure, smoking, pollution, unhealthy food, and stress also have a part in the process. Try to avoid all of them as much as possible.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes exercising, healthy diet plans, logical routine, no smoking and stress-free. It is not simple to pursue a healthy living style but it is rewarding. You will not only slow down the collagen loss but also the aging process while enjoying your life.

Conclusion – When Should We Take Collagen?

It is to close my article. Aging is inevitable. We can’t run away from it but we can prepare to combat it and buy us more time to enjoy life. Start taking collagen supplement at the early 20s is the best way to welcome collagen loss and aging. Do not make yourself suffer collagen short, even for one day. And I want to restate it again, collagen supplements need your help to be effective. Once you cooperate with it, it gives you the fruitful result you expect.

After all, it is not collagen supplements or any magical substance that bring us youth and happiness. It is what we think and how we live that decide if we are happy and forever young or not. I hope this articles is helpful to you.