What Happens When You Only Drink Water And Not Eat?

In a hurry to lose weight quickly, people don’t realize what they are doing to their body. Many dieters want to stop eating anything to get in shape. What happens when you only drink water and not eat? I don’t know how many people have tried this and for how many days. All I know is whenever you are planning to lose weight, you need to follow a plan that not only makes you lose but helps you lose weight in a healthy manner.

If I ask, why do you want to lose weight? The unanimous answer would be to stay fit, have a good physique, and better health. These are the main reasons people want to lose weight, but you need to lose weight in an efficient manner so that it will not come back.

If your weight loss plan is taking a toll on your health, then it is of no use or I would rather say, you are wasting your time and energy on something that doesn’t worth it. There are many dieters who prefer different methods to lose weight such as using weight loss pillsappetite suppressants, workout plans, diet plans, etc.

There are many people who want to go on a water diet, which means they are only going to drink or better say they are going to survive on water for days or even weeks. Some dieters never ask what happens when you only drink water and not eat, while many people ask before trying.

It is always a better idea to ask when you are not sure about something, especially when it’s about your health.  So, what happens when you only drink water and not eat?

What happens when you only drink water and not eat?

In this section, you are going to get the answer of your question ‘what happens when you only drink water and not eat’. It is not a good idea, in fact, stop eating is one of the worst ideas to lose weight. You just can’t survive only on water for weeks.  If you are thinking to do so, then you will be putting your health at stake.

If you are not going to get a healthy you, then it is not worth trying. Whether you are obese or overweight, you should not quite food as water is not a food replacement. The liquid is liquid and can’t take place of a solid food.

Water fasting is fine for a day or two, but you should consult your doctor to check if you are healthy enough to try it. Thinking to survive on water for a week or two can be dangerous for you. Take a look at the negative effects of surviving only on water

Slow Metabolism

When you stop eating food, then your metabolic rate becomes slow and you stop losing weight after a certain point. Dieters take measures to improve their metabolism so that they can lose more weight quite easily. So, a slow metabolism is one of the problems you are going to experience when you stop eating.

Feeling Cold

You start feeling cold when you don’t eat enough calories that help you lose weight. A decrease in T3 thyroids has observed, when you stop eating, that maintain the healthy temperature of your body. Hence, you will feel cold all the time.

No Concentration

You can’t even concentrate on your work or daily tasks. Focusing on important things becomes difficult as you are trying hard to control your hunger. Lack of concentration is the common problem that you may start feeling the day you stop eating.

Low Energy

When you quite food and start surviving on water, the first thing you are going to experience is a low level of energy. You start spending most of the time lying on the couch or bed with no energy.


In this article, we shed light on a common question asked by many dieters ‘what happens when you only drink water and not eat’. There are many side effects of stop eating food as water can’t be a replacement of solid food. Going on a water diet for a week or two can be dangerous to your health.