OSTEOPOROSISOsteoporosis usually comes in silence and has no specific symptoms, so that it ‘s hard to discover in the first stage. That is why plenty people are wondering whether osteoporosis is dangerous and can be cured. There is one thing for sure that if is not discovered and treated timely, osteoporosis can lead to serious complications and threaten patient’s life.

Osteoporosis is a disease caused by the reduction of proteins and minerals inside human’s bones, which make the bone’s mineral density or the weight of a volume unit decrease. If that situation stretches for a long time, it can make a patient’s skeleton unstable and weaken. His body’s staying power and weight bearing are also damaged, and the bones are easy to be broken.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease, which can cause serious complications and lead patients to disability or death. Therefore, the question about its curability has always been a particular concern to many people.

Is osteoporosis dangerous?

Generally, in the first stage, osteoporosis comes silently and does not reveal any particular signs, so that it is not easy to find out. It can only be discovered when the patient has a bone crash, or it has become critical. That is also when the disease gets more severe and harder to treat.

In the critical stages, osteoporosis causes pains inside the patient’s bones, which make him always feel tired. The bones are also more likely to break or crack when being hit. These symptoms usually have a significant influence on the patient’s life. Moreover, osteoporosis can cause the following complications:

  1. Aches and pains in the bones

The patient usually feels painful at the tip of his bones or along them. It gets more severe and lasting during nights, which may cause the patient’s loss of sleep.

  1. Pains inside the backbone

The patient feels much pain in his region of the spine, particularly in the belly or around the flanks. Besides, clonic spasm in the backbone or jerks when the patient changes his position will also appear.

  1. Disordered backbone positions

When osteoporosis gets serious, it makes the vertebras go down and cause scoliosis, kyphosis, as well as reduce the patient’s height. In some cases, the patients can have a cramp, perspiration or shiver.

  1. Bone crashes

Even with a slight hit, patients having osteoporosis has a higher rate of bone crashing than ordinary people. A hard cough or sneeze can cause some patients to break their bones in some parts of the body, which are under pressure as well. For instance: backbone, wrist bone, or thigh bone. These are primary components so that their recovery after being broken is very harsh. If they are not treated timely and appropriately, they can lead the patients to disability or death.

To prevent osteoporosis and its dangerous complications, you need to have effective precautionary measures right at the beginning. Provide yourself with essential nutrients every day, particularly ones that are rich in calcium and minerals; for example, beef, calf muscle, fish, seafood, eggs, milk and its finished products, soybean, sesame, spinach, and broccoli. Simultaneously, practice exercises every day and play appropriate sports, such as walking, badminton, yoga to improve your bone’s condition.

Can osteoporosis be cured?

Once you have had osteoporosis, it is hard to be entirely treated. You can only enhance your bone’s conditions by building a sensible diet, schedule of activities and exercises combining with suitable medicines. Some research has shown that these methods help to increase the number of minerals inside the bones, easing the pains, and well protecting the bones from being broken.

In the process of treatment, the patients need to notice some issues about diet, activities, and exercises noted as following:

  • Provide your body with enough proteins and minerals. Ensure the daily amount of milk (fresh milk, yogurt, or formula) is from 500 to 1000 ml.
  • Supply all of the vitamins A, C, and D to your body to strengthen calcium conversion, immune system and enhance your bone’s staying power.
  • Practice exercises regularly and participate in outdoor activities to improve the functions of bone’s cells, as well as absorb calcium and proteins.
  • Avoid intense physical activities and hard impacts, which can cause the bone crash and cracks.

How can osteoporosis be prevented and treated by foods?

The primary cause of osteoporosis is the lack of exercises and nutrients in diets within a long process. Therefore, the best method to prevent and treat osteoporosis is still improving our daily diet. The most important factor is that you need to know how to choose the most effective foods for bones. So pay attention to these subsequent necessary foods:

  • Milk and its finished products: Regularly, our daily diet only has 50 percent of needed calcium. Therefore, finished goods from milk are a great option to provide that deficient amount. Milk can enrich calcium, vitamins D, proteins, and other necessary minerals for our bodies. To prevent osteoporosis, we also need to exercise every day. Fresh milk, soy milk, yogurt, cheese, and so on are a fantastic choice for your bones.
  • Animal calf muscles: This is a fabulous source of collagen, proteins, calcium, phosphorous, minerals, and trace elements. You should boil the bones of dogs, pigs, cows, or cocks to make stock and drink it twice a week. It would be excellent for your health.
  • Seafood: Shrimps, crabs, oysters, and fishes are said to have an abundant amount of calcium and necessary nutrients for bones, especially the small ones that you can even chew their bones.
  • Sea fishes, which contain a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids: Codfishes, sardines, and salmons are some examples. Furthermore, fishes from the sea also assist the treatment process of herniated disc and have a significant effect on curing spondylolysis.
  • Vegetables: you can supply more calcium to your body by various vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, celery, borecole, and so on. Some foods you need to avoid are peppermint, fermented beets, and bindweed, which hamper calcium absorbability.
  • Vitamin K is another nutrient that plays an integral role in strengthening bone’s density and hindering hip bone cracks. Some fruits and vegetables having an abundant amount of vitamins K are bananas, potatoes, and cabbage. Combining nutrients in your diet with practicing exercises and adequately working is the best way to protect and cure osteoporosis.

Treating osteoporosis is a complicated process requiring patience, constancy, and longevity. Therefore, you should not be subjective or feel discouraged and give up in the middle of the process. That will only cause unwanted results and increase risks of dangerous complications, which can lead to disability and affect your life.