9 extremely simple tips to quit smoking!

How to reduce the harmful effects of second-hand smoke?

easy way to stop smokingIt doesn’t like common food poisoning, people who do not smoke directly but inhale second-hand smoke also have risks of health issues, even more serious than direct smokers. If it is impossible for you to exposure to second-hand smoke because there are smokers at your home or your office, let pay attention to your daily eating and living habits to limit the harmful effects to your health.

The toxins in second-hand smoke often the body spend a lot of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc, selenium, chromium. If you have to exposure with second-hand smoke every day, you should have a dietary rich in vitamins such as milk, carrots, pumpkin, bean sprouts, sprouts, fresh fruits, ect. These will help to supplement vitamins to the body which have been lost while enhancing the ability to neutralize the toxins.

The doctors said that the risks of lung cancer will be dramatically reduced if smokers pay attention to supplement these vitamins sufficiently.

The lung, windpipe and stomach can’t exude enough fluids causing mucosal lesions if there is not enough vitamin A in the body. So the foods rich in vitamin and beta-carotene play an important role for people who often have to work in smoky environment.

Smoking and second-hand smoke will accumulate cholesterol and fat in the blood. Therefore, people should have more fish types, soya products, fruits, vegetables,…for their daily meals.

Vitamin C helps body to enhance the health. If you often have to exposure with second-hand smoke, you should supplement more fruits having vitamin C such as guava, orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit.

To detoxify your body, having a glass of lemon juice or orange juice or carrots juice is a great nutrient beverage for you every day. A glass of sweetie green bean is also a healthy choice.

Green tea is also a great beverage that helps to reduce the harmful effects from second-hand smoke and prevent cholesterol accumulation. Fresh green tea is the best choice. Sometimes, you can also have some healthy teas for your lung such as chrysanthemum tea, Lou Han tea,..Limit using carbonated drinks and soft-drinks to avoid double impact of high sugar level and other chemical additives having in these beverages.

If your working and living environment have a lot of second-hand smoke, try to arrange time to rest and relax, enjoy fresh air at least few hours per day by walking around the park or the lake,…Meditating and listening classical music also a great ideal to help your body recover the lesions in the brain.

Finally, if you are suffering from choric diseases such as asthma or lung congestion or sinusitis, you should to require smokers to move to another place for smoking, especially if you are pregnant or have infants.  It is necessary to avoid the risks of health issues later. Second-hand smoke may increase the risks of miscarriage, developmental delay, prematurity, and increase the risks of sudden death in infants, increase the risks of ear infections and sinusitis in children.

9 extramely simple tips to quit smoking

If you try your best efforts and have perseverance to quit smoking, you can do it without having any impact factor. However, if you are not confident in yourself, it is necessary to use some tools or supplementary foods to support your plan and process it smoothly.

For supplementary foods, it is no need to spend time and a lot of money to go somewhere else to find; you can easily find them in your kitchen. And these things will help you to quit smoking simply.  Here they are:

salt - tips to quit smoking


It is a small tip but very efficient. Taste a little salt to tip of the tongue, it will extinguish your smoking cravings and help you to quit smoking.


cinnamon-tips to quit smokingThere are different ways to use cinnamon as a great assistant to quit smoking. It is easy, just deeply inhaling a piece of cinnamon; you will feel like you are smoking. Moreover, cinnamon helps to increase brain’s activities, reduce mental stress and memory loss – the temporary signs due to the side effects of quitting smoking


honey- tips to quit smokingThrough research processes, the experts realized that honey has a great benefit to quit smoking. For new smokers, just take a compound of honey and lemon or tangerine and water following this ratio:

1 coffee spoon of honey + ½ lemon or tangerine + 5 coffee spoons warm water.

Drink 5-6 glasses of this compound before you want to smoke a cigarette. After drinking, honey will enter the bloodstream and then go to the brain and neutralize nicotine toxins in brain’s smokers. Gradually, your tongue will familiar with the sweet of honey instead of the bitter and smoked of cigarette. After 10-15 days using this compound, you will reduce the amount of cigarettes until you completely quit smoking.

Orange Juice

orange-juice- tips to quit smokingAccording to experts’ opinions: people who smoke regularly spending a lot a vitamin C. Their bodies need more vitamin C to metabolize some unnatural substances having in nicotine. That’s why your body have to absorb more vitamins to quit smoking quicker, especially vitamin C found in some fruits such as orange, lemon, kiwi, tomato,…

During the process of quitting smoking, a glass of orange juice will help your body to escape from nicotine’s dependence and other toxins found in cigarette

Milk and milk mixed drinks.

milk- tips to quit smokingMany smokers admitted that smoking does not bring them a good flavor after having a glass of milk. Milk makes the smell of cigarette to be bitter and they realize that the cigarette has foul-smelling.

Some people also quit smoking by soaking cigarettes in milk, then drying them and smoking when they have cigarette cravings. The terrible smell and taste of these cigarettes make you feel “scared”. If you make persistent efforts and try to resist temptation, you are easy to quit nicotine addiction.


apple- tips to quit smokingLet eat 2-3 apples per day, it helps you a lot. There is pectin in apple helping to reduce the level of toxins in your blood. In some bad cases, a dietary with apple under expert’s guides and advices will help to completely reject toxins in the blood. Not only that, apple is sweet, juicy and crisp – helps smokers reduce empty feelings while having nothing to chew. And instead of smoking, they can eat apple. Gradually they can suppress their cigarette cravings and quit smoking is not impossible, they can reach the goal.


celery- tips to quit smokingKnown as a vegetable that is very good for the health, celery also has great efficiencies to quit smoking. A side from that, this group also includes eggplant, beans, vegetables and cucumber making contribution to reduce cigarette cravings.

If you do not want to eat celery, carrots can be an alternative; of course the efficiency can be a little bit lower. But the experts also warned that: not all vegetables and fruits are beneficial. In contrast, the sweet vegetables and fruits have a lot of glucose stimulating your cigarette cravings and make you feel more excited with addictive substances in cigarette.

Red wine

red-wine- tips to quit smokingA glass of red wine per day will help to reduce the risks of lung cancer for both smoker and non-smokers. Experts from the South of California, USA have discovered that people who drink a glass of red wine per day can reduce the risks of lung cancer up to 60%.

Flavonol and resveratrol found in red wine have great benefits for cardiovascular and help to prevent the phenomenon of blood clotting. Red wine will be a companion for those who are fighting to quit smoking because of its harmful effects. However, be note that one to two glasses of red wine per day are enough. Otherwise you would be “an addict” for both cigarette and wine.


appetite- tips to quit smokingBroccoli helps the body to efficiently recover during the process of quitting smoking. Broccoli or often called as cauliflower is a healthy food effectively support in the prevention and treatment cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal and lung diseases, including lung cancer.

Broccoli has sulforaphane – a substance promoting NRF2 gene activities and protects the lung from the devastation of external toxins. The studies also indicated that the beneficial ingredients in broccoli help to recover the body expeditiously during process of quitting smoking.