New Chapter Turmeric Force 120 Softgels Review – Health Benefits Are Far Beyond The Price You Pay!

new chapter turmeric force 120 softgels
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Review Summary:

New Chapter Turmeric Force 120 Softgels is a dietary supplement using full-range force extraction to keep providing high-quality turmeric powder, supporting the natural anti-inflammation. Be manufactured using natural extraction technology by supercritical CO2, all the herb’s nutrients are extracted to bring them to the table. No supplement is lost along these lines so that people can get more medical benefits for their health.

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: New Chapter
  • Package Sizes: 30, 60 or 120 softgels. 1 softgel = 4280 mg of turmeric
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Certification: Non-GMO Project Verified. Naturally gluten free and BSE free.
  • Ingredients: Pure Turmeric, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerine, Water, Carob, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Maltodextrin, Silica, and Yellow Beeswax
  • Maintenance: Keep the product in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Turmeric Force is a product of New Chapter, a leader in nutraceutical manufacturer in Vermont. They are known for wellbeing supplements that exclusively use non-GMO, natural and organic herbal ingredients.  New Chapter’s products are the most astounding quality you can discover. It’s uncommon to hear anything negative feedback from customers using New Chapter’s products.

Product Ingredients

Pure Turmeric

  • Turmeric Hydroethanolic Extract: Extracted from turmeric, which is a widely-used zest as a part of cooking. People believe turmeric in having powerful calming properties that can viably decrease side effects related to joint inflammation and other pains. It also bolsters cardiovascular and liver health.
  • Natural Turmeric Supercritical Extract: Obtained by using special CO2 extraction procedures to provide exceedingly bioavailable and pure turmeric extract. It also reinforces good inflammatory response.

One softgel contains 320 mg of turmeric (rhizome) hydroethanolic extract and 80 mg of turmeric (rhizome) supercritical extract.


Gelatin is found in animal’s skin and bones. Amino acids in gelatin, such as glycine and proline, intensity the digestive system by providing gastric acid for a good gut lining and nutrient absorption. They’re also able to ease chronic inflammation and alleviate joint pains resulted from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and degeneration. Finally, research found that gelatin improves the sleep quality and shortening the time taken to fall asleep.

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycerin is also called glycerol and produced from soybean or coconut. It’s a chemical-free substance to preserve the water in food and keep its natural taste. Besides, glycerin slows down the process of converting alcohol to sugar, and thus, prevents blood sugar spikes. Diabetics need it to balance their blood sugar levels.


Carob is, in fact, the name of a fruit of carob trees which are mostly grown in the Mediterranean region. Carob taste is quite similar to chocolate, but it’s better since it’s 100% natural and contains no gluten and caffeine. Adding it to food helps to increase the sweetness, and thus, more delicious. About the benefits, Carob has a lot, including lowering the blood cholesterol levels, anti-oxidant, providing an extra source of calcium, etc.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Being considered as the healthiest fat on Earth, olive oil contains a variety of nutrients, including Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Omega 3, Omega 6, oleic acid, etc. An olive oil-rich diet delivers better weight loss result. Besides, extra-virgin olive oil also improves the skin due to anti-ageing properties.


Maltodextrin is found in corn, rice or wheat. It plays an important role in preserving processed food. Maltodextrin is calories-rich, and thus, produces energy for daily activities. But unlike carbohydrates, human’s body digests maltodextrin quicker, and this makes it become an excellent supplement for gymers before and after working out.


Silica is found in many fruits. Since silica contains high amount of Calcium and Vitamin D, it not only improves the skin but also enhances the calcium absorption, which is very food for teenagers. Other benefits of silica are lowering blood sugar levels, improving heart health, preventing kidney stones, etc.

Yellow Beeswax

Beeswax is found in honey and has non-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Also, it’s a very effective aestheticize substance with the ability to treat aches as well as moisturize, rejuvenate and bright the skin. Other benefits include liver protection, pain relief, and Eczema treatment.

What Can New Chapter Turmeric Force 120 Softgels Do for You?

Turmeric is famous for its effect in hindering the activity of some pro-inflammatory enzymes causing agony, swelling and joints stiffness. The supercritical concentrate of turmeric in this New Chapter Turmeric Force 120 Softgels supplement additionally improves your inflammation reaction; thus, successfully lessening the annoying inflammation and other symptoms.

The New Chapter manufacturer claims that their product supports healthy and natural anti-inflammation, reduce joint pain and improve liver and cardiac health. Moreover, it’s exceedingly bioavailable so that all turmeric’s nutrients can be easily absorbed and takes effects in our body.

It could be said that the product has as good effects as the Celebrex without serious side effects. It’s also far less expensive than Celebrex. The pill is easy to swallow. The capsules in golden glass jar avoid plastic. In short, this supplement is highly recommended practically for anybody.


  • Verified to be Non-GMO.
  • Turmeric doesn’t contain gluten.
  • Turmeric doesn’t contain BSE.
  • Turmeric doesn’t contain ingredients from animals, which is vegetarian-friendly.
  • Turmeric is pure and powerful concentrate without strong chemicals or solvents.
  • Turmeric is easily dissolved and absorbed in the body.
  • The full-spectrum extraction process, by extracting compounds from precious plants, ensures to preserve full natural complexity, delivering pure and potent herbal extractions to the highest level.
  • Turmeric has been appeared to keep up a healthy inflammatory reaction and is a standout amongst the most researched botanicals of modern science.
  • Turmeric bolsters liver and cardiovascular health.


There are no essential ingredients that can promote the cartilage tissues and damaged joint’s repairing process.

Side Effects

  • New Chapter Turmeric Force Softgels 120 count, rarely but possibly, can cause you some side effects such as vomiting, nausea, bloating, dizziness or gastric upset.
  • Turmeric ought not to be taken alongside other medicines that slow down blood coagulating. It also influences blood coagulating. Therefore, taking these together will result in the increase of bleeding risk.

How to Use New Chapter Turmeric Force 120 Softgels


The manufacturer suggests taking one softgel per day. It would be better if you can take Turmeric Force with food to avoid gastric upset.

Usage Warnings

  • New Chapter Turmeric Force softgels 120 count supplement ought not to be taken by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. It’s also not supposed to be taken by children under 5 years old.
  • Individuals who are getting blood thinners ought to abstain from taking this supplement since it can increase bleeding risk.
  • Individuals who have been determined to have a medicinal condition or taking different drugs ought to counsel their doctor before taking the New Chapter Turmeric Force Softgels.
  • Try not to take the supplement no less than 2 weeks after or before surgery.

Usage Suggestions

After using the product for about 2 months, you will see the great improvement in inflammatory response.  Turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory, however, most of the times you will be suggested to take it with piperine/black pepper to help ingestion. For those who cannot stand the black pepper, New Chapter Turmeric Force is the only supplement you can find that offer turmeric in the formula.

Final Thought

In case you are tired of trying joint supplements without seeing any results, or you just basically need to relieve OTC pain, New Chapter Turmeric Force 120 Softgels is an ideal choice for you. There is natural turmeric extract in the product that was obtained in an unpredictable way so as to give fabulous medical advantages. It diminishes joint agony, swelling, stiffness while promoting healthy inflammatory response. Also, it offers you additional medical benefits like strengthening the liver and cardiovascular health.

New Chapter Turmeric Force is being ranked among the highest ranking joint supplements. The ranking depends on vital elements like the potential to reduce joint torment, possible to improve joint ligament and tissue recovery, potential to anticipate repeating harm, potential to enhance overall healthy joints, and the ingredients quality.

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